Ramanagara Camp

Ramanagara Camp We the New Horizon Institutions recently organized a social service camp in Ramanagara and Magadi village, aiming to uplift and support the local communities. The camp focused on donating essential items such as buckets, tarpaulins, and clothes to underprivileged families, addressing immediate needs and providing relief. Additionally, we conducted a comprehensive cleanliness drive to improve the local environment, which involved students and villagers working together to clean public spaces, dispose of waste responsibly, and promote hygiene practices.  This initiative fostered significant community engagement and volunteerism. It brought together a diverse group of individuals united by a common goal […]

Collaring the Street Dogs

Collaring the Street Dogs Collaring Sttreet Dogs was organized in collarboration with the NGO-Bhumi organization at Yeshwanthpur Railway Station, Bengaluru on 11th May, 2024. Team of 5 volunteers were grouped among the 55 volunteers with sufficient amount of food and collars being provided. Reflective collars were used to avoid the accidents during nights and also for the safety of the dogs. The street dog population around Yashwanthpur Railway Station is significant, with varying degrees of interaction with the local community. While some dogs are accustomed to human presence and receive sporadic food and care, others may exhibit territorial behavior or […]

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) workshop at St. Joseph’s University

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) workshop at St. Joseph’s University      The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) workshop convened at St. Joseph’s University in Bengaluru on April 16th and 17th, 2024, served as a pivotal gathering for diverse stakeholders including policymakers, academics, practitioners, and activists. The workshop aimed to delve deeply into the multifaceted aspects of sustainable development encapsulated by the SDGs framework. Throughout the workshop, participants engaged in a series of activities designed to foster meaningful dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaborative problem-solving. Interactive discussions likely spanned a wide range of topics, addressing each of the SDGs and their interconnections. These […]

An orientation programme on the NRI Forum

An orientation programme on the NRI Forum      An orientation programme on the NRI Forum, Karnataka, orchestrated by the NSS Club on the 19th of March, 2024, at the illustrious Tejas Seminar Hall, epitomized a resounding success. This remarkable platform, the NRI Forum, stands as a beacon, dedicated to fostering profound connections and nurturing an extensive network amongst the vibrant tapestry of individuals constituting the diaspora. It serves as an invaluable conduit, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural divides, to unite souls hailing from varied backgrounds, spanning continents and cultures alike.     Central to the ethos of the NRI […]