Report on Paper Presentation on Emerging Technologies

Technology Sharing Club(TSC) of the Department of ECE conducted an event “Paper Presentation on Emerging technologies” on the 13th of September,2019 from 9 am to 1pm under the guidance of our faculty coordinators Ms. Divya Sharma and Ms. Neethu Johny.
The event was held in the electronics lab and was coordinated by the members of the TSC club. It was conducted as a team event with a max. of 3 students in a group. The presentation primarily focussed on bringing out innovative ideas from students on the latest trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Iot, Machine Learning, Blockchain etc.
Students from various departments actively participated for the same. Teams have also worked on certain project related to the topics and also ready to publish as an IEEE paper. They have done a lot of research and are working on their projects. Some of the other topics they presented were on breast cancer detection, robot process automation etc.
The teams were evaluated by a panel of judges comprising Ms.Gurulakshmi, Ms.Rajini and Ms.Maheshwari . It was evaluated based on their technical knowledge, soft skills and their presentation.
The event concluded successfully with the partipants and the audience learning the latest advancements in technology and motivated us with researching and working on these topics.






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