Hey there!  Welcome to our World of Drama!

Where we bring characters to life!

Drama is not an art form it is an emotion to us. If you’ve ever wondered what and how we do it, then look no further!

The NHCE Drama Club is one huge family with THEATRE, STREET PLAY, MIME, MAD-ADS and FILMMAKING as its branches.

We are passionate about everything we do and look for every opportunity to learn and grow.

  • The MIME TEAM specialises in telling heartfelt stories without words.

  • The STREET PLAY TEAM raises a voice against the social issues while entertaining everyone around.

  • The MAD-ADS TEAM is a definite to make you laugh your hearts out with some top-notch comedy.

  • In THEATRE, our playwrights come up with beautiful stories in various genres and we perform them in the auditorium.

  • The FILMMAKING team is constantly up to something while taking inspiration from the greats. 




To us, we aren’t just a team, WE ARE A FAMILY. A family which is wildly crazy to showcase our talent, a family that supports one another to grow, a family that sticks together through thick and thin, a family who will welcome you with open hearts.

Here’s to the NHCE Drama Club, come be a part of this wonderful journey!






Oh we don’t stop there! We at Reel India Productions have also written, directed and acted in multiple successful short films namely – Toast, The Leftovers, Coping With You and many more…

Not only did these films receive acclaim from film reviewers, but they also garnered widespread appreciation and heartfelt enjoyment from audiences nationwide.

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