“FORUM VENTURE” was an Inter Dept event conducted by the Professional Connect Club at MBA Seminar Hall on 27/12/22. The event was mainly focused on improving students confidence and also to test themselves under interview pressure.

The event consisted of three rounds.


Escape room where the participants had to crack mind twisting puzzles under 45min. Groups gather together where they are given a puzzles to get started. Participants have one hour to find clues and solve the escape puzzle games before time is up. The puzzle is divides into phases where the team to solve the phases with the right clues gets an opportunity to enter the next round.


In this round qualified participants had to take part in GROUP DISCUSSION which was judged by Prabhu James Sir from the Life Skills Department. Here the top qualifying teams get to do a group discussion based on the random topic given to them by the judge, and the team to have the best coordination and communication with the best examples , questioning skills and solutions are selected for the next round.


Qualified participants were put under test by witnessing an actual technical HR interview which was conducted by Lipsa Ma’am, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE. Here the finalists gain a chance to prove their technical skills and knowledge based on the topics like problem solving, technical questions , industrial standards and upcoming technologies.

CONCLUSION : The event was given very good feedback by the participants and was an overall success.

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