1. Kalanjali-2023 

DATE: 15/12/2023
TIMINGS: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
VENUE:  Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Krishnadevarayanagar

The Drama club took part in Kalanjali-2023, a cultural fest organised by Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology on 15/12/2023. They participated in Mime, where they had a time limit of 6+2 minutes. The Drama club took along 12 students including 7 participants.

 The team started from the college at 11:00 AM and reached MVIT by 12:45 AM. The event commenced at 3 PM and lasted for about an hour. Drama put up an enthralling performance, with one of the most unique script and expressive teams. The audience were left spell-bound by the extraordinary storyline and expressive actions. The team secured second place winning a cash prize of two thousand five hundred rupees. 

The participants left MVIT at 6 PM and were brought back to college via college transport. It was an overall amazing experience for the Drama club of NHCE to take part in this mime competition organised by MVIT, and a great chance to showcase the club’s skills.


2. Sargam Stageplay

DATE: 02/12/2023
TIMINGS: 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM
VENUE: Auditorium, NHCE

On 2nd December 2023, Drama club had taken part in the Spotlight (Stage play) event at our very own fest, Sargam 2023. The play was about adoption and it was a little different from the other stage plays as we had included a fresh aspect of musical.

Event Highlights:
The venue was NHCE Auditorium. Our team had assembled at the auditorium aisle by 1:30PM. The program began by 2PM. The slot given to us was 8th. We went inside the greenroom by 5PM and performed around 5:30PM. The audience was very interactive the whole time and we received huge applause from them after the play was over. After our performance we stayed back for the results and waited to receive some feedback from the judges. We dispersed by 8:00PM.

Overall, we did our best and the one month of thorough preparations paid off that afternoon. We are extremely proud of our club for putting in the effort and hard work. We performed to our fullest and enjoyed the process throughout.

3. Sargam Short Movie Making

DATE: 02/12/2023
TIMINGS:10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
VENUE: Tejas Seminar hall,  NHCE

The Drama club participated in ‘Short Movie Making’ an event of SARGAM 2023. There was a time limit of 5 minutes and a maximum of 6 participants. Judgement was based on Story Telling, Cinematography, and Screenplay. The film was shot at ITI colony, Krishnarajapuram, after securing permission. The overall shooting took two days and a team of 15 students 

The edited short film was screened in Tejas seminar hall, NHCE on 2nd December at 10 am along with numerous other entries for the event. The short film ‘NINA’ -submitted by the drama club secured 3rd place in the short movie making and won a cash prize of rupees five thousand.

It was the first time the Drama club participated in the ‘Short Movie Making’, Sargam 2023. The overall experience that taught the members of the drama club, NHCE a lot of new skills and gave them a chance to explore new domains.

4. Talent hunt- Actors, Video Editors and Sound Designers audition.

DATE: 10/11/2023
TIMINGS: 3:00pm to 7:00pm
VENUE: Tejas Seminar hall , NHCE

On 10Th November 2023, Drama club had conducted an audition for Actors, Video Editors and Sound Designers, for Sargam 2023. Students from various departments and years attended. The event started off with the introduction of the Drama club, its core and board members by the Emcees. We then had a welcome speech by the President, wishing all the participants luck. The event commenced at 3 pm.

Event Highlights:


After an Ice breaking session, where a few participants were picked at random to imitate actors and have the audience guess, we started with round 1. Actors were given one-line dialogues in the language of their preference. The judges asked the actors to enact this line in varying emotions. Both the audience and Judges enjoyed this talented display.
The students who had come to try out for the position of Video Editors and Sound Designers, were given clips to edit in a software of their own choice. They were given a time limit and a few other specific parameters.

Round – 2:

In round 2, students were paired up and given scenarios to act out in groups. This tested both the creativity of the participants, and, their ability to improvise and work well in a group scene. Participants came up with several innovative short scripts and put forward interesting acts. The judges gave the participants insights on how to improve as well as giving them tips on how to portray their emotions better.

The emcees then called for any students who had monologues prepared. We were able to witness, compelling acts from a plethora of students.

The Event concluded at 7 pm with a vote of thanks from the emcees and special mentions.

5. Sargam Promotional Event

DATE: 07/10/2023
TIMINGS: 12:30pm to 5:30pm
VENUE: Nexus Shantiniketan Mall and Nexus Whitefield Mall

On the 7th of October, the New Horizon College of Engineering brought the epic saga of The Ramayan to life at Nexus Shantiniketan and Nexus Whitefield through a mesmerizing promotional event for Sargam 2023. This unique performance, featuring the talents of both the Drama Club and the Dance Club, was the result of a week of intensive practice and coordination, leaving the audience captivated and immersed in the world of ancient Indian mythology.

The event commenced with a grand opening flashmob dance that set the tone for the day,  followed by a spectacular act. The performance featured key scenes from the Ramayan, meticulously adapted to the stage. The Drama Club’s actors brought characters like Lord Rama, Sita, Hanuman, and Ravana to life with their heartfelt performances. The precision of their dialogue delivery and the emotional depth they conveyed were truly praiseworthy, leaving the audience spellbound.

Complementing the drama, the Dance Club’s choreographed routines added a dynamic and visually stunning element to the narrative which beautifully captured the essence of the Ramayan. Also, the Art Club played a major role in crafting the props for the play. 

In addition to the live performance, we undertook extensive promotion for the event. We displayed the banners after the act attracting a diverse crowd. We also had a booth where attendees could learn more about New Horizon College of Engineering and our drama and dance clubs. The event was well-covered on social media, with live updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses that generated excitement among those who couldn’t attend in person.

Overall, it was yet again a promising and successful collaboration by both clubs and a great learning experience for all the participants. Undoubtedly, this event was a terrific kickstart to Sargam and other upcoming events for The Drama Club. 


6. Writer’s Haven

DATE: 12/09/2023
TIMINGS: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
VENUE: MBA department

Writer’s Haven, an audition for SARGAM was hosted by Drama Club, was where students from NHCE scripted out their creative ideas. The audition consisted of two rounds. First round consisted of five situations and the writers had to pick any one and build the script on it whereas second round consisted of writing of a story of individual choice and it also included a quiz round for fun and engaging the participants. There were 35 participants, 3 judges and 5 coordinators. The competition commenced at 3pm and it got over by 5pm. Over all it was an amazing event where all the innovative minds were scripting their creativeness increasing the dimensions of scripting



DATE: 1/06/2023
TIMINGS: 2pm to 4pm
VENUE: Birla Auditorium, SIT Tumkur

Siddaganga Institute of Technology organised a MIME competition as part of their cultural
fest, HALCYON-2023. It was an inter-university mime competition where several colleges
including NHCE took part. Every team could bring 7 participants along with an accompanist
and were given a time limit of 4+2 minutes to show case their talent. Reel India Productions
brought with them 7 of their best participants, an event coordinator and 2 makeup artists. The
team started from the college campus at 7:10 AM and reached SIT, Tumkur by 10:30 AM. The
event commenced at 2 PM and lasted about an hour. Reel India Productions put up a tough
competition in the event. The team had one of the best self made script that portrayed how a
young girl lost her job due to recession and the grave steps she took to support her family. The
participants left SIT at 5 PM and directly headed back to their home via the most convinient
transportation they opted for. Over all it was an amazing experience for the drama club member
of NHCE to take part in this mime competition organised by SIT.


DATE: 31/05/2023
TIMINGS: 10am to 5pm
VENUE: New Horizon College of Engineering
DATE: 31/05/2023
TIMING: 1:00pm to 5:00pm
VENUE: MBA Seminar Hall, NHCE.

The event was conducted by drama club under the umbrella of INITIUM’23, it was curated for all those people always bursting with wit, humour, and spontaneous responses, this was the perfect opportunity to unleash the talent and show off their skills. This improve based event was judged by Mr. Yashwanth Devraj, he is a passionate actor who has done multiple short films and won awards for his acting in his college days. Accompanying him was our in-house judge, Mr. Karthikeyan Umesh, the secretary of Drama club. It was a solo event, were it got a total of 7 registrations, among which 4 participants are NHCE students. The event consisted of 3 rounds,

Round 1: Whose line is it anyway? Question-answer round.

            In this round participants were asked to answer to the questions asked by the coordinators and it could be given only upon the bursting of balloons, additional points were given to the wittiest answers.

Round 2: Down the memory lane

            Participants were given a quirky element, such as objects or any kind of emotions, with which they had to come up with a story. The participant succeeding another participant had to continue the story with the new element given to him.

Round 3: Inside Out- Switching emotions/ characters.

            Here participants were put into groups and each group was given a situation to play out. In the group, participants were given different emotions and when were the judge used to call out ‘switch’, the participants had to change emotions in anticlockwise format.

At the end of the event, marks from all 3 rounds were added up and winners were announced on the basis of highest marks.


First Place: Chris Sebastian from Kristu Jayanti College

Runners up: Chandrashekar from Dayananda Sagar College of Art, Science and Commerce


B)EVENT NAME: True Detectives
DATE: 31/05/2023
TIMING: 1:00pm to 5:00pm
VENUE: Falconry Hall, NHCE.

True Detectives was hosted by the drama club under the umbrella of INITIUM’23. The event was conducted in Falconry hall from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, it was a team event and each team consisted of 3 members. A total of 15 teams had registered for the event. It was a brain‐stirring event, where the participants play a role of a detective, at the beginning of the event a skit was enacted by the members of drama club, leading to the murder. From this point, the teams had to come up with questions to solve the “Murder Mystery”, they were given a time limit of 15 minutes for it. After that the teams were divided in batches and each batch was given a time limit of 20 minutes to find the culprit behind the killing. During the allotted time period the teams were be allowed to walk around to investigate the crime scene and can pose four questions to each of the actors regarding their whereabouts during the murder and the backstory of the character. The participants were tested to find the killer before time runs out. After the 20 minutes, an additional time of 10 minutes were given for the detectives to write out the killers name and give legitimate reasoning as to why they concluded with that particular character as a killer. Winners were announced not only on the basis of the answer but also on the time taken for them to come up with it.



   First Place: Ketan and team from NHCE

   Runners up: Anirudh and team from NHCM



DATE: 22/05/2023
TIMINGS: 10am to 5pm
VENUE: New Horizon College of Engineering

The drama club of NHCE conducted their event ‘Movie-con’ on 22/5/23. This event was with collaboration with the NHCE Art club who decorated the whole campus.

This event consisted of multiple events, they are:-

1.Treasure hunt:

The event took place around the college, it started at 10:30 am in the video conference room of the library and all the participants were present, we had 14 teams and this consisted of one team outside of NHCE, the clues were based on movies and the clues were spread over the vast campus of NHCE, with a focus on written clues and a sprinkle of audio clues, the event successfully merged adventure, teamwork, and cinematic knowledge. We had 2 winners for the event and it concluded at 12 pm, it ended with a feedback session where we received a good feedback.

After an intense competition, two exceptional teams emerged as winners. The first place was secured by “Team Chikni Chameli,” comprised of Shashank. R, Shailini and M.Bharathi. This remarkable team demonstrated exceptional teamwork, astute problem-solving, and a deep understanding of the movie theme. They successfully conquered all the hubs and claimed the treasure.

The second place was secured by “Team Chandramukhi,” consisting of Prachii Mishra, Diya K Anoop and Chiranth N Yadav. This team showcased remarkable perseverance, strategic thinking, and a solid grasp of the movie-themed challenges. Their dedication and efforts led them to secure the second position.

2. Ramp walk:

The next event started at 12:45 pm and there were two judges form the fashion team. We had 20+ participants who took part actively by dressing up and showing their love of cinema. The participants were judged on the basis of presentation (ramp walk), dressing accurate to the said movie character and acting out the character. Additional brownie points were given for using good bgms given by the participants themselves.  

The event ended around 2:30, after a tough decision due to the tough competition the awards of Mr. Movie-con and Ms. Movie-con were given to Basha and Meghana P V respectively.

3. Shortfilm Festival:

The main highlight of Movie-con was “Shortfilm Festival” which started at 2:30 pm. The Judge of the short-film festival was Mr. Vinod Divakar who was the executive producer of “Kirik Party” and well known for many other films across South India.  

We had total submissions of 11 films, the first screening of short-films was done by the drama club members along with the judge a day before the event (21/05/2023). The short-films not adhering to the rules were eliminated and only 5 Short-films were short-listed.

On the day of the event, the event was started by welcoming Dr. Anitha S Rai, DEAN Library and Alumni Relations of NHEI and Mr. Vinod Divakar. The judge, Dr. Anitha Rai, drama club members and participants along with the audience watched all the selected 5 films. The awards were given out for best actor, best director, best screenplay, best cinematography and the short-film that had all the components of one the best shortfilm.


DATE: 03/03/2023
TIMING: 10:00 am

The Mime Team of Reel India Productions once again conquered in the annual ELEMENT 7 fest organised by the Krupanidhi Group of Institutions. Post COVID-19 Pandemic, this win proved to be one of the most successful endeavours by the club after several months. The MIME team were led by the three most important pillars of the club, President M. Lakshmi Sravani, Vice President Tanush Krishna and last but not the least, Secretary Karthikeyan Umesh, who spearheaded the endeavour and came up with the winning script which talked about one of the most relevant topics nowadays- Recession.

The entire team put an extraordinary amount of hardwork and gained perfection within a very short span of time. On the Day of the event, all the participants and team representatives were present at the venue- THE ATHENAEUM and performed live in front of a huge crowd and judges. The team was highly applauded and appraised for their energised performance and thrilling formations, which were never seen before.

The award ceremony of the competition was held on the very same day, and the MIME team of Reel India Productions effortlessly sweeped the first prize, beating 5 more participating teams. The team also won a handsome amount of cash prize, certificates for all participants and a Trophy.

All together, it was a surreal experience for a new team to win the First Prize among so many other strong contenders. Every participant and team member had a positive takeaway from this experience and it will be cherished for a long time to come.


Date: 04/11/2022
TIMING: 3:00 pm


Reel India Productions once again brought up the most awaited opportunity for the academic year 2022-23 for all the students of NHCE to live the dream of being an actor and a performer.The goal was to look for passionate actors who wanted to unshackle themselves and let the world be their stage, to truly live out different characters and to perform like their favourite heroes and heroines that they have grown up watching.

The 4 esteem judges of the event were the current fourth years, they are M Lakshmi Sravani, Tanush Krishna, Karthikeyan Umesh and Tejas M. The 3 stunning hosts of the event were Debirupa Syam, M Skanda Kashyap and Dharmik Shetty. Last but not the least the whole event was coordinated by Niddapu Santosh Kumar and Chandan S.The whole event was run by the current 3rd years with the help of 2nd years of Drama Club.The event constituted of 2 rounds-

Round 1: Switch The Emotions!

In the first round, we had about 50 students and each one had to come up to the stage, where the 3rd years gave them famous dialogues of various movies and they had to act it out with the specified emotion given by the judges. The judges also asked people to act out the dialogues in more than one emotion i.e., they had to switch the emotions each time one of the judges called out an emotion. There was no eliminations for any of the rounds.

Round 2: Scene Kya Hai?

In the start of round 2, the board members of drama club grouped all the solo participants into a group of 2, 3 or 4 and they let the participants who came with their peer (other participants only) to form a group. Then they were given out scenarios and given 1:30 mins of preparation time and had to perform it under 2 mins.

The event was entertaining for all the people in the auditorium, laughs were exchanged and even a small skit by 2 of the judges were performed. People even lost track of the time. In the end, the core team thanked everyone for making it a successful event and everyone dispersed.The winners were announced a day later. The judges individually calculated the average of the 2 rounds and participants having the highest cumulative average of all four judges won in the event. The winners were offered to join the Drama Club.




Date: 03/11/2022
TIMING: 3:00 pm

 Reel India Productions once again brought up the most awaited opportunity for the academic year 2022-23 for all the students of NHCE to live the dream of being a script writer .The goal was to look for passionate writers who wanted to unshackle themselves and let the world know how they think through writing , to truly live out different characters in the world of imagination.

Round 1: Scriptomania!

In the first round, we had about more than 50 students and each one had to come up with the best script that they were capable of within the specified time. This round was all about creative thinking and various level imagination that the students could bring it in the form of words.

Round 2: Mix it till u fix it

In the start of round 2, the students were grouped into 2 teams, in which one student from each group was allowed to pick the chits which consisted movie names of various languages in which the students had  given a challenge to change the plot of the famous movies of all time.  This round was all about their imagination based on a given idea. 

The event was entertaining for all the people in the auditorium, laughs were exchanged and ideas too. People even lost track of the time. In the end, the core team thanked everyone for making it a successful event.



NHCE , Bangalore
1. Verge
Date: 6th July


2. Independence Day
     Date: 15th August
On this historic day, the Drama Club took the stage once again to commemorate the Late Major Sandeep Unninkrishnan spanning his lifetime from when he was a wee little school boy learning his inspirations to the brave NSG commando that we know and respect to this day. The play touched hearts bringing many among the audience to tears.

3. World Mental Health Day
Date: 13th October

The purpose of this event was to highlight the importance of mental health.  The show played beautifully on the Open stage in front of a large audience. This performance brought attention to the importance of mental health and how to take care of it, and we had a positive response from spectators and audience members.
Ganesh C G, Karthikeyan Umesh, Akshaya Suresh enacted the play. It would not have been possible without the help of Bharath Raj, Justin George, Joel C C, Darshana, Arpita, Janardhan D, and Pranit Prabhu.
4. Kannada Rajyotsava Performance
Date: 18th November

This event took place on November 18th, 2021. The Drama Club performed a skit called inspired from the popular TV show ” Weekend with Ramesh” at the auditorium to memorialise the late Dr. Rajkumar and his son Puneeth Rajkumar, who had recently passed away.
The Drama Club performed a skit called inspired from the popular TV show ” Weekend with Ramesh” at the auditorium to memorialise the late Dr. Rajkumar and his son Puneeth Rajkumar, who had recently passed away.  The skit’s topic was to recognise their efforts and charitable characteristics, as well as their influence on the people. We prepared with extreme caution and respect to ensure that the skit reflected their faith.
Skanda, Bharath Raj, Abhishek, Ganesh C G, Justin George, and Hari Reddy were involved in the preparation, which began on November 11th and lasted for 5 days. This event was a huge success and a wonderful experience.

5. Alumni Meet 2021
Date: 27th November
On this day, we got together and talked about producing something that the students would remember fondly, similar to their experiences at New Horizon College of Engineering. We decided to make a documentary compilation of their entire experience after a highly productive brainstorming session. We gathered all of their images, films, and clips from their college years, dating all the way back to 2006.
We went ahead and started making the film, and with everyone’s support, including the teachers and alumni, we were successful in finishing it. On the day of the event, November 27th, 2021, we screened the video in the auditorium, which was packed to capacity. We received a wonderful enthusiastic response from the audience, which was phenomenal and just delightful.
6. 3 Musketeers
Date: 27th December
The Drama Club of NHCE conducted the event ‘3 Musketeers’, a completely blown out movie and acting event on the 27th of December, 2021 at the Falconry Seminar Hall.

The event kicked off after the lunch break and students poured in with great enthusiasm as they filled in their details and took their assigned seats in the seminar hall. We started off the first round, with 31 teams of 3, called ’Hangman’ where the teams had to figure out names of the movies with tiny clues. The competitive vibe was felt by everyone as the chaos ensued.
The second round started off with 19 teams moving forward. An acting ‘Improv’ round where each team was given a situation 3 minutes before they came up on stage and showed off their acting and improvisational talents. This was the most fun round with many students stepping out of their comfort zone and getting over stage fear.
The 3rd and final round had the final 10 teams participating in ‘Netflix and Kill’ where the finalists had to figure out the movie’s title based off of its’ description on Netflix. Only the very best movie buff would be able to survive this round and we did find our victors.
They were presented with their prizes and were dubbed the “Movie Buffs of NHCE”. All in all, the event was a huge success with plenty of happy faces, laughter, quick thinking, sharp wits and an overwhelming positive response. 
7. NAAC Mime Rerformance
Date: 4th January
The Mime Team delivered a heart touching, visual masterpiece of a performance which has proven itself time and time again by winning 1st place and dominating Karnataka inter college fests. 
A beautiful story about sibling bonds, dealing with the repercussions of the use of drugs and dealing with loss, all tied into a seamless narrative was touted as the most favourite performance during the NAAC accreditation Cultural Event on the eve of the 4th of January, 2022.
8. Auditions!!
Date: 18th March 2022
The much awaited auditions to join the prestigious Drama Club of NHCE took place on the 18th of March, 2022 from 4 in the evening and went on till 8.
Contestants had gathered on time and were awaiting further instructions.
Participants were from the first 3 years, and all of them were pretty enthusiastic about being potential drama club members. A plethora of writers, actors, directors had assembled in the basement Dance Studio. They were then separated into their respective categories (Acting, writing, directing) and in each category students were tested and were allowed to showcase their talents in the particular field. Though the outcome was overwhelmingly positive, only a few spots were open and the competition was cut-throat. Some even took part in writing as well as acting. The auditions wrapped up by 8 and a photo session took place.


9. Mysore Street Play Competition
Date: 14th May 2022
The talented Streetplay team of NHCE’s Reel India Productions had been to Mysore on the 13th of May, and were eager to take part in the VTU held streetplay competition.
The team gave their best, and it was an enthralling performance, surprisingly with no award. The team promises to not give up but to learn from this experience, as we will surely come back stronger and more successful in our next attempt.


10. BMSCE Competition
Date: 28th & 29th May 2022
The annual cultural fest of BMSCE, bull temple road was held from the 27th – 29th of May 2022. The StreetPlay and Mad ads team of NHCE were well prepared and had gone to participate in these events on the 28th and 29th of May. There were a lot of experiences, and lessons learnt. A huge cultural exchange also took place.
NHCE , Bangalore
Date :  19th sep 2020
  • LIGHTS, CAMERA, LOGIN (Online event)
RV College , Bangalore
Date : 01st mar 2020
Siddaganga Institute of Technology,Tumakuru
Date : 27th feb 2020
NIFT , Bangalore
Date : 15th feb 2020
  • Mad-ads WINNERS
St.Claret College
Date : 04th feb 2020
St.Claret College
Date : 04th feb 2020
St.Claret College
Date : 04th feb 2020
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Jain college , Bangalore
Date:28th jan 2020
Jain college , Bangalore
Date:28th jan 2020
St.Joseph`s college of commerce
Date:27thjan 2020
Date :27th jan 2020
Republic day
Date :26 jan 2020
Lasya , Jain university
Date : 11th jan 2020
Maaya , Pes University
Date : 12th nov 2019
Karnataka Rajyothsava
Date :  5th nov 2019
Date : 16th Oct 2019

Date :18th Oct 2019
Date : 27 Sep 2019
Date : 21st Sep 2019
Date : 20th Sep 2019

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