Have you ever wondered what the day of a student @ New Horizon College of Engineering is like? From state-of art engineering classrooms to exciting sports complexes, witness how NHCE students combine fitness, work and play in their day-to-day. From experiential labs to intensive and engaging life skills modules, immersive library retreats to winding down at the warm, bustling in-house cafeterias, be there to experience it all.  New Horizon college opens its doors to parents to relive their college life for a day.  Allow us to transport you to the good old days, as you witness the new exciting future we’re creating together.

Schedule for the “Experience New Horizon with a Twist” program at NHCE campus on 21-08-2021
8:30-9:30 Registeration process
Time table 9:30-10:20 10:20-10:40 10:40-11:55 11:55-1:10 1:10-2:10 2.10-3:00 3:00-3.40 3:40-4:00
2 Experience Civil and Mechanical Engineering labs Break Tour to Centres of Excellence Placement class – Chhatrapati Shivaji block I floor Placement Hall Lunch Experience Chemistry and Electronics labs Physical Education and Social Media class Overall impression
  • Chemistry Lab – Chhatrapati shivaji block, II floor, chemistry lab II.
  • Electronics Lab – Sardar vallabai patel block, II floor, Analog electronics and Micro-controller lab, B-215.
  • Mechanical Lab – Sardar vallabai patel block, I floor, IIOT lab ‘B’ block.

Centre of Excellence :

  • Schneider Electric – Sardar vallabhbhai patel block, ground floor.
  • HP vertica and Big data – Subhas Chandra Bose block, I floor.
  • CISCO -Subhas Chandra Bose block, II floor.
  • IBM Lab – Subhas Chandra Bose block, ground floor.
  • Cape Gemini/DEMs lab – Sardar vallabhbhai patel block, I floor ‘B’ block.
  • SAP – Sardar vallabhbhai patel block, I floor ‘B’ block.
  • Physical Education – Bhagat Singh block, nirvana hall for Indoor and outdoor sports.
  • Social Media class room – Subhas Chandra Bose block, III floor – 303.
  • Overall impression at open stage.

Event Report

To recreate the college experience for the parents, a unique program titled Experience New Horizon with a twist was planned for all the existing and prospective parents of New Horizon College of engineering. I t was scheduled for the 21st August at NHCE campus.

Preliminary meeting werechaired by Ms SargamManghnani, Director New Horizon Gurukul. The members included Dr Girija, Director QASDC, Dr Anita Rai, Head Library and Information Sciences and Dr Sowmya Narayanan Head Life Skills from NHCE. It was decided to float google forms to gauge the responses from parents. After receiving good response from parents the timetables for the day were prepared. Labs, Placement and Training centre, Centres of Excellence. Social media and Physical Education classes were chosen as centres of experience. The faculty were selected to represent the labs and were adequately prepared to create hands on experiences for the parents. Registration counter was to be handled by the MBA department headed by Dr Sheelan. Ms Aruna was in charge of the goodie bags carrying stationery and coupons for refreshments for the parents. The marketing team were entrusted with the task of preparing the placards to brand the event in the campus and messages for the social media.

The Execution

Close to 50 parents visited the campus on August 21st 2021. From laboratories, industry labs to placement departments and classrooms, they had an enjoyable time learning, reliving their younger days fondly along with our students. The parents were given a timetable of the scheduled classes with refreshment breaks in between.

There were staff and student volunteers who coordinated the event exceptionally well. Parents had a tour of our excellent infrastructure. They were apprised of smart technologies used by the faculty to enhance teaching methods. The parents had a hands-on experience in the laboratory as well. It impressed the parents to learn that NHCE teaches the students valuable life skills that could be of use in achieving success in life and work. The HRD created a one and half hour programme to sensitize the faculty to Life Skills and the robust process in place as far as Placement goes. Industry academia partnership was detailed to them in their visit to the centres of excellence. The social media class and the Sports hour gave them great insights to being social media savvy and to be fit. Visiting college with their children, going back in time, and reminiscing on the good old days was a memorable experience for parents.

At the end the parents shared their valuable experiences through an interactive session hosted by Dr.Sowmya Narayanan who also gave them a 10 minutes presentation on the achievements, accolades, Academics, Research, Placement and Training at NHCE.