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Data transfer – Program for block data movement, sorting, exchanging, finding
largest element in an array"
"Arithmetic instructions: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Square
and cube operations for 16-bit numbers."
Counters, Boolean and logical instructions (bit manipulation)
Conditional call and return instructions
"Code conversion programs – BCD to ASCII, ASCII to BCD, ASCII to decimal, Decimal to
ASCII, Hexa decimal to and Decimal to Hexa"
Programs for delay and counter operations
Programs using serial port and on-chip timer
8051 Interfacing: Stepper Motor, DC motor
8051 Interfacing: LCD
8051 Interfacing: DAC (waveform generation)
AVR ATMEGA2560 Interface: 4 X 4 Dot Matrix Keypad, Voltage sensor, Current
Sensor, Temperature sensor, :IR sensor, PIR sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Soil moisture
sensor, Gas sensor.
"AVR ATMEGA2560 Interface: Seven Segment, Relay, Opto-coupler with power switch
drivers. Servo Motor, RS232, RF transceiver, ZigBee module."