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Outline Mentoring, Counseling and Training Efforts

It is envisaged to provide the entire gamut of services required for successful incubation centre, right from the Identification/Scouting of Best Ideas for Incubation and then providing Strategic Support, Co-working Space, Technology Support, Operation Support, Access to Seed Funding, VC Funding and Services Support to them along with periodic review process and evaluation process till the Incubatees graduate successfully.

  • Deploy automated processes and tools to source, select, surface, on-going tracking and reporting progress of start-up entities
  • Participate and ensure regular running of investment committee to select appropriate entities for incubation
  • Regular participation and review of incubated entities to ensure they are on track against the program goals and appropriate remediation plans are in place
  • Participate and ensure regular running of management committee and their recommendations are being executed
  • Ensure active ecosystem is being built around NHIC and suitable support (mentors, co-investors, support services) is made available to incubated companies

Startup companies fall into two major categories. The first are companies that need a daily physical location. These companies become in-house incubator clients. Other companies need occasional access to the incubator facilities but also need the network, support, finance and services that the incubator provides.