Collaring the Street Dogs

Collaring Sttreet Dogs was organized in collarboration with the NGO-Bhumi organization at Yeshwanthpur Railway Station, Bengaluru on 11th May, 2024. Team of 5 volunteers were grouped among the 55 volunteers with sufficient amount of food and collars being provided. Reflective collars were used to avoid the accidents during nights and also for the safety of the dogs.

The street dog population around Yashwanthpur Railway Station is significant, with varying degrees of interaction with the local community. While some dogs are accustomed to human presence and receive sporadic food and care, others may exhibit territorial behavior or suffer from malnutrition and disease. These factors contribute to concerns about public safety and animal welfare in the area.

Volunteers made sure to feed the dogs before collaring to ensure their sustenance and reduces the risk of aggressive behavior due to hunger. Throughout the activity, the volunteer team engaged with local residents and commuters, raising awareness.


The volunteer team, equipped with food and collars, systematically approached street dogs in the vicinity of Yashwanthpur Railway Station. Collars were carefully placed around the necks of friendly and approachable dogs. The collars were adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit for each dog. The collaring process was conducted with utmost care and consideration for the safety and well-being of the dogs as well as the volunteers.

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