Technology Sharing Club (TSC) of the Department of ECE conducted an event “BRAIN GAMES 2.0” on the 27th of February, 2020 from 9 am to 4 pm under the guidance of our faculty coordinators Ms. Divya Sharma and Ms. Neethu Johny.

This contest consisted of three rounds where a team of three-four members could participate. The first round was a general quiz, that consisted of 25 interdisciplinary questions and the duration was 30 minutes. Students from all departments had participated out of which only 14 teams were qualified for the second round.

The second round was Debugging and Decoding in which we had given problems under various categories. Students could choose their questions according to their area of interests. This round basically dealt with debugging and decoding the circuits and pseudocodes. Five teams were selected for the third round.

The third round was Technovation which was also the final round of the event. In this round, the five teams were given problem statements for which they had to come up with practical real-time solutions. Students could explain their ideas through PPTs. Each team was given one hour for preparation and 15 minutes for presenting. The judges were Ms.Gurulakshmi, Ms. Neethu and Mr. Ashok. Students were judged based on the feasibility of their ideas and presentation skills. Two teams were selected as winners and runner up.   

Our special thanks to the chairman, Dr. Mohan Manghnani ; our Principal, Dr. Manjunatha and our HOD, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma for giving us the opportunity to conduct this competition. Our sincere thanks to our faculty co-ordinators Ms. Divya Sharma and Ms. Neethu Johny whose constant guidance and support led to the completion of this event.


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