State Level Inter Collegiate Cultural Fest SARGAM 2017 is on 22nd & 23rd September 2017. THEME – EXTRATERRESTRIAL
New Horizon College Of Engineering has been awarded “Outstanding Technical Education Institute In Karnataka-2016” – March 14, 2016.
New Horizon College of Engineering has been ranked No. 2 in Karnataka, No. 5 in South India and No. 15 in India among the best private T- schools. source: Dataquest T-school June 2017.
NHPS students have bagged the People’s Choice Award across all categories and were declared first Runner up at the Global Technovation Challenge 2016, San Francisco, USA July 16, 2016.


New Horizon Educational Institution, one of the premier educational institutions of Bangalore, was established in 1970. NHEI has an imposing history of innovative education, with a vision and mission to impart holistic education to all its students. Strategically situated in the prestigious IT capital of India, Bangalore, New Horizon Educational Institution has grown by leaps and bounds.

New Horizon Educational Institution, which constantly strives in Pursuit of Excellence, imparts the kind of education that makes our country proud. The name “New Horizon” is synonymous with creditable performance, committed training, honing skills, manifestations of talents, nurturing of character and development of a holistic personality.

Under the umbrella of New Horizon Educational Institution, there are seven high-performing institutions that take care of the educational needs of a student from the Pre-primary level to the professional stage. Guided by a noble mission and a clear vision, inspired by the Motto “In Pursuit of Excellence “, and motivated by invaluable core values that ultimately create a complete human being, every institution here follows the New Horizon key philosophy that encompasses two important things to succeed in Life: the Mission Possible theory and the conviction that every problem has a solution.

We are proud to announce the launch of New Horizon’s new logo. Our institution has grown and evolved over the past 47 years and we felt it was time for a change. We have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic future.


Our new logo has been carefully designed taking into consideration all that New Horizon stands for, but with a modern outlook to capture our mission to deliver education par excellence to our students. Our new logo clearly demonstrates a visual change without losing the meaning, heritage and power of our old logo.

The Laurel Wreath symbolizes wisdom, creativity, perseverance to win and victory. At New Horizon, not only do we aim to impart the highest quality of education but we also aim to fuel a student’s creativity and persistence to achieve all that they desire and emerge as future leaders.

The Torch in the logo represents the ability of education to serve as a beacon of light, eradicating ignorance. Fire represents our passion, compulsion, zeal, creativity and motivation. The element of fire has great power for forging will and determination.

The colour Blue exhibits a sense of inner security and confidence, the traits that we seek to instill within our students. This colour possess immense depth and is associated with the vastness that is the sky and the sea, elements that are as vast and deep as knowledge itself. This colour is also linked with reducing stress and bringing about a sense of clarity, an attribute that is essential to succeed in life.

Some Things Won’t Change

Behind the new look, we are still the same educational institution dedicated towards excellence in teaching, innovation and research to introduce such students into the world who are sure to make a difference globally.

I am sure that the launch of New Horizon’s new logo will mark the beginning of a new chapter and will inspire you to embrace progression and dynamism.



Our Vision is to establish centers of educational excellence that offer challenging learning environments that encourage high expectations for success through knowledge creation, development of skills and promotion of values


New Horizon Educational Institution seeks to provide education that will inspire students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development to become creative and caring builders of the future. caring


To adhere the reputation of being able to channel our human resources and guide the transformation process of every individual’s dream into a reality. To adhere the reputation of being able to channel our human resources and.


Student centric

We believe in prioritizing a student’s success and enhancing their interest, abilities and understanding by placing a teacher as a facilitator of learning for individuals rather than for the entire class.

Diversity to promote inclusiveness

As an academic institution that promotes diverse ideas and perspectives, different beliefs and backgrounds, distinct talents and varied ways of living are welcome and leveraged for learning and for creating a better atmosphere.

Discipline, integrity and ethics

We strive to inculcate our students with high ethical and academic values that would pave a path for them to lead a healthy and sincere lifestyle.

Innovation and dynamism

Constant innovation and adaptation of new ideas is paramount in NHEI to encourage new ways of thinking and to always stay a step ahead in the fiercely competitive world.


We believe in achieving excellence in every endeavor we undertake, ensuring the best education and the optimum environment for our students to achieve the same.

Social responsibility and leadership

We aim to groom ‘future pioneers’ with extraordinary traits to combat the persistent challenges of our nation. We foster a sense of giving back to the society in all of our students to help drive the nation forward.