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R&D Cell is headed by the Dean of Research and Development at New Horizon College of Engineering (NHCE), Bangalore. The various facilities, proactive initiatives to promote research (both sponsored & academic research) and consultancy are unparallel at NHCE. The vibrant R&D culture fosters innovative spirit to kindle the young minds at the campus under able guidance and mentorship of motivated faculty members at all the departments. The sustained and passionate efforts of R&D Cell at NHCE have carved a niche in India and abroad for NHCE. R&D Cell has established vibrant Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) and also has active collaborations with various work groups and professional bodies in India and abroad. The various initiatives under Pico-Nano-Micro Satellites are gaining global recognition and appreciations. The support provided by our Chairman, Principal, Deans, Heads of Departments, Professors and Senior Faculty Members in the process of promoting of research, filing patents is greatly acknowledged.

Goals and Objectives

  • To make the NHCE a worthy knowledge centre by developing research and extension activities in association with professional bodies/industries/research establishments.
  • To create awareness among faculty members and students about the availability and access to research grants, funding formats etc and appropriately hand hold them to get such funds/grants.
  • To development close collaboration with industry through exchange of personnel and undertaking consultancy projects.
  • To improve a strong collaboration links with other academic and research institutions in the country and abroad.
  • To sensitize/motivate the faculty members and students through structured training and inculcating the knowledge of theory of inventive problem solving in such way to adopt creative process of problem solving.
  • To provide an education and learning experience of the highest quality and value to its students in the chosen disciplines.
  • To prepare the students in attaining a comprehensive knowledge In order to face the global competition.
  • To ensure the participation of students in various R&D or Design Competitions/Awards within India and Abroad.


  • To create an environment for effective teaching-learning by encouraging the students and faculty to nurture the curiosity and scientific and research temper.
  • To assist the process of Induction of highly qualified, talented, competent & motivated faculty and training & dedicated supporting the administrative staff.
  • Establishment of excellent academic research support facilities (laboratory, library, Internet, etc.).
  • Provide opportunities for continuous updating the knowledge of faculty through faculty interventions/exchanges from premier institutions and industries/R&D Labs.
  • Establishment of procedures and methodologies for regular monitoring and control of quality of all academic programs.
  • Reforms in regulations and curriculum with greater flexibility to students.
  • Have strong linkage with industries/Professional Bodies.
  • Technology up-gradation, development and transfer.
  • Active participation of alumni in resource generation and planning and development.
  • Organizing and participation of staff and students in in-house and outside training programs, seminars, conferences, workshops on continuous basis.
  • Increase research and consultancy activity with options for incentives and encouragement to motivate staff and students to actively involve in research activities in collaboration with industry and R&D Centers.
  • Increase the number of continuing education programs/MDPs for Industries.
  • Exchange of faculty and working personnel from industry.
  • Increase Institute-Industry interaction/Collaboration.
  • Entrepreneurship Development/Technology Business Incubation/startups.
  • Increased interaction with educational and other research establishments/ institutes.