The event was aimed at creating awareness regarding the budding semiconductor
industry, VLSI. It included a detailed description of the pre-requisites to enter the
industry and technological requirements and skillsets to establish and pursue a career
in this field. The event was divided into three parts: Presentation, quiz and interactive
session. An elaborate explanation of the conceptual and memory-based information
was given in the presentation. The quiz tested the gained knowledge analytically and
the interactive session will deepen the roots.
The event consisted of three parts.
The event’s first part was designed to impart the conceptual and technical
information regarding the semiconductor industry –VLSI. Various presentors
depicted their interpretation of the CMOS VLSI design and HDL – vhdl and

The quiz included analytical and logical questionnaire session, in which students
were tested on various fields and domains of the VLSI industry .
This part aimed at an analysis of the description given in the presentation and also
kept the participants engaged with tricks and tips.
This part included the involvement of the audience to raise queries and doubts with
respect to the industry and were answered by professionals who have proficiency in
the field.

Conclusion: The event was given very good feedback by the participants
and was an overall success

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