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About the Course

New Horizon College of Education follows Two years CBCS semester scheme syllabus prescribed by the Bangalore University. Bachelor of Education course extends over a period of two academic years and consists of four semesters.

The course includes hard core course, soft core and open electives as theory papers. The teaching programme consists of pre-internship activities, school internship activities and post internship activities .

Workshops on teaching skills, seminar presentations, simulated teaching, preparation of Instructional Kit and community based activities are the part of the programme.

Community oriented, personality development programmes and training in yoga are carried out. Educational excursion, field activities and community living camp are compulsory component of the course.

Student teachers can opt either English or Kannada medium for practice in teaching and writing of theory examinations. A candidate is required to have 80% of the attendance at the end of each semester in each subject and 90% for practical activities. Term end examination will be held at the end of each semester.

Course Framework & Scheme of Examination

Course No Course code Course title
1 HC1 Child hood and Growing up
2 HC2 Education in Contemporary in India
3 HC3 Development and management in School Education
4 HC4 Gender, School & Society
5 HC5 ICT in Education
6 HC6 Language across  the curriculum
7 EPC1 *Communication skill and Expository writing
8 EPC2 * Understanding self, personality &Yoga
Course No Course code Course Title
9 HC7 Learning and teaching
10 HC8 Assessment for learning
11 SC1 Content and Pedagogy:1-part I
12 SC2 Content and Pedagogy:2-part I
13 EPC3 ICT Applications
14 EPC4 Fine Arts and Theatre
15 EPC5 Pre Internship
Course No. Course Code Course Title
16 SC1 content and Pedagogy -1 Part II
17 SC2 content and Pedagogy -1 Part II
18 HC9 Action research
19 EPC6 Action research Project
20 EPC7 School Internship
Course No. Course Code Course Title
21 HC10 National Concern & Education
22 HC11 Creating an Inclusive School
23 HC12 Knowledge and curriculum
24 OC1 Optional Courses ( Any one)
25 EPC5 Post Internship Activities