Report on Brain Games (TSC)


On the 5th of April 2019, the Technology Sharing Club in association with Local Chapter IEEE NHCE, conducted the second event called “Brain Games”. This contest consisted of three rounds where a team of two could participate. The first round was General Quiz, the second round was Code Debugging and the final round was Circuit Debugging. A total of 30 teams from ECE and other departments registered for the event. At 11 a.m. the participants were asked to assemble at room no.215 in the ECE department where we held the first round. The General Quiz consisted of 27 questions and the time given was half an hour. Suraj Suresh and Rakesh M from the BSH department topped the round with a brilliant score of 18. At 12:15 we announced the results.

16 teams had qualified for the second round. We had a break of 45 mins and the second round started at 1.00 pm in the VLSI lab. The participants were given three programs in which 2 were of C and 1 was C++. These codes had multiple syntax errors and some logical errors. Each team was asked to rectify the errors and get the correct output. It was a time critical round and the first 4 teams who finished got qualified for the final round. We started the final round at 2:15 p.m. in the AC lab. Each team was given one equation which they had to simplify and implement using logic gates. They were also given one analog circuit with errors which they had to rectify with the help of the correct circuit diagram given to them. Jeevan and Raghavendra of 6th semester were the winners and Suraj Suresh and Rakesh M from the BSH department were the runners-up. Our faculty co-ordinators Mrs. Divya Sharma and Mrs. Neethu Johny congratulated the winners and runners up.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Manoranjan and Mr. Uma Prasad who tirelessly helped and guided us in executing this event successfully. Our special thanks also to our faculty co-ordinators Mrs. Divya Sharma and Mrs. Neethu Johny whose constant guidance and support led to the completion of this event. Our sincere thanks to our HOD, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma and our Principal, Dr.V Manjunatha for giving us this opportunity to conduct this competition.

First Round


Second Round


Third Round: Winners

thrid win

Third Round: Runners up

third run



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