Innovate & Elevate

Certainly! “Innovate and Elevate” was an event focused on fostering creativity, entrepreneurship, and professional growth through business presentations. The event aimed to provide a platform for individuals and organizations to showcase their innovative ideas, products, or services and create networking opportunities. The event featured a diverse range of participants, including entrepreneurs, industry experts, business professionals, and aspiring innovators. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from experienced speakers, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and witness captivating presentations. Key highlights of the “Innovate and Elevate” event included: Presentations: Participants delivered engaging and informative presentations on various topics, such as emerging technologies, disruptive business […]

Farm Frenzy

On a beautiful morning, a group of 35 people from our college visited a farm in Malur. We started our journey in a college bus and reached the farm in about an hour. As soon as we reached the farm, we were greeted by the owner who welcomed us with a refreshing drink of fresh coconut water, right from the tree. It was an amazing experience to drink the tender coconut water that was so fresh and pure.After the refreshing drink, we were taken on a tour of the farm. We saw a capsicum farm and a chrysanthemum flower farm, both […]

Stand-Up comedy

Firstly we express our warm gratitude to our beloved chairman Dr Mohan Manghnani Sir and our principal Dr Manjunath under which the state level inter collegiate fest Sargam 2022, biggest fest in Bengaluru was held in November. The stand-up comedy event held in college before the Sargam 2022 fest was a huge success. The event was organized by the college’s cultural committee to promote the upcoming fest and create a fun, light-hearted atmosphere on campus. The event featured around 8 comedians The event was well-attended, with a full house of students The audience was very engaged and responsive, laughing and […]


Firstly, we would like to express our immense gratitude towards our Chairman Dr. Mohan Manghnani, our Principal Dr. Manjunatha and our club in charge Dr. Anitha S Rai for giving this platform and opportunity to organize Blood Donation Camp 2022 for the benefit of ourselves and the society. Blood donation camp was held on 7th November 2022, camp was conducted by National Service Scheme (NSS) Club of NEW HORIZON COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. Horizonites hailed again as we got 150+ volunteers for donating blood which broke the previous records though the time was less but yes, we did it. When the […]

Bootcamp on professional ethics

The event ‘BOOT CAMP ON PROFESSIONAL ETHICS’ was conducted on the 24th and 25th of MARCH 2022 at 10:00 AM. The event was based on professional ethics for our day-to-day life which we need for both professional and personal life. The event was open to all the students and was free to register. We got a total of 76 participants. We received active participation from all the participants on both days. The topics from Basic Ethics, Communications, Questioning, Self-awareness, Credibility, Accountability, TeamWork, and Placements were covered with fun activities. The event was concluded with questions regarding placements which were answered by placed […]

Nidhi Bete – Treasure hunt

The event ‘Nidhi Bete’ – treasure hunt was conducted on 18/11/2021at 12:00PM. The event was based on the concept of general vocabulary in the language Kannada. The theme of the event was “Kannada Rajyotsava“,the event was open to all the students and were free to register for the event. We got total of 40 participants, making the event very interesting and competitive. We received active participation from all the participants. The time limit given for finding all the clues was 1 hour and the condition given to was them to submit back all the clues which they found, the points […]

Karnataka 75 Amrutha Mahotsava – Clean India

Karnataka 75 Amrutha Mahotsava – Clean India, was undertaken at New Horizon College of Engineering, Bengaluru. The objective of which was to create awareness regarding health, hygiene and the importance of cleanliness. The event was organized by the NSS Club, NHCE to clean waste, mainly single use plastic. The club members and the volunteers actively took part in the event and helped instill awareness and feeling of pride among the students to keep their surroundings clean. The key activities were to collect and dispose plastic wastes mainly from the cafeteria and lawn areas. And the event was concluded successfully by […]

Kannada Rajyotsava

On the occasion of 64th kannada rajyotsava the students of NSS club organized the event under the guidance of Dean, mechanical HOD M S Ganesh Prasad sir and PED Vinay sir on 5th of November 2019.The chief guest of the event was Mr. Sanath a kannada movie actor and producer Chethan Raj.The event was started by hoisting the Karnataka flag ,followed by speech by our chief guest and our principal, then we had a few cultural events and then concluded the event by singing national anthem.

One student one tree

We the members of NSS club along with Rotaract club and Leo club got an opportunity to plant some saplings under the initiative of the central government called ONE STUDENT ONE TREE so on 29th August 2019 we the students on NHCE had been to an under-construction lake near mahadevpura where we planted around 150 saplings and completed the initiative successfully.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami we the students of NSS club had been went to Iskcon on 24th August 2019 to serve lord Krishna .where we offered prayers to lord Krishna to start our day .we served lord Krishna in various aspects like Guiding the people to the right places,serving food to the people. we also helped to decorate lord Krishna and we also made prasadam for lord Krishna. So we had a very good day overall.