Kiran Kumar breaks World Record and also wins 5 gold medals at the World Cup World Powerlifting Congress/Amateur World Powerlifting Congress held at Bishkek, Russia

Horizonite and Powerlifter – Kiran Kumar Prakash Reddy broke the World Record for Raw Junior Bench Press and also secured 5 gold medals for India at World Cup WPC (World Powerlifting Congress) AWPC (Amateur World Powerlifting Congress) at Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Russia.  

Kiran Kumar, a student of New Horizon Educational Institutions won 5 gold medals for India at the World Cup WPC/AWPC in Bishkek, Russia held between 12th-14th of November 2021. He also stands to have broken the world record by lifting 167.5 kgs for the raw junior bench press category at the same competition. The motivated lifter took part in the competition which was held among 16 countries such as the United States of America, Denmark, Finland, China, etc. with over 600 participants. He secured gold medals in: 

SBD Junior (Squat Bench Deadlift)  

  • AWPC SBD Total * Raw = 612.5 kgs
  • AWPC Deadlift * Raw = 245 kgs
  • AWPC Bench Press *Raw = 167.5 kgs 
  • AWPC Open Bench Press *Raw (Senior) = 167.5 kgs
  • WPC Open Deadlift *Raw = 250 kgs


Kiran was judged based on a combination of his strength, confidence, muscle look, style, smile and posing.

His achievement has made not only Horizonites but every Indian Incredibly proud. As a young athlete who has chosen to study and work on his passion, Kiran stands as an excellent example for every student in the nation. We congratulate him and wish him all the best for his future.

New Horizon stands in support of its students. We encourage and motivate our future leaders to follow their passion. We actively provide the best of education, coaches, mentors, and opportunities to our students so they can make their dreams come true.

*Raw– without steroids