Ramanagara Camp

We the New Horizon Institutions recently organized a social service camp in Ramanagara and Magadi village, aiming to uplift and support the local communities. The camp focused on donating essential items such as buckets, tarpaulins, and clothes to underprivileged families, addressing immediate needs and providing relief. Additionally, we conducted a comprehensive cleanliness drive to improve the local environment, which involved students and villagers working together to clean public spaces, dispose of waste responsibly, and promote hygiene practices. 

This initiative fostered significant community engagement and volunteerism. It brought together a diverse group of individuals united by a common goal of improving living conditions and enhancing the quality of life in these villages. The active participation of both students and locals highlighted the importance of collective action and the impact it can have on community welfare.

The collaboration not only promoted social responsibility and solidarity but also left a lasting positive impression on both the communities and the participants. For students, it was an eye-opening experience that emphasized the importance of giving back to society and working collaboratively for the greater good. For the villagers, it was a reminder that they are supported and valued. This experience underscored the importance of collective efforts enhancing community welfare and support, creating a meaningful and lasting impact.




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