We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it.

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“It’s hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.” ~Adlai E. Stevenson II

We just couldn’t have put it better ourselves.
In a world that is filled with cut-throat competition and everyone around you is in a constant fight to be the best, confidence is the key that opens various doors of opportunity. The most coveted amongst these opportunities, is leadership.
If you look at it, the ones who really make or break the future of a nation are its leaders. This does not only involve the ruling government, but also the political class, as well as the associated bureaucracy. As much as we might not approve of some of our politicians, we have to accept that we cannot do without them either. Continue reading “About Us”



 20th March 2023


Parliamentary debate is a type of debate in which people argue in a formal setting for or against a certain proposition or motion. The structure normally involves two or three individuals each, with one team arguing for and the other opposing the idea.

The debate is set up in such a way that each team has an equal opportunity to state their points and explain their position. Each member is given a set amount of time to present his/her views and refute their opponents before handing over the floor to the other.

In parliamentary debate, members are not required to argue in favour of or against a specific issue, but rather to present a persuasive argument given their allotted position. This encourages debaters to be well-informed on a wide range of issues, as well as to sharpen their skills in critically analysing arguments and formulating good rebuttals.

Ultimately, the goal of parliamentary debate is to cultivate critical thinking abilities, public speaking abilities, and the ability to listen.


Breakdown of Task (20/03/2023)

Event started at 10 AM gathering all the participants at MBA seminar gathering all the participants. A set of topics were given one day before the event.

The event was judged by Shabrinath Sir.

The event had three rounds in total. Before each round the judge would choose one topic from the given set of topics and participants got 5 minutes to prepare their arguments.

Round 1 had 12 participants. Based on their performances 6 participants were chosen for second round. In the second round the participants debated against in the group of three and the best two participants were chosen for finals.


Glance of the Event   



28th December 2022

WAR OF RHETORICANS- A competition in which rhetorician, a person who is good at public speaking brings out his/ her inner speaker to persuade people to vote for him as their leader in elections. It emphasizes Invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery of the speech. It should demonstrate how well he has planned, can adapt to audience, be responsive to situation, persuasion seeking, shaped by human motives, concerned with contingent issue.

Event started at 2.00 PM at MBA seminar hall. Total number of participants who took part in this event was 13. Each participant was given a time limit of 5 to 7 minutes to persuade the audience to vote for him /her. It turned out to be an interesting event as other contestants were allowed to question the speaker on dais and he had to answer them with an example. Rules were simple: solo participation, the participant has to follow the given time limit, no use of foul language, no impersonation allowed.

Considering the above mentioned rules two participants who followed the criteria and spoke accordingly were selected as winners.



15th November 2022

A debate is a procedure that entails formal dialogue about a certain issue, frequently
with the participation of a moderator and an audience. Arguments are presented during
a debate for frequently divergent points of view. In the past, debates have taken place
in public gatherings, educational settings, debating rooms, coffee shops, competitions,
and legislative assemblies. In addition to its traditional associations with academic
institutions and debating groups, debate has also been used for recreational and
instructional purposes.
Rules permitting participants to discuss and choose the debate’s structure are also
included in modern forms of competitive debate (how the debate will be judged).

Event started at 11 am gathering all participants at MBA seminar hall. The topics were
given on the spot and each group was given 15 minutes for preparation.
To make this event more interesting it also included Turncoat, where each team had to
debate on the grounds of both – for and against the topic.
Rules were simple where the group which wins the toss would choose to talk for or
against the topic for first 2 minutes and turncoat would follow up for next 2 minutes.
These rules included formal english speaking, no personal attack, weightage of the
points that the team is making and participants not deviating from the topic.
There were total 11 rounds in which 2 were semi-finals and 1 was the final round.



22nd December 2021

Charcha or discussion is important to hearing in all disciplines because it helps students process information rather than simply receive it.
So, keeping this point in mind, we the members of Socio political club in collaboration with LIT club conducted an event called “CHAI PE CHARCHA“.

This event is basically a group discussion over a cup of tea. There was a massive response from students with over 80+ registration. It was conducted in our college’s Umbrella Cafeteria on 22nd of December at 3PM. The participants were randomly made to sit in a table in order to make a group of 5-6 person per discussion. Each table was provided with a moderator who judge the speaker based on knowledge, communication and critical thinking. They were given a topic provided with a time limit of 5 minutes to gather points and the next 15 minutes for group discussion.

Totally there was 3 rounds in order to choose the 3 best speaker. The topics for speaking also ranged from general to socio-political & then controversial. The first round was elimination round where only 3 were choosen for 2nd round. So, from each table the chosen 3 members moved to 2nd round.

In the selection round i.e., 2nd round , 2 best rhetorician were chosen from each table. In the final round we had totally 10 best speakers. They were given a controversial topic which was pretty well welcomed by them. Also they were judged by 3 moderators and out of 10, top 3 winners were selected and they were “1 – Aastha Singh, 2 – Arnab Basu , 3 – Anushka”. The whole event was fun filled & interactive programme.
In conclusion, a great success was grabbed by this event, where students got an experience of a GD and how it works during placement time and also a great time for club members interacting with LIT club members and knowing more about their club


19-25th November 2021

SLIDE SHARE(PPT:-In shaping the future of children)


Date:19th Nov ,2021

Time:9:00am to 1:00pm

Venue: Library video conference room

Power Point Presentation is one of the ways to express one’s own thoughts and encatch the audience attention using visual effects. “ slide-share” event was organized by the members of Socio-political club on the topic “Communal Harmony ( in shaping the future of children). Ms. ANITHA head of extracurricular clubs, initiated the program and encouraged all the participants. The event was all about making a PPT on the given topic and explaining about the problems faced and what are the possible solutions. There was pretty good response from students of different branches. The participants spoke about the importance of communal harmony and its need for the society. They also briefed about the consequences of communal violence and how can the society and government be aidful.
The main aim of the event was to spread the awareness about communal harmony and how it shapes the future of young minds who were abused.
So, the event was successfully completed and the purpose was fulfilled by participants presentation. The winner of the event was Advaith Madhavan .




Date:25th Nov ,2021

Time:2:00pm to 4:00pm

Venue: Library video conference room

After the successful completion of slide- share event ,we the club members wanted the point of view or the opinion of what the students think is right for the society. So to get students opinion we the members of SP club found debate to be the right platform to share their thoughts.
We ended our communal harmony campaign week on 25th of November with “LETS DEBATE” event where debate was on 2 major topics


There was an active an enthusiastic participation from the students of our college with the best wishes of Dean of academics and alumni MRS.ANITHA The event began.
The event was hosted by ADITYA and SANJANA (club members).

The general rule was to pick a chit and to speak either FOR or AGAINST depending on the chosen chits.
So the participants were segregated based on this method for both the topics and they were given an ample amount of time to prepare their points the 1st round was on uniform civil code and the 2nd round was on reform and reservation system the main objective of taking these topics was to know what kind of impact does these reforms has on society as a whole each participant came out with different perspective and pros & cons of implementing these changes in constitution. Some of them got few valid examples which happened in the past to with stand their points. There was a good heat of arguments in the debate.
Overall their was a complete active responses from each and everyone at the end of the event we got 2 best people and 2 best defenders.

The best speaker in the UCC was AASTHA SINGH and best defender was VINAYAK BAJPAYEE.
Coming to the reform in reservation system, the best speaker was SPUTI MATHAPATI & best defender was BHAVISHYA taking into consideration of all the advantages and disadvantages, we came to a conclusion that the best change has to be brought about which helps the majority and brings peace within the society. Hence the event had a great success and also helped in spreading some awareness about socio political changes happening in and around the globe.


Conducted by : Socio-political Club, Lit Club and Media Club

Date: 28th August ,2019

Time : 3pm

Venue : Umbrella Street

The simple idea of having a discussion with friends over a cup of tea, i.e, Chai Pe Charcha ,turned out to be very welcomed students .

Over 70 registrations were recorded for the event which commenced from 3pm on the 28th of August , at our very own umbrella street.

The eager participants were divided into groups of 7-8 members each and were given a topic to discuss. The topics ranged from abstract, socio-political to controversial. Every table had been assigned a moderator for selecting the students who’d move to the next round , judging on their conduct, content, communication and critical thinking.By virtue of elimination, six students were chosen for a fourth and final round of discussion, at the end of which a winner and two runner-ups were decided by a panel of judges(the mediators).

In conclusion, the entirety of the group discussion was a well received event, pulled off smoothly by the combined efforts of the Lit Club , Socio-political Club and Media Club.

NHMUN 2019

Conducted by : Lit Club , Socio-political Club and Media Club

Date: 25th -26th October ,2019

Time : 10 a.m -4 :50 pm

Venue : MBA Seminar halls (Room no. 305 and 306)


Keeping in mind the importance of giving a platform for resolving impressionable issues through the voices of youth , this intra- college public speaking event was organized with great tenacity with over 50 delegates participating .Two committees were set up , namely the Human Rights Council and the Office for Drugs and Crime.  The former worked on the agenda of ‘Human Rights Violation in Africa’ while the latter dealt with ‘the Evolving Role of Narco Terrorism’. All the participants showed unparalleled vigour from  beginning to end, making the discussion on the allotted agendas very lively.

Through a two day deliberating platform, various solutions, rebuttals and a stimulation crisis situation brought forth the innovative thinking of the students and their ability to think on their feet. The event was brought to a close after resolution papers from both committees was put forth and the winners were awarded best delegate, honorable delegate and special mentions.



PINK DAY 2018 (Breast Cancer Awareness)

30th October 2018

Pink day was dedicated to spread Breast cancer awareness in our college campus. The pink ribbon is the most prominent symbol of breast cancer awareness, and in many countries the month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer culture, sometimes called pink ribbon culture, is the cultural outgrowth of breast cancer advocacy, the social movement that supports it, and the larger women’s health movement.

We conducted a few games to increase and enhance the funds. We had 9 rounds of lemon and spoon and we shortlisted 16 participants. The final round was musical chairs. The winners were Ekta Shukla and Ishita Nilesh Joshi.
We gave cash price of ₹500 for first, ₹250 for first runner up.

The event was a big hit and the funds raised will be donated for a noble cause.


PINK DAY 2017 (Breast Cancer Awareness)

30th October, 2017

Pink day was dedicated to spread Breast cancer awareness in our college campus. The pink ribbon is the most prominent symbol of breast cancer awareness, and in many countries the month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer culture, sometimes called pink ribbon culture, is the cultural outgrowth of breast cancer advocacy, the social movement that supports it, and the larger women’s health movement.

We conducted a few games to increase and enhance the funds. We had 9 rounds of lemon and spoon and we shortlisted 16 participants. The final round was musical chairs. The winner was Zubair from third year. First runner up was Swapnil Konar and second runner up was Bikkina Harshitha from CSE dept.
We gave cash price of ₹400 for first, ₹200 for first runner up and ₹100 for second runner up.

The event was a big hit and the funds raised will be donated for a noble cause.


Chai Pe Charcha” 

2nd March,2017

Chai pe Charcha is an ingenious and unconventional technique, a departure from old school style campaigning, and discussing the current affairs nationally & globally.

”If you can speak,  you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.”
Here’s a chance to let out the speaker in you. Socio Political Club is hosting ”Chai Pe Charcha”  providing opportunity for the students to participate in group discussion regarding the trending national and international issues over a cup of Chai.
Interested speakers are wholeheartedly welcome.

Date : 02-03-2017
Time : 11:00 am
Venue : Umbrella Place near Udupi Upahar.

Ab New Horizon Chai Pe Chalega !


First Debate

13th November,2016

Debates are usually considered, by the masses, to be for the Intellectuals, the First Benchers, the ones who write down all the notes in class. But when we conducted our debate, we were surprised and ecstatic that people from all walks of life came forward and presented their own unique views.

We presented them with controversial topics, expecting one sided answers, but our contestants presented their own innovative views and arguments. It was a great event where each person learnt that their own perception on a topic may not be the only perception, or the only right answer.



MUN abbreviated as Model United Nations is an event in which every participant is treated as a delegate from a country. We organized this event collaborating with the Lit club. We had conducted meetings in audiovisual room, prior for better understanding of the upcoming session.

The country is allotted to the students 24-48 hrs. prior to the event, for detailed research on the foreign policies and economic conditions of their country. And also research about the other countries, which they think is necessary like competitors or alleys.

MUN was conducted in the MBA seminar hall in the college. It had participants from all the departments of the college. It was conducted on 27th and 28th of march (Monday and Tuesday) from 10am to 3 pm. There were formal sessions and informal sessions. During this there were many topics, which were discussed which were an international concern.

Bomb blasts in Syria and involvement of ISIS were the prime concerns on day 1 and various other topics were discussed in day 2. Delegate from Greece was given suggestions on being financially independent and stable.

The chair consisted of two delegates from the engineering stream and two delegates from the management stream. The delegates weren’t allowed to discuss directly with each other to maintain decorum in the room.

From this event the participants got to know about the international issues, which were getting ignored, and they learnt how the United Nations organization works. They also got a platform to showcase their speaking capabilities and decision-making skills. It also inculcated courage among the students.

There were 27 participating countries and there were a separate set of students who were the logistics. The main work of the logistics was to help the delegates communicate with each other and with the chair in a secretive manner. We had 2 chairpersons and 2 media personals, for bombarding with random situations to the delegates.

Breaks were provided in between as the event was a long one and an entertainment motion was passed at the end of each day so as to help the delegated depressurize them.

On a whole, it was a successful event as it prepared the students of today to be the citizens of the world for tomorrow.