VMware IT ACADEMY is an ISE department co-curricular club focusing on leadership development and knowledge enlightenment. It is a student club with teacher coordinators and core committee made up of students. Students can learn how to handle an event and also it refreshes our mind from our monotonous lives.


  • VMware IT Academy Student Club is developed to introduce students to VMware technologies and equip them with technical skills needed for the modern IT world.
  • As an IT Academy member students will gain access to technology and contents from VMware, which in turn prepare them for the new IT world.
  • We encourage students to take part in the event and build their creative thinking skills.
  • We encourage and support students with their research papers.
  • To enable the student members to discover their hidden potential and make complete use of it.


  • Faculty enablement
  • Access to all VMware tools.
  • VMware academic recognition for students (equivalent to certification).
  • Student co-curricular club where students are taught how to host the event and handle it in an efficient manner.
  • We conduct webinars on current technologies to enlighten the students about the need of the world.