We stand committed and continue to strive in pursuit of excellence.

Today, India has earned a distinctive place in the global scenario for providing professional education and is making steady contributions to the knowledge bank of the world. The world of today is evolving at an astonishing pace with new developments in technology and management.

With these rapid changes, it becomes imperative to blend a strong value system with the knowledge centric approach. And there is a need for leaders who are mentally, emotionally, socially and intellectually capable, who can channel the future towards glorious accomplishments. This reinforces the strong role of institutions in enriching the student community and thereby creating both a better society and a better tomorrow for all the stake holders.

Dr. Mohan Manghnani, Chairman

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New Horizon
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New Horizon Educational Institutions

Under the umbrella of New Horizon Educational institutions, we have 7 high performing institutions that take care of the educational needs of a student from the pre-primary level to the professional stage.


Our Vision is to establish centers of educational excellence that offer challenging learning environments that encourage high expectations for success through knowledge creation, development of skills and promotion of values


New Horizon Educational Institution seeks to provide education that will inspire students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development to become creative and caring builders of the future.


To adhere the reputation of being able to channel our human resources and guide the transformation process of every individual’s dream into a reality.

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New Horizon Educational Institutions
February 15, 2019


About  NHEI

New Horizon Educational Institutions (NHEI) is a group of premier institutions established in the year 1970. NHEI has an impressive history of providing innovative education, with a vision and mission to impart holistic education to all its students. Strategically situated in the prestigious IT capital of India, Bengaluru, NHEI has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades.

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I can positively say NHCE has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies. Teachers are very caring and interested in students well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive.


Kiran N

Physical Design Engineer - Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd

To be successful in our careers we need good Higher Education in a good institution. New Horizon is one such institution which helped me realize my dreams.


Srinivasan R

Systems Engineer, TCS

New Horizon college has always provided me a platform to showcase my skills and talents in the field of Cultural & Management activities and also has taught me a lot of things which has made me a better person. NHC always encourage my capabilities and trusted me for the post of the cultural co ordinator.


Dorothy J Dave


“I feel happy and blessed to have completed my BE in Biotechnology at New Horizon College of Engineering; because the Department has the best profile of faculty who are highly knowledged and skilled. College has provided us excellent platform for fulfilling my dreams and I feel happy to have secured VTU VI rank. I thank all my teachers for making this possible”.


Natarajan Shambavi

Pursuing M-Tech @ sastra University

our association with New Horizon was near ending, my husband and myself were blessed with a beautiful princess in our hand, our daughter, Anagha Revankar. With not much turbulence in our minds, we knew that only this school will be able to teach our daughter the real meaning of GURU [ Gu- darkness, Ru- remover- remover of darkness]. Yes the school has changed by leaps and bounds in terms of infrastructure, being tech friendly, but the essence of true learning and teaching still remains the core of this institute , which is so deep rooted and strong; that I know my parents have done a right decision of choosing this school for my sister and myself and I hope I have been able to do justice to my daughter’s future.


Parent of Anagha Revankar


After a lot of research and references from friends, we decided to enroll our child in NHPS.The staff is caring, teachers are professionals and the care takers are responsible. Additional staff is there to support teachers and the students, inside and outside the classrooms. Personally it makes me comfortable to the fact that there are more female staff. Thanks to the management in developing talents and various skills not only academically but also in extracurricular coaching like sports and cultural activities. There is a positive energy flowing from the teachers and the students. This is indeed commendable. A strong school culture benefits the child academically as well as socially. We look forward to pleasant experiences in future.


Parent of Tanvi Mishra


The very thought of New Horizon Public School, gushes out so many memories down the lane. The questioning mind at once calms down and bows in deep gratitude and thankfulness to the school’s dedicated teachers, for their pivotal role in their students’ holistic development by their sheer passion and commitment. The teachers of Ist standard, had a great impact in moulding him by their support, motivation and dedication to be a wonderful human being first, and then scholarly in academics. A deep and sincere heartfelt “thank you” to the management and the teachers of NHPS for their effort.


Parent of Samanth Naidu


NHPS has been a significant part of my childhood which has shaped me to be the person who I am. The teachers and school staff have been encouraging and instilled the importance of curiosity and to always learn. For this I am always grateful. As a parent, when we had to make choices, we wanted to ensure we introduce our daughter to a place which is an extension of home and that is the we chose New Horizon, it has been an extension of an environment which nurtures our child and it is wonderful to watch her grow in a familiar environment.


parent of Adina from Nursery A

New Horizon Pre University is an ideal place for aspiring students We are encouraged in all aspects and prepared to give the best. New Horizon consistently balances both the academics as well as the co-curricular activities giving an opportunity to all students to excel in their own way. Teachers and other staffs are friendly and cheerful. They provide finest coaching and give individual attention to all. We have inter college sports tournaments, cheering budding sportsmen. Proud to be a NEW HORIZONITE


Sreevardhini. R


New Horizon PU College has always been a home to me and the days spent here was blissful memory of my life. It has not only taught me the knowledge of learning but also the art of leadership. I especially thank my Principal and teachers for being supportive. This college gives equal importance to academics as well as extracurricular activities. If you’re at New Horizon PU College, You’re in the safe hands.


Vijay ( II PUC SEBA )


New Horizon Pre University College is one of the prestigious college. Encouragement and the motivation given by the teaching staff of this college are really exemplary. Students are given equal opportunities and freedom to express and showcase their talents. The campus has a good infrastructure and a hygienic cafeteria. I am very happy to be associated with NHPUC.


Lavanya Kishore ( I PUC CPT)


I joined this prestigious institution with a dream. A dream of achieving my goal and in the process, gaining knowledge and exploring my true potential. I must say, NHPUC has exceeded my expectations. The Staff is brilliant, giving us an enjoyable experience through their flawless teaching.




A great platform which helped me develop and showcase my skills, helped me become a proud individual with positivity running through my veins.


Akshay V


New Horizon is the platform from where you can step into the outer world with full confidence, it has taught me everything required to excel in the corporate world. It also has a Blend of Brilliant Faculty


Jeevana Jadow S


It was a great experience, platform and I got to learn many things. The College also provided variuos tools which were helpful during the placement, It also helped me develop my inter-personal skills and it was an amazing experience.


Rishab P

Northern Trust

New Horizon College has helped me develop and grow as a person. It has helped to attain my potential. This helped me to get placed in one of the best companies.


Aishwarya R