For Club Members

  1. Club membership is open to all students of NHCE.
  2. Student can take membership of maximum three clubs.
  3. Students, who wish to join any of the clubs, should register online.
  4. Club membership card will be issued to the student on registration.
  5. Members should actively participate in club activities.

For Club Committee Members

  1. Each year, new club committee will be formed at the end of the Odd semester.
  2. Student can be a committee-member of maximum two clubs. Committee-member should be a registered member of the respective club.
  3. President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer of a club should be from parent department, hosting the club.
  4. Committee has to maintain the students’ membership list.
  5. The committee-members should meet at least once in a week between 4.00 p.m. ~ 6.00 p.m.
  6. Meeting should be conducted with all the club members at least four times in a semester.
  7. Minimum two events to be conducted at college level in each semester.
  8. Club web pages should be created on NHCE website linked through parent department’s web page. The club web pages should be kept up-to-date with relevant information including past and upcoming events of the club.
  9. Club budgets must be approved by Principal, and club account should be meticulously maintained along with the essential proofs.
  10. President and Secretary should report the club status every fortnight to faculty coordinators and seek their guidance as and when necessary.
  11. President of the club should submit annual report to the head of the parent department, consolidating all information and activities in a year.
  12. Club must handle college resources carefully during all events.
  13. Club shall complement the mission of the institute and enhance the educational experience for students.
  14. Committee-members should ensure that all activities are planned and executed in strict accordance of institute rules and regulations, keeping up the brand of NHCE.
  15. Club committee members will be held responsible for actions of the club members, guests and individuals.