Walk to EmpowHer

A Walk to create brighter paths for India’s girls!!


On the occasion of National Girl Child Week, the Child Rights and You(CRY) association successfully organized a walkathon the “walk to EmpowHer” on Sunday,21st of January,2024 at Freedom Park, wherein the prime agenda was for being able to create awareness of girls’ rights and well-being. The organization provided a platform for over 120 girl-students from our institution, New Horizon College of Engineering, to showcase the effort and unity among students that collectively created a driving force, enabling us to join in for a spirited celebration of empowerment and equality.

This special event aimed to raise awareness and support for the rights and well-being of the girl child, echoed by banners and placards, thereby fostering a society where every girl can thrive. It also succeeded in enabling everyone to talk about the achievements of girls, their potential and a way to celebrate them.


    We’re extremely delightful for the fact that we could contribute a little to such a great and visionary initiative like this, making us realize that we are the driving force in empowering our nation’s girls toward a brighter and equitable future indeed and enabling us to participate among hundreds of people, walking side by side, symbolizing unity in the pursuit of common cause.

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