On the 6th of February, the NSS Club at New Horizon College of Engineering embarked on a transformative journey, forging a pivotal partnership with DKMS-BMST, an organization celebrated worldwide for its dedication to the cause of blood stem cell donation. This collaboration was rooted in a shared vision: to illuminate the profound impact of individual actions in the battle against life-threatening diseases.

The initiative was aptly encapsulated by the slogan “Small Act, Big Impact. Be the Match That Matters,” a call to action that resonated deeply within the college community and beyond. It was a reminder that each person has the power to alter the course of someone’s life through the simple, yet heroic act of stem cell donation.

The event was meticulously planned to educate and inspire. Experts from DKMS-BMST provided insightful presentations on the critical need for a diverse pool of stem cell donors, highlighting how genetic diversity can significantly enhance the likelihood of finding matches for patients battling blood cancers and other disorders requiring stem cell transplants.

The response from the New Horizon College of Engineering community was nothing short of remarkable. Students, faculty, and staff came forward in large numbers, driven by a collective desire to contribute to a cause greater than themselves. The registration drive saw a diverse group of individuals commit to being potential lifesavers, embodying the spirit of altruism and community service that lies at the heart of the NSS Club’s mission.

This initiative not only succeeded in adding a significant number of potential donors to the global registry but also sparked a broader conversation about the importance of stem cell donation. It served as a powerful demonstration of how education, awareness, and community involvement can converge to create real-world impact.

As we reflect on the success of this event, we are reminded of the ongoing need for donors and the difference each one of us can make. The NSS Club at New Horizon College of Engineering, in partnership with DKMS-BMST, extends heartfelt gratitude to all who participated and encourages others to join this life-saving mission. Together, we can continue to be the match that matters, transforming small acts into big impacts, one donor at a time.

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