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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)-Power Electronics Society (PELS)

The Department is proud to have the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)-Power Electronics Society (PELS), which is one of the non-profitable fastest progressing and promising technical societies of the IEEE across the globe. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of New Horizon College of Engineering, Bengaluru initiated and vigorously started IEEE-Power Electronics (IEEE-PELS) Society Student Branch from Dec. 2020.


  • The IEEE Power Electronics Society will facilitate and guide for the further development and innovation in power electronics technology
  • The PELS Society is dedicated to upholding the vital scientific and educational aspects of power electronics and its applications and Keeping its members around the globe up to date on state-of-the-art technological developments and advances in power electronics research.

Student Branch Chapter is a technical sub-unit of a Student Branch constituted by a minimum of six (6) Student members of a Society and established by petition to the parent Student Branch and Society concerned to represent and fulfill the needs of the members and the missions of IEEE. A Student Branch Chapter functions in a manner similar to a committee of the Student Branch. The IEEE Geographic unit formation petition of NHCEwas signed and approved by Dr. AkinoriNishiharaa, Regional Director, IEEE Region 10 (Asia), Professor from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, Binh Huynh Thi Thanh, IEEE Student Activities, and Dr. FredeBlaabjerg, President of IEEE PELS, Danish professor at Aalborg University.

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering received Petition Approval Letter from IEEE Member and Geographic Activities USA to start the IEEE Power Electronics Society Student Branch Chapter in New Horizon College of Engineering on 30 December 2020. The effective date of this Student Branch Chapter formation is December 30, 2020, and Geo Code is SBC66131. Currently, 28 IEEE PELS Members are active in this chapter of the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department.

IEEE-PELS society at New Horizon College of Engineering is dedicated to promoting power electronics and energy conversion technologies for various applications. Through this society, regular activities include technical talks by experts from both industry and academia, as well as visits to local companies specializing in power conversion, energy, or related areas.

Being a very new society under NHCE – IEEE chapter, Department envisages the following activities as immediate goals:

  • Initiate talks with companies like Philips, ABB, ASML for invited lectures at NHCE
  • Invite Professors of excellence for sharing experiences and research results
  • Industrial tours to companies in close vicinity
  • Brainstorming session on “Entrepreneurship and Academia”.
  • Workshop, Symposium, Project Design Contest to the students

The student branch chapter constitution will have the following positions:

Sl. No Name of the Member Membership Category Membership No. Position 

Associate Professor

Senior IEEE Member 92339575 Branch Chapter Advisor
2. NISCHAL DINESH Student Member 97359152 Chair
3. NAYRAH M A Student Member 97470947 Vice-Chair
4. MOHAMMED OMER ALI Student Member 96208034 Treasurer
5. SARTHAK DAS Student Member 97359223 Secretary
6. SIDDHARTHA SUNIL SINGH Student Member 97487854 Webmaster


IEEE Membership Details – Department of EEE 

Sl.No University Register Number

(Only applicable to Students)

Name of the Member IEEE Membership No Membership Category
1. 1NH18EE005 ASHU ANAND 96880900 Student Member
2. 1NH18EE010 CHITRA.S 97478246 Student Member
3. 1NH18EE013 E KAVIPRIYA 97470948 Student Member
4. 1NH18EE017 GREESHMA CHENNAREDDY 97477602 Student Member
5. 1NH18EE031 MOHAMMED OMER ALI 96208034 Student Member
6. 1NH18EE036 NAYRAH M A 97470947 Student Member
7. 1NH18EE039 NISCHAL DINESH 97359152 Student Member
8. 1NH18EE053 SARTHAK DAS 97359223 Student Member
9. 1NH18EE057 SIDDHARTHA SUNIL SINGH 97487854 Student Member
10. 1NH18EE724 UTKARSH KULSHRESTHA 97487579 Student Member
11. 1NH18EE742 SANKEERTHINI D 97504955 Student Member
12. 1NH18EE714 DAGGUPATI SIVA PRASAD 97506228 Student Member
13. 1NH19EE004 ABHISEK BEDANT 96489159 Student Member
14. 1NH19EE107 SOWMYA SHREE 97486743 Student Member
15. 1NH19EE104 SHAMBHAVI BHAGAT 97506125 Student Member
16. 1NH19EE091 RACHNA PALLI 97504729 Student Member
17. 1NH19EE073 MEGHANA S 97506554 Student Member
18. 1NH19EE103 SHAIK SAMEER 97506063 Student Member
19. 1NH20EE007 ADVAITH MADHAVAN 98120542 Student Member
20. 1NH20EE004 ABHISHEK HC 98120677 Student Member
21. 1NH20EE075 P M KEERTHANA 98120586 Student Member
22. 1NH20EE128 YESWANTH M 98120540 Student Member
23. 1NH20EE086 RAHUL B 98122790 Student Member
24. 1NH20EE066 MOHAMMED IMAD 98125818 Student Member
25. 1NH20EE089 RAKSHITHA V 98124267 Student Member
26. 1NH20EE034 DISHA  M 98120489 Student Member
27. 1NH20EE051 KIRAN R 98122745 Student Member
28. 1NH20EE127 YASWANTH S 98120561 Student Member
29. 1NH20EE005 ADITI J 98127888 Student Member
30. INH19EE035 FAOZ FIROZ BASHEER 98060138 Student Member
31. 1NH19EE010 AISIRI M Urs 98060159 Student Member
32. Research Scholar ANITHA A 93603278 Student Member
33. Research Scholar RASHMI N 97506513 Student Member
34. Research Scholar DEEPA V BOLANAVAR 94151073 Student Member
35. Research Scholar KARTHIKA  M MAHALINGAM 95799732 Student Member
36. Research Scholar SATISH KUMAR D 93914638 Student Member
37. Dr. MAHESH M 92273757 Professional Member
38. Dr. VINOTH KUMAR K 92339575 Professional Member (IEEE Senior Member)
39. Dr. K.C.R. NISHA 94034811 Professional Member
40. Dr. GUNAPRIYA B 97505907 Professional Member
41. Dr. DHIVYA M 96695072 Professional Member
42. Dr. SRINIVASA G 98070557 Professional Member

Contact Us

Dr. Vinoth Kumar K M.Tech., Ph.D., SMIEEE
IEEE PELS NHCE Student Branch Chapter Advisor and Associate Professor


Phone: 08066297777 – 2033 / 2035

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

New Horizon College of Engineering
Outer Ring Road, Near Marathahalli,
Bellandur Main Road, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560103, India

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