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Computer Science & Engineering
(Data Science)

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Computer Science & Engineering
(Data Science)


B.E in Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science) is a journey towards mastering CSE in the field of Data Science applying Machine Learning Techniques. This course will make the students to understandand master CSE and also make them specialist in the field of Data Science - which is one of the emerging fields of Computer Science and Highest paid in the market. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Cisci, Amazon, Oracle are the major users of Data Science which is highly driven by data.

Data Science is the conceptual framework which is used in Analytics, this would include statistics, computational physics, algebra, CS and all allied subjects.The interdisciplinary field of data science uses key skills of a wide range of fields including machine learning, statistics,visualization, etc. It enables us to identify meaning and appropriate information from huge volumes of data to make informed decisions in technology, science, business, etc. For a simpler view on the relation between these technologies, data science is applied based on machine learning. And machine learning is a part of data science that draws features from algorithms and statistics to work on the data extracted from and produced by multiple resources. Thus, you can say data science merges together a bunch of algorithms obtained from machine learning to develop a solution, and during the process, lots of ideas from traditional domain expertise, statistics and mathematics are borrowed.

In a nutshell we can say other words, data science stand for an all-inclusive term that consists of aspects of ML for functionality.Interestingly, ML is also an element of data science, where a diverse set of purpose is achieved on a whole new level. ML and DS are a part and parcel of data science. So a B.Tech. graduate in CSE & DS will be solving real life problems driven by data, applying machine learning algorithms and driven by DS concepts.

Core Competencies Data Sciences Machine Learning Image Processing IOT FOSSEE

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To emerge as a department of eminence in Computer Science and Engineering in serving the Information Technology Industry and the nation by empowering students with a high degree of technical and practical competence.


To strengthen the theoretical and practical aspects of the learning process by strongly encouraging a culture of research, innovation and hands-on learning in Computer Science and Engineering

To encourage long-term interaction between the department and the IT industry, through the involvement of the IT industry in the design of the curriculum and its hands-on implementation.

To widen the awareness of students in professional, ethical, social and environmental dimensions by encouraging their participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.


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