MOVIE-CON and much more…

Movie-Con 2023 was the first ever intercollegiate film fest conducted by the NHCE Drama Club in collaboration with the NHCE Art Club.

Apart from the exquisite decorations, the stunning embellishments and the precise representation of how movies are so celebrated worldwide, the fest had an exciting line-up of events. Movie enthusiasts across all campuses reveled in an unforgettable cinematic experience.

One of the most memorable aspects of this event was the captivating theme, which encouraged attendees to immerse themselves fully in the magic of cinema by donning costumes inspired by their beloved cinematic characters, adding an extra layer of excitement and creativity to the festivities.

  1. THE TREASURE HUNT: Amidst the vibrant ambiance of NHCE’s campus, an eagerly anticipated cinematic adventure unfolded promptly at 10:30 am within the video conference room of the library. With 14 teams, including representatives from beyond NHCE, the event kicked off with full attendance, setting the stage for a spirited competition. Clues inspired by iconic movies were strategically scattered across the campus, blending written enigmas with tantalizing audio hints, offering participants a captivating blend of challenges to unravel.As the clock struck noon, the event culminated in the crowning of two outstanding teams who had navigated the cinematic labyrinth with finesse. “Team Chikni Chameli,” comprising Shashank. R, Shailini, and M. Bharathi, emerged victorious with their exceptional teamwork and astute problem-solving skills. In close pursuit, “Team Chandramukhi,” led by Prachii Mishra, Diya K Anoop, and Chiranth N Yadav, secured a commendable second place, showcasing remarkable perseverance and strategic thinking.The event concluded with a spirited feedback session, where participants shared glowing accolades for the meticulously orchestrated competition. Through its seamless fusion of adventure, teamwork, and cinematic knowledge, the event left an indelible mark, highlighting the enduring spirit of camaraderie and passion for cinema among NHCE’s vibrant community.
  2. RAMP WALK: At 12:45 pm, the next event commenced with two distinguished judges from the fashion team presiding over the proceedings. Over 20 participants eagerly took center stage, adorned in meticulously crafted costumes that paid homage to beloved movie characters. With enthusiasm and creativity, each participant brought their chosen character to life through spirited performances that captivated the audience.

    As the event unfolded, participants were meticulously evaluated based on their presentation, accuracy of attire to the character, and their ability to embody the essence of the character through expressive acting. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to elevate their performances by incorporating carefully selected background music, earning extra commendations for their attention to detail and creativity. Through this immersive experience, participants showcased their unwavering passion for cinema, leaving a lasting impression on both the judges and the audience alike.

    3. SHORT FILM FESTIVAL: Movie-con’s spotlight event, the “Shortfilm Festival,” commenced at 2:30 pm, featuring Mr. Vinod Divakar, acclaimed executive producer of “Kirik Party,” as the distinguished judge. From the pool of 11 submissions, a meticulous screening conducted by the drama club members and Mr. Divakar himself the day prior ensured that only 5 short-films adhering to the festival’s stringent guidelines progressed to the main showcase. These selected films promised to deliver a captivating cinematic experience, showcasing the ingenuity and talent of emerging filmmakers.

    The event commenced with a warm welcome extended to Dr. Anitha S Rai, DEAN Library and Alumni Relations of NHEI, and Mr. Vinod Divakar. Dr. Anitha Rai, alongside drama club members, participants, and the audience, watched all five selected films. Awards were presented for Best Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, and the short-film embodying all elements of excellence.

    With Mr. Divakar’s expertise guiding the judging process, the audience eagerly anticipated the screening of these curated short-films, each poised to captivate and enthrall with its unique narrative and cinematic flair. As the festival unfolded, attendees were treated to a diverse array of storytelling and filmmaking prowess, cementing the Shortfilm Festival as a cornerstone of Movie-con’s celebration of cinematic excellence.

    In addition to Movie-con, the Drama Club has played an integral role in various student body fests at NHCE, including Initium-2023.
    Under the theme ‘Pop Culture’ for Initium 2023, the Drama Club joined forces with esteemed extracurricular clubs to curate a remarkable lineup of events, providing students with an exceptional platform to exhibit their passion, talent, and creativity.
    With finesse and flair, the Drama Club orchestrated two triumphant events: “Whose Line is it Anyway,” a whimsical showcase for quick-witted individuals, and “True Detectives,” an immersive murder mystery extravaganza for those with a keen eye for sleuthing, reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes himself. Undoubtedly, the resounding success of these two events has significantly contributed to the overall splendor and triumph of Initium 2023.