The two-day event commenced with the inaugural ceremony of the fest TECHNOMELA, a flagship event of MTS, and a session led by the chief guest, Dr.Venkatesan Ramaswamy(Scientist-G, Group Head of Ocean Observing Systems National Institute of Ocean Technology Chennai, India).

Students from different departments and semesters, took part in various events to showcase their technical knowledge and skills. The fest was conducted with the permission and guidance of the Chairman Dr. Mohan Magnani, the Principal Dr. Manjunatha, HoD of the ECE department Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, and Faculty Co-coordinator Mr. Naveen H.

 The events brought attention to the hard work put in by the participants in showcasing their talents. The inaugural ceremony started at 10 AM, June 4th  followed by the events that ended on June 5th 5 PM.

In this Technical Fest, we had involved application-based concepts which tested the participant’s technical skills. This was the biggest attempt from our technological clubs(PCC, EHC, TSC) at ECE Department.This event was a good opportunity for the participants to showcase their knowledge and to have a fun-filled experience.

Events Under Technomela-2021:

1) Code Heist

2) Connect to Communicate

3) Constellation

4) Design and Doodle

5) Digital First-Digital Fast

6) Nerdflix

7) Presento

8)Short Circuit

A total of 248 students participated in various events conducted by the members of the three clubs of the ECE department and 40 students turned out winners at different events. Technomela was a wonderful experience and a great success.


Event name: CODE HEIST

Event dates: 04-06-2021

Event venue: Online

Round 1: NarCodes

This round was a Preliminary quiz round on basic topics from various programing languages.   

This round was successfully completed with 46 participants.

Round 2: Breaking Bugs

This round was on debugging of codes to find the outputs, finding errors in the programs, finding the correct statements to rectify error in the programs. This round was successfully completed with 35 participants.

Round 3: Code Mantra

This round was based on writing a Case Study report including the codes and algorithm/flowchart for the given Problem statements. This round was successfully completed  with 10 participants.

Final Winners:

AKASH SINGH                       1NH18CS018      CSE (A)

KRITESH POKHREL         1NH18CS207      CSE (C)

RAHUL M R                            1NH18EC090      ECE (B)


An event to express technical knowledge and views with verbal and communication skills.

This event was conducted in 3 rounds on June 4th, 5th

Round 1: Budget Estimation

43 members had participated in this round.

Round 2: War of Words

11 members had qualified for this round.

Round 3: Explore and Record

6 members had qualified for this round.

The winners of this event are:

1st place – Manoj N

2nd place – Sahana Kulkarni

3rd place – Lingesh T, Bharath Sai


It’s a Networking based technical event to flaunt the networking skills.

This event was conducted in 3 rounds on June 4th, 5th

Round 1:  Knock Together

This round is held on 4th June from 1pm to 2pm. 39 students had participated in this round. All participants are qualified for 2nd round.

Round 2: Troubleshooting & Gear up

This round is held on 5th June from 9am to 10am. 13 Teams had participated in this round. 12 teams had qualified 3rd Round.

Round 3: Inquisitive & Probing

This round is held on 5th June from 1pm to 2pm. 11 teams had participated in this round. 3 teams had won this round.

The winners of this event are:

1st place – Greeshma M N, Anjali.R

2nd place – Devashrutha S, Mohammed Ghassan

3rd place – Manish M, C Keerthi


Event name: Design and Doodle

Event date: 4th June 2021

Event Venue: Online Platform (Google meet)

Design and Doodle

The event design and doodle had two rounds: logo redesign and doodling. There were total 20 registrations for the event. In round 1, a total of 13 students participated. The time allotted in round 1 was 30 mins. The students were asked to redesign logos for apps, softwares or companies. Out of the 13 students, 7 students made it to round 2. In round 2, the time allotted was 2 hours and participants were asked to create beautiful and innovative doodles based on the technical themes chosen, from those given during the competition.

The event saw great enthusiasm overloaded with a lot of creativity. The key highlights of the event that made it different from the other events were that these were individual events, involved hand was an inter-department competition for all 1st, 2nd ,3rd year students and most importantly the priority was given to the hidden creativity in the aspiring engineers.


As a core member of Professional Connect Club I am heartfully happy to inform that we have successfully organised a event on Digital Domain. In association with IEEE student branch-NHCE and TS Club. And the event was sponsored by MTS-NHCE.

Event name: Digital First-Digital Fast

Event dates: 04-06-2021 and 05-06-2021

Event venue: Online

Round 1: DIGI Maniac

In this round, the crossword puzzle was given with set of clues and who solves more clues with limited span of time were shortlisted to next round. This round was successfully completed with 40 participants.

Round 2: Amend Me

In this round, we need to Identify design and find various approaches to represent and implement the same design. This round was successfully completed with 15 participants.

Round 3: Logic Craft

In this round, three questions were given with different difficulty levels who solves the questions with the proper digital circuits will be the winners. This round was successfully completed with 8 participants.


        1)shoaibahmed12.89@gmail.comShoaib Ahmed1NH17EC0924THECEB8660929750Winner
        2)indrajithkr1@gmail.comIndrajith K R1NH18EC0413RDECEA8197168638runner 1
        3)kuldeepetwards@gmail.comKuldeep singh A1NH18EC0583RDECEA8951383429runner 2




Besides the technical and aptitude based events Nerdflix was conceptualised to be techno-fun event under the banner of Technomela ; The theme of the competition was established to be based upon technically amusing movies and series. After a series of meetings and discussions the event was divided into 3 rounds such that winner would have to gather the maximum points to emerge victorious in the event. The event comprising of 3 rounds namely Gather your telesenses, Pickathon and Scene busters gained an immense response from students of various departments of NHCE. Due to the huge response the event had to be limited to 23 teams with the number of participants in each team varying from 2-3 each.  The event began at 2pm on the 5th of june 2021 on Microsoft teams platform. The point allotment for round 1 and round 2 were 10 points for a right answer and no negative markings was given. The first round tested the cognitive telesenses of the participants. The participant had to identify the movies or series presented by means of audio and image. In the seond round i.e the pickathon the participants were asked to pick a movie or series of their choice from a diverse list of options. It involved a rapid fire on the movies/series chosen with varied questions based upon the characters, plots and the scientific aspects involved. The groups who were successful in answering all the rapid fire questions within the stipulated time were awarded a bonus of 10 points. The top 6 teams with the highest points moved on to Round 3: TheScenebusters. An elaborate movie clip was shown and a series of questions were asked and the participants were expected to give scientific reasoning pertaining to the clips shown. The top 3 teams with the best reasoning capabilites were awarded the 1st,2nd and 3rd places. The event ended with heartfelt gratitude from the organisers and satisfactory feedback from the participants.


The event met it’s objective of giving scientific and technical exposure to the viewers of entertainment media. The application of technology of science were restablished and recollected.


Event name: Presento

Event Date: 5th June 2021

Event Venue: Online Platform (Google meet)


To cope up with the side effects of pandemic and lockdown, the Technology sharing club decided to unlock all the doors of excitement for the students of various departments and semesters. In association with Professional sharing club, Technology sharing club and Electronics Hobby club, the department of electronics and communication organized the Technomela. The Technomela had amazing events, one of the events which brought ideas into the spotlight was Presento.

The event was conducted in association with Marine technology Society. The event had 31 registrations and 15 students participated. It was thoroughly evaluated and judged by Ms. Tessy Tomy and Ms. Monika G.  The students brought out their best ideas and presented them beautifully in a PowerPoint presentation. After a thorough evaluation based on various parameters, the event had one winner and two runner-ups. It started at 2 pm and ended at 5 pm. Overall it was a successful event that brought out the creativity in the students.


It is electronics themed technical event where it tests the participants basic electronics skills

This event is conducted in three rounds on 4th of June and 5th of June, Friday.

Round 1: Fill me Up

Contestants need to fill up a crossword puzzle with hints given. These hints/questions are basic electronics question.

24 members had participated in this round.

Round 2: Circuit breaker

Contestants need to debug or solve the given circuit.

22 members had participated in this round.

Round 3: Circuit maker

Contestants who qualify to this round will be given a question with certain specifications. They need to Construct a circuit using EveryCircuit app.

12 members had participated in this round.

The winners of this event are:

Winner placeNameUSN
1Bharatdeep Hazarika1NH19EC129

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