DATE: 6th MAY, 2024.

TIMING: 11:00 a.m. to 4:50 p.m.



On 6th May 2024, anticipation filled the air as students gathered in the VC room for the highly anticipated event, Jersey Day.

The students of NHCE adorned themselves in the jerseys of their beloved teams, proudly displaying their passion and commitment. Thirty teams, comprising a total of sixty students, assembled in the VC Room to showcase their sports expertise through three successive rounds, each designed as an elimination challenge.

With jerseys donned and spirits high, all were set to bring their A-game. The participants were brimming with energy and passion as they eagerly demonstrated their love for their favorite teams. The event began with a lively debate between the participants on the topic of cricket versus football, which seemed endless as each held steadfast to their opinions. Following the debate, the actual event commenced with Round 1.

Round 1 was a classic pen and paper quiz named Field and Track IQ, designed to test the teams’ sports knowledge. Within just 10 minutes, participants were challenged with 20 quiz questions. All the teams raced to showcase their knowledge, to secure a spot amongst the top 14 teams who advanced to the next round.

Round 2 was an exciting audio-visual quiz named Stump the Chump!

Teams engaged in a lively battle, deciphering clues and facing-off against each other. The top 14 teams were split into two groups, and the round unfolded in two stages. The quiz followed a round-robin style, granting 10 points for each accurate answer and 5 points for every correctly passed response. Subsequently, two teams from each stage advanced to compete in the final round.

Round 3 was the Final Primetime Showdown.

Four teams engaged in an intense debate with one team prevailing over the other in a 2 vs 2 format, a heated discussion on controversial sports topics. With just 5 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to debate, the room was busting with energy as each team was eager to claim victory for themselves.

The top 3 teams engaged in a challenging 30 minute group discussion round, making it a daunting task for the moderators to determine the results. After a riveting exchange of ideas, the final winners emerged.

Additionally, students donning jerseys who couldn’t register for the event were called to the open stage at 1:30 p.m. for a group photo. They gathered in their favorite team’s attire, demonstrating sportsmanship where rebels united and friendships ignited.

With thunderous applause, the Jersey Day Event concluded on a high note, highlighting the shared passion for sports amongst all the students of NHCE.


Winners –  Burhan and Musab

Runner up-  Ilhaan and Siddarth






DATE: 15th December, 2023.

TIMING: 10:30 a.m. to 4:50 p.m.


“Among Us in real life” was an immersive and thrilling event held on 15th December, 2023 where participants step into the roles of Crewmates and Imposter, navigating through a series of challenges and tasks scattered across different venues within the college campus. We had an overwhelming response from the students and had over 100 participants. 


  1. One participant is secretly designated as the Imposter, while the remaining 9 take on the roles of Crewmates. The Imposter’s mission is to eliminate Crewmates without being identified.
  2. Tasks
  • Twister Round: Physical agility is tested as Crewmates twist and turn to complete tasks.
  • Word Game: A mental challenge awaits Crewmates, testing their vocabulary and quick thinking.
  • Spin the Wheel: Luck plays a role as participants spin the wheel to determine their fate in a surprise challenge.
  • Pop Culture Quiz: Crewmates prove their knowledge of pop culture in this trivia round.
  • Key Hunt: Crewmates search for the correct key to unlock success in this task.
  • Logo Guessing: Observational skills come into play as Crewmates decipher various logos.
  • JAM: The crewmate has to speak about the given topic chosen by them by picking a chit for a   minute.
  1. The Imposter must strategically eliminate Crewmates within the designated task venues without getting caught. If the Imposter manages to eliminate 6 Crewmates before the tasks are completed, they emerge victorious.
  2. The Crewmate must finish all the tasks across the different venues. If they successfully complete all tasks before the Imposter reaches their quota, the Crewmate claims victory.

With an impressive turnout of over 100 participants, The air was charged with anticipation and strategy as participants immersed themselves in the thrilling atmosphere of our event Among us in real life.



Winner –  P Lakshmi ( 23AI188 )

Runner up-  Adrian Brine ( 23IS010 )


DATE: 7th and 8th  November

TIMING: 8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. 

VENUE: REVA University, Bangalore

The Model United Nations Society of NHCE, under the Literary Club is a group of diplomats who discuss national and international issues and work towards maintaining international peace and cooperation. Through the concept of Model United Nations, we aim at helping young delegates across various educational spectra develop their reasoning and analytical skills by simulating a variety of situations and giving them the opportunity to debate issues of international importance. Thirteen delegates from our college attend a conference (MUN) in REVA University on 7th and 8th November taking part in various committees.

The MUN focused on various aspects such as animosities between nations, political controversies, and crises to territorial disputes, allegations, and lobby. The committees offered were 

 1.) UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL [UNSC] The United Nations Security Council is the most vital and robust body of the United Nations, with its primary responsibility being the maintenance of International peace and Security.


2.) UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL [UNHRC] The UNHRC (established in 2006) comprises 47 members and is responsible for addressing various human rights violations across the International arena.



The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA or GA) is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations (UN), serving as the UN’s main deliberative, policymaking, and representative organ.



It was established for Indian politicians to do public debates, discussions, and deliberation free from the Parliament of India, the Lok Sabha House of the People, or “legislative functions of the parliament “Moving over from a one-party dominance of the Indian National Congress in the initial days after India became a democratic country to two-party, multi-party, and finally, coalition politics, the politics of India has been gradually evolving.


The AIPPM committee was chaired by our very own member of the club – JAYAADITHYA J (B.TECH CSE, NEW HORIZON COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING)

Participants : –

SI No Name USN Dept Sem
1 Niharikaa  1NH20CS138 CS 7
2 Pranit  1NH20AI078 AIML 7
3 Chiranth  1NH21CS061 CS 5
4 John  1NH21CS114 CS 5
5 Hashim 1NH21CS096 CS 5
6 Astha  1NH21IS033 IS 5
7  Madhumitha 1NH22EC068 EC 3
8 Anish B 1NH22EC015 EC 3
9 Amey  1NH22EC012 CS 3
10 Rajalakshmi 1NH22AI126 AIML 3



SI No Name  USN  Dept  Sem
1 Fatima  1NH20IS050 IS 7
2 Manan  1NH20IS005 IS 7
3 Jayaadhithya  1NH21CS108 CS 5



UNSC Niharikaa Bhattacharya (1NH20CS138) and Hashim Khan          

              (1NH21CS096) – Outstanding Delegate

UNHRC – Anish B (1NH22EC015) & K K Madhumitha (1NH22EC068) – Best Delegate 

AIPPMAstha Tripathi (1NH21IS033) – Outstanding Delegate 

                  Pranit Prakash Prabhu (1NH20AI078) – Special Mention 

UNGA Amey Gautam (1NH22EC012) – Commendable Delegate 

                 Rajalakshmi 1NH22AI126 – Special Mention


ORGANIZING CLUB: Literary club and Media club 

DATE:   31/10/2023

TIMING: 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

VENUE: Taco street, Indiranagar 

             On the 31st of December, the Literary Club and the Media Club of New Horizon College of Engineering organized an open mic event at Taco Street in Indiranagar. Taco Street, renowned for its Mexican cuisine, is a popular hangout spot among youngsters. After obtaining the necessary permissions from both the college and the restaurant, we successfully set up the open mic.

The event drew participants from diverse backgrounds who showcased their talents in various forms, including stand-up comedy, beatboxing, singing hip-hop songs, and playing the guitar. The enthusiasm and skill displayed by the participants created an electric atmosphere, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the arts. Following their performances, we took the opportunity to introduce the audience to Sargam, emphasizing that it is being organized as a national-level fest for the first time.

The crowd responded positively, showing keen interest in attending the fest and participating in its events. This enthusiastic engagement indicates a promising turnout for Sargam The positive reception and engagement of the audience during the open mic event serve as a promising prelude to the Sargam fest. We are thrilled at the prospect of fostering a creative and dynamic space on a national scale, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support in making such endeavors possible.



EVENT NAME: Chai Pe Charcha

DATE: 26th May, 2023


VENUE: Umbrella Canteen

The Chai Pe Charcha event, held on May 26, brought together a diverse group of literary enthusiastic students in a stimulating intellectual setting. The event aimed to encourage thoughtful discussions, critical thinking, and perspectives. Participants were inspired to explore new perspectives, challenge established notions, and delve deeper into the realm of literature. The event succeeded in fostering a vibrant literary community, promoting
intellectual curiosity, and strengthening the appreciation for diverse literary voices.

There was a total participation of more than 60 students. Groups of 6-8 students were formed on spot for the group discussion with a moderator looking over the direction of the GD and awarding points based on vocabulary, communication, leading skills, listening skills
and most importantly knowledge on the given topic. Ultimately three winners were announced at the end of all the rounds.

Participants were inspired to explore new perspectives, challenge established notions, and delve deeper into the realm of literature. The event succeeded in fostering a vibrant literary community, promoting curiosity, and strengthening the appreciation for diverse literary voices. This was a group discussion event where participants discussed on various issues
related to social construct, ethical belief, political situation and abstract thoughts.


Jayaadithya – 1st Place

Burhan Amin – 2nd Place

Anushree V – 3rd Place


The Literary Club of New Horizon College of Engineering has a sub-society of MUN enthusiasts. These students were auditioned to be part of the delegation that was sent to represent New Horizon College of Engineering in the Model United Nations conference held at Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani, Goa. The MUN lasted for three days, from 24th March 2023 to 26th March 2023. The team consisted of 13 delegates that included experienced MUNners as well as amateurs. 

After extensive research and preparation, the team represented our college in the National Level conference. The conference lasted for 3 days and the delegation was evenly divided among all the committees they had to offer, which includes

  • UNGA- United Nations General Assembly [DISEC]
  • UN Women- United Nations Women
  • UNSC- United Nations Security Council
  • Historic AIPPM

The MUN was focused on having an insightful discussion where delegates had to represent a country as in the United Nations and debate over real time scenarios of international importance and provide innovative solutions towards worldwide peace and cooperation. The agendas discussed varied from the 42th Amendment Bill to the weaponization of space. The participants were challenged with some of the toughest global issues.

It was a one-of-a-kind experience to discuss and debate with diplomacy and intellect on a national platform. We the delegation of the BITSMUN 2023 are grateful for having this opportunity and look forward to representing NHCE in future conferences. 


  • Meghna Asuti – Award for Special Mention as Chief of Staff of Air Force in CIA
  • Niharikaa Bhattacharya – Award for Verbal Mention as delegate of Poland in UNGA

Meghna - Special Mention


EVENT NAME:  Battle of the Wits

DATE: 22nd December, 2022.

TIMING: 2:00 pm

VENUE: MBA Seminar Hall

The Literary Club brought together some of the most interesting personalities on campus in the event, ‘Battle of the Wits’. It was an electrifying event which gave participants an opportunity to showcase their creativity, originality and most importantly, Wit!

The event constituted of three rounds –


In the first round, we had over 50 participants who answered a few simple questions while the clock was ticking. These questionnaires were judged on originality and humour. This was an elimination round and we had 18 participants moving to the next round.


The second round was an Aircrash. The participants were given a hypothetical situation; that they are in a plane that is about to crash. While sticking to the personality given to them, they had to convince the judges why they deserved the parachute over all the other famous personalities in the plane.

Emotional Squares

The final round was the most entertaining. It was an Improv but with a twist. Participants were given the same situation but were placed in four squares, each being specified with a different emotion. After a while, they would shift clockwise to act out another emotion while the situation stays the same. This round had absolutely entertained the audience. After being judged on wit, humour and consistency the judges decided 3 winners who were the best throughout.

The event was a huge success. The overall interaction with the crowd was very positive and inspiring. The event ended on a high note and we received positive feedback from all the participants.



1st Place – Pradyun Gowda – 1NH19ME087

2nd Place – Aryan G – 22CS026

3rd Place – Pranit Prabhu – 1NH20AI078


Conducted by : Literary Club
Date- 27th October, 2022
 Time- 2 p.m. onwards
Venue- MBA Seminar Hall

The Literary Club hosted a guest interaction with the globally acclaimed leadership expert and executive coach Ms. Payal Nanjiani. The Indian American author joined us in conversation about her latest bestselling book, “Win the Leadership game every time”. It was an interactive Q and A session discussing the various laws that lead to success in life and living.

Ms. Payal spoke about her journey from accepting and recognizing failure to finding herself on the growth ladder. It truly was an inspiring session with an enthusiastic participation of more than 60 students. Several students had a chance to directly interact with the author. The session lasted for an hour and was filled with insights and advice coming from the author herself.

The event was a huge success. Overall, the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive and the participants carried back valuable life lessons on leadership and winning.




The three major clubs of New Horizon College of Engineering, took up the responsibility of conducting a fest called Initium 2022. This was an opportunity for the student community to be more responsible and have firsthand experience at event management and execution. Literary Club, Media club and Music club were charged with the responsibility of hosting the majority of the events and the decoration was taken care of by the Art club. Initium began on 10th of June with Ms. Aswathi Balakrishnan being our Special guest of the day, who is also an alumnus of new horizon college of engineering; the inauguration was also graced by the presence of our respected Principal Dr. Manjunatha and our Dean of Library and Alumni Relations Mrs. Anitha Rai. The day began ecstatically with a number of events lined up such as Treasure Hunt, Open mic, Quiz, Parliamentary debate, Cosplay and so on. Finally, the day ended on a high note, with our Dean of Library and Alumni Relations Mrs. Anitha Rai awarding the winners. Hoping for Initium 2023 to surpass its predecessor in all aspects.



Conducted by: Literary Club
Date: 5th to 7th April 2022
Venue: CSE Classrooms
Time: 3 PM onwards

The event hosted by the Lit Club, ‘QUIZDOM’ was such a huge success last year, that we decided to bring it back! This year, the Literary Club hosted ‘QUIZDOM 2.0’ – the ultimate fandom quiz and this offline event constituted of three themes –

  • The SITCOM Quiz
  • The OTT Quiz
  • The Harry Potter Quiz


Date: 5th April 2022
Time: 3 PM onwards

The Lit Club conducted a poll on their Instagram page and this resulted in a quiz with absolute fan favourite’s. The shows included were: The Office, The Big Bang Theory, F. R. I. E. N. D. S. and Brooklyn Nine Nine. There were 20 teams competing in the event, with 2 participants per team.

The quiz consisted of three rounds. The first round was the ‘Bounce n Pounce’ where the teams answered questions, before someone else did! The next round was the Audio Visual (AV) Round, which had two segments. The first segment was ‘Guess the Character’, in which the participants had to guess the minor characters of a show just from their pictures. The second segment, ‘Complete the Sentence’ constituted of finishing up some of the most iconic phrases and sentences from the sitcoms. Finally, the third round was the ‘Rapid Fire’, where the top 4 teams had a chance of truly showcasing their knowledge.

All the teams were very eager to answer and the event was a great start to QUIZDOM 2.0 with a lot of active participation and zeal.


First Place – Syed Arfa & Aarambh Jaiswal
Second Place- Lakshneesh & Kotera R Priya
Third PLace – Gayathri & Ruchir S Nayak

OTT Quiz:

This even semester began with Literary Club creating nostalgic moments between the participants. The second day of the Quizdom 2.0 was particularly aimed at testing their memory in OTT Shows. With a wide range of shows spread from every genre and language, the participants got highly competitive trying to answer first. The event unfolded in four

rounds, first round being extremely mind tickling with questions that only true fans could answer. It seemed as if the participants just couldn’t get enough of the Bounce, Pounce, and Pass round. With the qualifying teams, we progressed to the final two round where speed and accuracy were needed more than ever. Overall, the participants and team had a great laugh over remembering our favourite moments and reciting our favourite lines by our unforgettable characters, until we finally announced our ultimate winners (who won by a great margin) and got ready for our next themed event.


First Place – Chandan, Pranit
Second Place – Vaibhav Sharma, Mezba Uddin Ahmed
Third Place – Chris Vinson K, Athira M Dinesh

Harry Potter Quiz:

The Literary club brought in all Potterheads of NHCE under one roof to test their knowledge on the magical world. The Harry Potter Trivia was conducted on the last day of Quizdom 2.0 We had a turnout of about 20 teams. The quiz comprised of 3 rounds. In the first round, participants were quizzed on their general knowledge about the Wizarding World. 15 teams qualified to the next round. The second round had 15 questions of a higher level of difficulty. In the final round, we had 7 teams that qualified. Each team was asked to choose one of the 7 books and they had to face a rapid fire based on the same. In next part of the 3rd round, each team had to identify a merchandise from the blind bag and answer a related question. The quiz progressed smoothly and received active participation.


First Place – Riya Sarkar, Uma Maheshwari
Second Place – Vaishnavi, Jyothsna K
Third Place – Avneesh Tamra, V Mahesh Babu


Conducted by : Literary Club and Socio-political Club
Date : 22nd December, 2021
Time : 3 PM onwards

Chai Pe Charcha was conducted by Literary Club in association with Socio-political Club of New Horizon College of Engineering on 22nd of December 2021 from 3pm onwards at the umbrella canteen.
This was a group discussion event where participants discussed on various issues related to social construct, ethical belief, political situation and abstract thoughts.
There was a total participation of more than 60 students. Groups of 6-8 students were formed on spot for the group discussion with a moderator looking over the direction of the GD and awarding points based on vocabulary, communication, leading skills, listening skills and most importantly knowledge on the given topic. There were a total of 3 rounds. Best 3 from each group were selected from round 1. Best 2 were selected from each group from round 2. And finally, best 2 were selected in the final round.







There was a lot of enthusiastic participation from all the participants who expressed their thoughts passionately on the topics given to them while maintaining the decorum. The whole event went on as planned, with top 8 qualifying for the final round.

The event ended on a high note. We also received positive feedback from all the participants with an interest to take part in more events conducted by the Literary Club.

1 st Place- Aastha Singh
2 nd Place- Arnab Basu
3 rd Place- Anushka

NHMUN 2021

Conducted by : Literary Club and Media Club
Date : 21 and 22nd October, 2021
Time : 10 AM – 5 PM

Within just a few days of the commencement of the new offline semester, we conducted NHMUN 5.0, which called for students to deliberate and debate upon some of the most complex geo-political issues that exist today.

We had a turnout of over 30 delegates who were divided into two committees. The first committee was the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) with the agenda : “Discussing the Israel-Palestine conflict with special emphasis on assistance to Palestinian refugees”. The second committee was the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the agenda : “De-escalating the situation in Afghanistan”.

The delegates successfully used their analytical and debating skills to scrutinize the intricacies of the ongoing strife and deliberated on the political, economical and humanitarian aspects with an open mind. The International Press probed into the knowledge and abilities of the delegates to answer hard-hitting questions on the controversial policies and actions of their assigned countries, which made the committee even more interesting.

The Executive Board kept encouraging the first-timers to put out their views throughout the conference which resulted in rich, fruitful debates under their supervision and guidance. After numerous discords and discourses, the delegates negotiated and lobbied thoroughly, and successfully passed resolutions with few to no amendments needed. Over the course of the two days, the delegates learnt numerous life-skills like debating, collaborating, teamwork and most importantly, the art of diplomacy.

Winners :

Best Delegate – Hemanth Kumar Jawahar
Honorable Delegate – A. Abdul Rahman
Special Mention – Meghana ik
Verbal Mention – Sandeep Prakash G
Verbal Mention – Ayaan Khan
Verbal Mention / Position Paper – Rohan Nagarkat

Best Delegate – Aastha Singh
Honorable Delegate – Vishal Gali
Special Mention – Niharikaa Bhattacharya
Verbal Mention – Sanjan R
Verbal Mention – Fatima Zehra Minni
Verbal Mention / Best Position Paper – Swapnil Shukla



Organizing Clubs: Literary Club & Media Club
Date: 25th-27th June 2021
Venue: Online

The Lit Club in collaboration with Media Club organized Oratoria – an online intercollegiate fest revering the art of eloquence, creativity, witty banter, and everything in between.

The fest had a plethora of events catering to every type of speaker and thinker, namely,

      • Talk Till You Drop
      • Shark Tank
      • Middle Ground
      • Aircrash
      • Raise The Stakes
      • Plot Twist
      • Personality

TaLk till you drop

Date: 25th June 2021
Time: 2 pm onwards

Talk Till You Drop the first event of Oratoria was a JAM (Just A Minute) competition which tested creativity, presence of mind and command over the language all within a minute.

First-round was named “Speak Easy”, in this round each contestant was given a topic.

The second round was called “Speak What You See”, this round was all about pictures, each participant was given one picture.

The final round was called “JAM” with 6 finalists. In this round when a participant is speaking on a given topic the other participants were allowed to challenge the speaker when he/she hesitated, repeated, or deviated from the topic. The event was a great start to Oratoria and turned out to be a huge success!

First place: Vanshikha Agarwal– Mount Carmel College
Second place: Isha Savlani- Mount Carmel College
Third place: Namratha Madhusudan – NIFT BENGALURU


shark tank

Date : 25th June 2021
Time: 4 pm onwards

Shark Tank was about awakening the bright entrepreneurs from the crowd. Every participant was asked to present an idea that they think could make it to the market. It was also about the way they presented and how they responded to the questions asked. They had to display their sales skills and whether their idea had any benefit for the future or so. Their uniqueness and content were tested in real-world conditions too.

It comprised of two different rounds – Starting with a few easy to go – Grab it Products and they are asked to pitch it with their touch of creativity. The best part about it was that they got to add their valuation of the product they are selling.

Round 2 comprised something inspiringly creative and funny. It had mystery products which people would say – a Hard Sell. We were surprised by the talented participants who aced the 2nd round too with immense creativity and gave a challenge to judge.


Ravi K

middle ground

Date: 26th June 2021
Time: 2 pm onwards

Middle ground was an event for discussion and debate. Important and controversial topics were taken up and the participants were required to find a unanimous stance.

This event comprised of 3 rounds. The first round was a group discussion amongst the participants on a given topic. The best speakers were chosen for the next round called Middle Ground. In this round the contestants were paired up in teams of 2 – for & against. Through elimination, 4 finalists went onto the last round. The final round consisted of a direct debate between the last standing participants. Overall the event was a success as our participants agreed to disagree.


1st – Joel Jacob – Christ Law
2nd- Fatima –  NHCE
3rd – Niharika –  NHCE


Date: 26th June 2021
Time: 4 pm onwards

The event started at 4:30 pm ist. It was a well carried out event. The participants were given personalities that they had to act out and they did so brilliantly. There were 4 rounds in the event.

Round 1: Introduction.

Each participant was asked to pick a number from 1 to 16. Based on the number they picked, they were assigned a personality that they had to act out.

Round 2: Choose yo personality.

The participants were allowed to list 3 personalities out of which one was selected and they had to act out.

Round 3: Parachute piñata.

The personalities assigned to the participants were interchanged and they had to roast each other in a 1v1 battle.

Round 4: Grill me baby one last time.

The participants had to face the judges one last time.


1st place – Anupama (Mount Carmel College)
2nd place – Shashank Menon (CMS Jain)

raise the stakes

Date: 27th June 2021
Time: 11 AM onwards

The event was to give the participants a chance to be a CEO for a day. The multiple rounds consisted of testing how they can protect their company if a crisis arises, increase the net worth, it tests how participants can fight their rivals and form a deal with the ideal company. In the end, they had to save their new start-up company from a downfall after getting hit by covid after some time.  After debate, deliberation, and assessment of feasibility the winners were announced.


Team – Fullsmash

Team Members
1. Yajat (NHCE)
2. Ayush (PESU)

plot twist

Date: 27 June 2021
Time: 2 pm onwards

A movies inspired Battle of The Wits event was conducted by the Literary and Media Clubs of NHCE under Oratoria ’21 and declared a resounding success by enthusiastic participants spanning several Bangalore colleges. Held over three dynamic rounds, Plot Twist was an event bristling with creativity and celebrating the spirit of the quintessential cinephile. From a trivia-filled pop culture quiz to an improvisational show and tell requiring the participant to amalgamate two contrasting movie plots to formulate potential blockbusters, Plot Twist culminated in an evening of hilarity, ingenuity, and cinematic brilliance.


First place: Karen Justin
Second place: Dharmik Shetty


Date: 27th June 2021
Time: 5 pm onwards

Personality is one of the most entertaining and exciting events and is all about being who you are and showcasing your talents and your personality. Participants were first given some tasks allowing them to portray their true selves before facing the judges.

The event was filled with humor and talent with everyone leaving no stone unturned to entertain the judges and win.

A panel of three judges announced two personalities who outsmarted others and stood out in the process.


1st Place – Namratha Madhusudan
2nd Place – Karen Vincent


Mock IPL Auction

Conducted by: Lit Club

Date: 15th – 16th May 2021

Time: 4pm (First Day) & 11am (Second Day)

Conducted Online on Google Meet

The Lit Club decided to conduct a Mock IPL Auction for all the hardcore IPL fans who had to miss out on the actual season. With an enormous response of 45+ passionate participants from various colleges, this event was a huge success! 

The event was conducted over two days in the following manner:

  • Day 1 – Quiz and Trivia
  • Day 2 – Mock Auction

The Quiz was conducted on the Quizzes platform with a set of 25 questions. The top 15 teams were chosen based on their swiftness in answering the questions and the points secured by them for the subsequent Trivia round. The top 8 teams moved onto the last round which was the Mock Auction.

The participants were assigned a team from the league to represent for the final Auction. The Auction had two types of bidding: pool bidding and individual bidding, to assess the participants reasoning, thought process, and team building. After the final bidding, every franchise (or team) had 18 players and every franchise released a press statement justifying their line-up, their strategy, the reason behind the money spent on every player they bought, and their bench. This was detrimental to deciding the winners and brought the auction to a close. The feedback of the event was positive and thrilling, with numerous requests for another such event.


1st place: Venkat and Manoj (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham)

Runner up: Junaid Faruk and Vijay Kalihal (CMRIT), Satyam Vatsa and Nikhil Gupta (IIT Indore)



Conducted by: Literary Club

Date: 20th-22nd November 2020

Conducted Online on Zoom

The Lit Club introduced Quizdom as an intercollegiate fandom quiz in this new age of social distancing and consisted of three categories of quizzes, namely-

    • The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quiz
    • The Marvel Quiz
    • The Anime Quiz

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Quiz

Date: November 20th, 2020

Time: 5pm onwards

The Lit Club decided to use Quizdom as a wonderful opportunity for the countless fans of the classic sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S to have some fun, and test their craze for the show with this quiz. The response for this event was outstanding as we had 50+ enthusiastic participants from various colleges.

The quiz comprised 4 rounds which were the trivia round, buzzer, AV and the rapid fire round. Through elimination , there were 5 finalists who had to select one of the main characters from the cast of the show to answer rapid fire questions about in the time limit of 60 seconds, which was the ultimate deciding factor for the winners of the quiz. Overall, the event was a great start to Quizdom and turned out to be a joyful success!


First place: Vaishnavi – Christ Junior College

Second place: Rakshitha – NHCE

Third place: Rahul S – Christ Junior College


marvel Quiz

Date: 21st November, 2020

Time : 5pm

Venue : Online

From Captain America to Spider-Man, Quizdom’s second quiz for the Marvel fandom covered it all. The Lit club called all superhero experts to put their knowledge of powers and capes to test for an action filled evening.

The quiz had tough questions but the participants were tougher which just made the quiz more competitive and interesting. The event started off with 20 participants and after crossing 3 every engrossing rounds consisting of MCQs, individual quizzing and a buzzer round, 5 finalists were chosen for the 4th and final round which was the rapid fire.

The Marvel Quiz progressed smoothly and was well received with active participation from the participants.


First place:- Thomas

Second place:- Arpitha Anil

Third place:- Atharva K



Anime Quiz

The last day of Quizdom was dedicated for the anime fanatics focusing on all things anime. Over 25 participants which included both individuals entries as well as teams of 2 took part in the Anime Quiz which consisted of four rounds.

These rounds in order of progression were the MCQ trivia round conducted on Kahoot, general trivia round based on a vast range of anime shows, the AV round which was operated by means of a buzzer focusing on the iconic scenes in the anime world  and lastly, the rapid fire round. By process of elimination the final round had five qualifiers who faced the rapid fire based on the anime show of their choosing for a period of 60 seconds.

The entirety of the quiz was well received and was a fitting close for the three day Quizdom event.

Winners :

First place:  Nandish

Second place : Shreyas and Abhay

Third place : Nithin bali and Jeffrin





Conducted by: Literary Club

Date: 29th-30th July,2020

Conducted Online on Zoom

We called all socially and politically aware students to come together and discuss and deliberate upon a health crisis shaping into a human rights crisis as well – COVID19.

The first online MUN conference conducted by Lit Club on the agenda –Combating the Current COVID-19 Health Crisis in Conflict Zones.

It was a huge success with a participation of about 15 delegates who successfully transitioned between pinpointing the adverse effects of the currently fluctuating health aid and discussing feasible solutions to help ease the strain caused from lack or absence of resources, as well as possible deterrents for containing any further predicted disruptions. Two continuous days of debating and deliberating yielded in a productive conference where the delegates were applauded for their insightful inputs.

Best Delegate – Neetha Bhat
High Commendation – Prakriti
Special Mention– Ravi, Meghna



Conducted by: Literary Club

Date: 27th-28th July,2020

Conducted Online on Zoom

The Lit Club has pulled off its first ever virtual Inter College Literary Fest – Litception.

There were a string of events covering the entire spectrum of fun, namely,

What Do You Meme?
Zoom Pe Charcha
Semicolon 2.0
Netflix and Quiz

What do you meme?

Date: 27th July, 2020
Time: 11am

All creative brains were spontaneous in their creativity to come up with relatable memes to crack a laugh in our meme making competition – What Do You Meme?

1st Place – Joel
2nd Place – Nishant Manoj

Zoom Pe Charcha

Date: 27th July, 2020
Time: 3pm

Young adults never shy away from discussions and this was proved yet again with our first ever online group discussion – Zoom Pe Charcha which received an overwhelming response.

The participants were divided into groups of 6 members each and were given a topic to discuss and progressed to subsequent rounds via elimination. The topics ranged from abstract, Socio-Political to controversial. The winner and a runner-up were announced by a panel of judges.

1st Place – Muskan – NHCE
2nd Place – Joel – MVJ College of Engineering

Netflix and Quiz

Date: 28th July, 2020
Time: 11am

As binge watching is something we all did every day, all day long, this quiz was meant especially for all the binge watchers. Participants were excited to test their love and knowledge for their favourite shows and movies.


1st Place – Meghna Asuti, New Horizon College of Engineering
2nd Place – Hiba Syed, MVJ College of Engineering

Semicolon 2.0

Date: 28th July, 2020
Time: 3pm

One thing that this lockdown allowed us all to do is that it gave us the time to hone and harness our skills. And thus, to provide a platform to all the budding artists, Lit Club came up with Semicolon 2.0 an open mic for the new age of social distancing, which saw a good number of stand-up comics, poets, story tellers and budding musicians showcase their talent and enjoy the different art forms. The participants were judged by a jury of writers, poets and musicians who were delighted by all the performances.


First place – Anzar
Second place – Nikhil
Special Mention – Keerthi


Date: 28th July, 2020
Time: 5pm

As the lockdown was unlocking many hidden talents, we decided to put the artsy side of our participants at test and conduct an online Pictionary competition called Skribbl.IO

About 20 students had registered for the event and each game had 5 rounds.

We had 6 finalists who competed against each other to bag the titles of winners. The participants gave it their best shot by displaying their artistic and guessing skills.

The event was concluded successfully and carried out smoothly.

Winners: –

1st place – Nithin
2nd place – Sahil

Battle Of Wits

Conducted by: Literary Club

Date: February 28th,2020

Time: 1:50-4:50pm

Venue: MBA Seminar Hall

What one never misses at every Literary Club event is the fresh talent, energy and enthusiasm that is so evident. “Battle of Wits” saw the students battle it out for the top spot. The competition was intense and the talent amazing.

The event started with the Mind-Boggling Written Round where the participants were presented with 20 tricky pictures and all they had to do was “Write what you see” and guess the phrases hidden in the pictures.

The second round where participants were shown various pictures and the speakers were to deliver a speech without any preparation and were able to create their own cueing systems and speaking strategies. The objective was to give the participants a visual approach to impromptu speaking.

The Air Crash Round were participants were given roles like Malala Yousafzai and Narendra Modi, who were survivors of Air Crash and were supposed to convince the judges and the audience as to why they need to be saved.

Mr Ramesh from Life Skills and Lifelong Learning Department was the judge of the “Battle of Wits” event. He praised the event and guided the participants and even inspired them to do better.

The final “Improv” Round is a form of live theatre event in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. Improvisers were judged based on their communication and expression skills and also Humour. Improv round was spontaneous, entertaining, and fun. But like all great things, you’ll have to see it first hand to fully experience and appreciate it.

The event concluded with the announcement of the winners and Battle of Wits ended with a high note with students losing no opportunity to let their hair down.


First place: Ateeq Ur Rahman

Second Place: Meghna Asuti and Thomas Allwin Anto


New Horizon Model United Nations 2019 (NHMUN’19)

Conducted by : Lit Club in collaboration with Socio-Political Club and Media Club
Date: 25th -26th October ,2019
Time : 10 a.m – 4 :50 pm
Venue : MBA Seminar halls (Room no. 305 and 306)

Keeping in mind the importance of giving a platform for resolving impressionable issues through the voices of youth , this intra- college public speaking event was organized with great tenacity with over 50 delegates participating .Two committees were set up , namely the Human Rights Council and the Office for Drugs and Crime. The former worked on the agenda of ‘Human Rights Violation in Africa’ while the latter dealt with ‘the Evolving Role of Narco Terrorism’. All the participants showed unparalleled vigour from beginning to end, making the discussion on the allotted agendas very lively.
Through a two day deliberating platform, various solutions, rebuttals and a stimulation crisis situation brought forth the innovative thinking of the students and their ability to think on their feet. The event was brought to a close after resolution papers from both committees was put forth and the winners were awarded best delegate, honorable delegate and special mentions.


Best delegate -Prakriti Sharma
Honorable delegate – Sharfaa Zaib
Special mention- Ria, Ravi, Meghna
Verbal mention -Krtin, Harshit, Jerome.

Best delegate -Srivatsa
Honorable delegate- Ateeq Rahman,Somnath Mukherjee
Special mention- Tamanna,Thomas, Meghaleena
Verbal mention -Malvika,Shreay

Chai Pe Charcha – 2019

Conducted by : Lit Club in collaboration with Socio-Political Club and Media Club
Date: 28th August ,2019
Time : 3pm
Venue : Umbrella Street

The simple idea of having a discussion with friends over a cup of tea, i.e, Chai Pe Charcha ,turned out to be very welcomed by the students .
Over 70 registrations were recorded for the event which commenced from 3pm on the 28th of August , at our very own umbrella street.
The eager participants were divided into groups of 7-8 members each and were given a topic to discuss. The topics ranged from abstract, Socio-Political to controversial. Every table had been assigned a moderator for selecting the students who’d move to the next round , judging on their conduct, content, communication and critical thinking.By virtue of elimination, six students were chosen for a fourth and final round of discussion, at the end of which a winner and two runner-ups were decided by a panel of judges(the mediators).
In conclusion, the entirety of the group discussion was a well received event, pulled off smoothly by the combined efforts of the Lit Club , Socio-Political Club and Media Club.

Winners :
Tamanna Wara – 1NH16BT054
Kevine Kumar -1NH17EC040
Meghna Asuti – 19CS105








The New Horizon Extra Curricular Clubs and the student club organised a one day techno cultural extravaganza on the 7th of April. The fest comprised of cultural events like dance battles and war of DJ’s alongside talks by industry experts, performances by famous comedians, flea markets by students , startup showcase and the screening of a goose bump inducing thriller.

The event was inaugurated in the presence of the Principal(NHCE) , Dean Student Affairs,Registrar, Actress Samyuktha Hegde (of Kirik Party Fame), Comedian duo JordIndian, Beatboxer Vineeth Vincent, Amogha Rahul (Co-Founder of NKM) and the crew of the Kannada blockbuster Shuddhi.

The principal in his inspiring speech, talked about the importance of career diversity at the current age. After the principal’s speech the crowd was introduced to the comedian duo Jordindian. They showcased one of their videos which was very funny. After which the stage was handed over to

Vineeth “beep” Kumar who emceed for the rest of the event.The 1st speaker on stage was the Famous Beat Boxer Vineeth Vincent , he talked about how he overcame adversity to become who he is today.He talked about his experiences growing up and how it moulded him.

After the enlightening speech by Vineeth Vincent the co-founder of NKM Amogha Rahul took the stage. He talked about how the popular page Namma Karnataka Memes was instrumental in bringing to light the community problems through the satirical medium of memes.

There was a short promotional section by the crew of Shuddhi movie team. The audience was shown trailers from the movie and the crew talked about the same and urged the audience to watch the movie.

The crowd cheered on as the popular actress Samyuktha Hegde took the stage, she talked about her rise to fame and about how people ought to follow their dreams. She also talked about how she always wanted to become a dancer and how she is still chasing that dream.

After the actress’s speech Team Nalapad made a dramatic entrance. Mohammed Haris Nalapad from team Nalapad spoke about how drugs and narcotics ruin lives. Mohammed Haris Nalapad then made the entire audience pledge to never fall prey to drugs.

Then the cinematographer Gomtesh Upadhya took to stage and talked about how people should follow their dreams and never give up.

The popular RJ from RED FM RJ Shayaan interacted with and entertained the crowd. Goodies were distributed as well.

At 3pm the dance battles started in the quadrangle area. It was hosted by Velu and judged by Kristy and Nasser Al Azzeh.There was 1vs1 and 2v2 dance battles.There was a very big audience for the dance battles the crowd went wild.

The war of Djs started at 5 and was judged by DJ Jigar and DJ Shine . They were competing for a chance to open for Nikhil Chinappa and RJ Rohit Barker at blue frog the next day.

At 4pm the Comedy Nights started in the auditorium.The event was hosted by Harmanpreet Singh who is an alumni of New Horizon College. He had the opening act which was followed by the much awaited comedian Sanjay Manaktala. The crowd was in splits but there was more to come. After Sanjay , Sumit; an up and coming Hindi comic, took to stage. The crowd loved him .

He was followed by AIB’s Utsav Chakraborty. The crowd was ecstatic.To put the proverbial cherry on top, the event culminated with the screening of the movie”Conjuring”.We all got comfy on the bean bags as the movie screened with savoury treats from the ongiong food festival.

Overall the fest was a hit among students garnering a crowd of more than 8000 students. It was an experience like none other as it brought together cultural ,entertainment and culinary aspects of a festival


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (8) WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.39 PM (1)     WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (8) WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.37 PM (2)WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (6)WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.37 PM (1)  WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (2) WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (8)WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (5)WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (4) WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (3)  WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (1) WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.39 PM WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (4) WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (5) WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.36 PM (6)  WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 10.45.37 PM



For the first time in the history of N.H.C.E a model United Nations was organized over a span of 2 days, the conference saw huge participation from various departments in the college. A total of 40 participants were given a brief introduction about the know how of MUN in an orientation event held prior to the start of the main event on the 27th and 28th of March 2017.


Each of the 40 participants were allocated a UN member country and were asked to represent the political and social views of their country on the agenda “combating terror in the middle east”. The event was presided by chair Meghana Mohanty(NHC-M 3RD year) and was co-chaired by Sraddha bhattacharjee (NHCE-2nd year). The media panel which would throw various crises and question to all the delegates comprised of a 3 member team of Shiladitya ghosh (Vice president LIT CLUB),Rohit V (President-NHCM student clubs) & Mukesh choyal (Committee Member-LIT CLUB).
The event saw great participation and enthusiasm shown by the country delegates who presented their political views of the agenda. All the delegates where then given a mock crises and were required to present their views on it and what measures they would take if such a crises were to strike their country in such a scenario. The award for the best delegate was given to SIVAN of 1ST YEAR N.H.C.E for representing the views of United States of America.

The lit club promises to have an official MUN team which will represent the college across various MUN’s being held throughout the country and internationally for the academic year 2017-2018


The Literary club members sprang into action soon after the induction of clubs. The club had several meetings and informal gatherings to decide upon the future club activities and goals. Within a span of 24 hours after the induction of clubs, the Literary club decided to host ‘Experience’ a collaboration event with 5 other clubs. The events included Treasure Hunt and La Modele from our side.

The Treasure Hunt competition saw unexpected turn out of close to 40 teams comprising of 3 members each per team. The hunt kicked off at 10:30 am in the Nirvana block and successfully concluded by 12:00 pm. The second event ‘La Modele’ kicked off at 12:30 pm. La Modele was a collaborative effort of the Fashion Club and Literary Club which comprised of 3 rounds, the ramp walk round, personality round and the props round. The event was smoothly organised by the members of the respective clubs.
The winners of the Treasure Hunt were handed over certificates of excellence as well as boxes of chocolates and goodies appreciating their effort. La Modele winners were crowned by Mrs. Simran, Mr. Manjesh, Mr. Rakesh and Mr. Bopanna who graciously accepted our invitation to judge the event.

A big thank you to Dr.Anitha, chief Librarian for her relentless hard work and support to make this daring initiative a success.




lit-club-events-9 lit-club-events-5 lit-club-events-3 lit-club-events-2 14938206_338771439819965_3705572894351905562_n 14947584_338771413153301_7423161181913319527_n lit-club-events-13 lit-club-events-12 lit-club-events-11 lit-club-events-6 lit-club-events-7



The first event in the even semester was the “BATTLE OF THE WITS”. A face off debate competition which took place on the 20th of March at the umbrella street and saw participants from all across the departments as well as NHC-M. The participants in the initial round were required to speak on a given topic that was decided by a panel of judges on the spot. The top 10 participants from this round then went on to the 2nd round which involved a face off wherein the participants would be told to switch their stance on a topic at any time during the debate.

The final round of this exciting and intense debate saw the best of the best battle it out against each other with VAIBHAV SHARMA of 8th SEM CSE coming out on top with ANUSHMA DUBEY of 4TH SEM CSE a close second. The winners and the runners-up of this debate competition were handed over trophies by DR.ANITHA S.RAI Chief librarian-NHCE and the SIJO MATHEW VARGHESE President-Lit Club.

A warm thank you to the panel of judges SHILADITYA GHOSH, MUKESH CHOYAL, &SAHANA REDDY, without whose expertise and generosity the event would not have run so smoothly.




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The Inauguration of the N.H.C.E student clubs took place on 7/11/2016 in the presence of our Principal Dr.Manjunatha, Directors, Deans, The Registrar, teaching and non-teaching staff and students. The ceremonious occasion was marked as the Red letter day in the history of New Horizon College Of Engineering. The occasion was hosted by Sijo M Varghese and Shiladitya Ghosh, President and Vice President of the Literary Club. The elected committee members were conferred with badges by our Principal Dr.Manjunatha followed by a 2-minute presentation given by Mr. Shishir Umesh, Secretary Lit Club. The investiture ceremony was concluded by the Presidents Oath administered by Dr. Jain.






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