The “electronic tussle” competition was created to evaluate participant’s general and applied knowledge of the field as well as their comfort level with circuitry, a crucial component of electronics, and their command on it.

The event consisted of two rounds.

Round 1: “Flash Conflict”:

In this round, each team consisted of two students, and the round began with a flash quiz to test the team’s understanding. This was followed by their application theory, which had to be answered in a short period of time. The contents covered a wide range of electronic topics, such as the use of transformers and diodes, logic gates and their expressions, how microprocessors operate, systems programming languages, wavelength patterns, and others. The test was an OMR-based test, and the top 7 teams out of the 15 participating teams were chosen for the next phase.

Round 2: “Voltaic Combat”:

In this phase of the event, the teams were given a task to create a circuit on an online simulator based on the topic given, this checked the practical knowledge of the students and their circuit-building skills, this round also had a time criterion, which checked their speed of solving along with accuracy and precision of the solution, the first two teams to create it with the minimum amount of time were considered the winner for the event.

Conclusion: The event was given very good feedback by the participants and was an overall success.

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