Physical Laboratory

The Physics labs are equipped with necessary devices that help students to understand the application of physics in practical life.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry learning becomes more interesting when students can to understand the subject well and to apply the acquired knowledge practically.

NHPUC has three well equipped and ventilated chemistry laboratories with all essential facilities. Weekly lab classes are conducted as per batch. Students are trained for the practical’s by experienced teachers who help them score maximum marks in their practical which is a major part of their centum. Each lab has a lab assistant and a helper for the maintenance and smooth functioning of the laboratory.

Each lab is well equipped as per the norms of the PUE Department, Government of Karnataka and due to its state of art designed laboratories its one of the examination centre’s for the second PUC final practical exam conducted by the Department of PUE Department, Government of Karnataka.

Biology Laboratory

The branch of Science which deals with life becomes more lively in the laboratories.

The Department of Biology conducts the practicals which instil zeal and enthusiasm in students towards learning Biology.

Although it is believed that Biologists’ work is all about plants and animals, the core of this discipline is focused on much smaller structures like cells and genes. To get into the depth of Biology it requires a lot of laboratory activities. Books do exist to teach these techniques, but teachers have special tricks and techniques, that is why it is best to learn Biology through lab activities. This is best implemented in the Biology lab of NHPUC.

Our Biology Laboratory is a bright, spacious and open room, punctuated with an array of lab benches. We are equipped with Compound Microscopes, Dissection Microscopes, apparatus for conducting Physiological experiments, best specimens and slides, models, charts, human torso and so forth which are required for the skillful learning as per the PU Department syllabus.

Discipline and punctuality are given the utmost care when it comes to the conduct of practicals and submission of records. Students are given a firsthand experience on preparation and observation of slides, sectioning of plant specimens, conducting the biochemical tests, studying live plant specimens and microorganisms etc.

The fun-filled and hands-on experience in the Biology Lab makes it most loved by the students.

Computer Laboratory

The Computer lab is a place where students can brainstorm to portray their programming and logical skills. The three laboratories are equipped to cater to the students requirement.

Computer science students are given practical coaching as per their syllabus for:

  • C++ programming.
  • HTML program for web designing
  • SQL commands for database management.

All the above programmes are helpful for their higher studies and future programming skills.

Above all, the students have an opportunity to score the maximum marks of 30 in their practicals which in turn can help to upgrade their total score in this subject.

Electronics Laboratory

  • New Horizon PU College Electronics Laboratory is equipped with state of the art tools and facilities that provide hands on experience for students.
  • The Laboratory is spacious and accommodates 16 students in a session.
  • The faculty provides individual attention to students and help them rig up simple to complex circuits.
  • Motivating students to implement theory into practice.
  • “Do It Yourself” projects ideas being implemented.
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