Firstly, we would like to express our immense gratitude towards our Chairman Dr. Mohan Manghnani, our Principal Dr. Manjunatha and our club in charge Dr. Anitha S Rai for giving this platform and opportunity to organize Blood Donation Camp 2022 for the benefit of ourselves and the society.

Blood donation camp was held on 7th November 2022, camp was conducted by National Service Scheme (NSS) Club of NEW HORIZON COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. Horizonites hailed again as we got 150+ volunteers for donating blood which broke the previous records though the time was less but yes, we did it.

When the camp was set up the students were eager to get their check-up done  so that they could donate blood the count was huge as the queue was not getting shortened, students were so dedicated as they stood under sun for a while to get their check-up done, once the check-up was done the students were sent to the respective beds for the further process. The process was so smooth that the students/donators did not face any kind of problems while going through the process. There was so excitement among the donation team and club members that they even worked more as per the required hours. The managing team performed so well that there were all kinds of protocol followed during the process. After donation of the blood the students were given all kind the medical help and they took proper rest, and the refreshments were served which included a pack of biscuit and a healthy fruit juice which had all kinds of ingredients which is required after donation of blood.

“Horizonites hailed again”.
Blood Donation Camp was held on 7November 2022

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