GOAL’S of the club

• To promote a sound mind in a sound body.

• To bring about awareness about how important it is to keep physical and mental fitness.


  • Objectives:
    • To provide quality recreational programs and services that enhance the academic, recreational and leisure experiences .
    • To encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle and the constructive socially acceptable use of leisure time.
    • To develop a personal awareness of physical health
    • To establish attainable goals and maintain accountability
    • To Increase self-confidence in the students.
    • To organize activities of physical fitness.

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                  The Fitness club of the New Horizon College of Engineering conducted an online webinar  admist COVID – 19 to educate students on the importance of physical activities and diet . The online webinar  was conducted by certified clinical advanced Nutrition expert  Mr. Rethish Nair with over … Continue reading FITOHOLIC

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