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  • Eleven University Approved Research Centres under VTU for PhD/MSc (By Research) PhD/MS By Research:
    Those who are interested to pursue MSc (Engineering) By Research or PhD in Engineering/Technology/MCA/Management/ Maths/Physics/Chemistry etc can contact the respective Departments directly.
  • R&D Cell organizes various Research Activities
  • Each Department has a Research Coordinators
  • High Bandwidth (200mbps) Internet Connectivity & Wi-Fi Facility
  • 10% of Institution’s Budget is Allocated Towards Supporting Research Activities
  • Nokia Mobile Innovation Lab
  • Senior Faculty Members act as Research Mentors of Junior Faculty Members
  • Centre for Intelligent Imaging Solutions
  • Centre of Excellence for Motion Capture
  • Centre of Excellence for Edufotainment on Wheels
  • Design Studio and Product Development Centre
  • Technology Business Incubation Centre
  • Centre for Innovations, Creativity and IPR
  • SAP Centre of Excellence
  • Centre of Excellence of Digital Learning Resources
  • Society for the Promotion of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (SPICE Club)