Predator Drink

We would like to whole heartedly thank our sponsor for the day Predator Drinks for fueling our journey with your support.Big cheers to them for keeping our energy levels sky-high!

Mind Square

Introducing our sponsor MindSquare: Where passion meets proficiency in IT services. Their unwavering support elevates our event to new heights! Here’s to transforming ideas into reality together!


We extend our gratitude to Unearth, our valued sponsor. Thank you for your support as it propels us in working towards mobilizing young talents and boosting entrepreneurial spirits for a brighter, more productive future. Here’s to making a real impact together!

Backpack suites

Deep gratitude to our sponsor Backpack Suites!  From dream homes to innovative workspaces, Backpack Suites, our trusted real estate partners, are redefining the way we live, work, and dream.

Altruist Hotel

We welcome our esteemed sponsor, Altruist Hotel to the spotlight! Their commitment to community support aligns perfectly with the spirit of our event. A heartfelt thank you for adding a touch of hospitality to our gathering!