The event circuitrick was designed around varied circuits and their
parameters to test the overall knowledge and grip of participants on
circuitry , which is a vital part of electronics .
The event consisted of two rounds .

Round 1 : ‘Simplify with speed’:
In this round , a quiz questionnaire on circuits was to be solved by the
participants within a very short period of time . the topics included
varied about digital elctronics’s Boolean function to the values of the
components of analog circuit . Out of 18 participants who participated
in this round , 8 of them qualified to the next round.

Round 2 : ‘Correct the incorrect’ :
In this round , the participants were given a set of circuits , which had
some errors included in them .the participants were asked to find the
error and provide a corrected circuit . This round also had a time
criteria , which checked speed of solving along with accuracy and
precision of the solution .At the end of this round , 2 participants with
the highest score were selected and awarded as winner and runner up.

Conclusion : The event was given a very good feedback by the
participants and was a overall success

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