A visit to the National Institute of Ocean Technology

On the 2nd of November, we visited the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT).  During our trip there we observed many of our ocean observatory system. There we observed how they track the ocean’s activity using buoys. We saw the different types of buoys used by NIOT. One of the observation system used by NIOT to observe the ocean is ADDRESS (Advanced Data Reception and analysis System). Here Data and Tsunami Buoy platforms transmit data to the data centre at OOS-NIOT, Chennai, at regular intervals, round the clock and all through the year. Large quantum of data is being received, archived and being provided on near real time to INCOIS-Hyderabad for further dissemination. Since the datasets are in different forms, obtained from three different types of buoy systems (74 from OMNI, 34 from Met-Ocean and 25 from Tsunami buoys per transmission) both hourly and three hourly per day, contains information on different spatial and temporal scales, mining them for predictive analysis in the required format and tracking the history of a particular sensor is a challenge.  This image shows the software interface of ADDRESS.

The team includes a few students from the ECE and CSE department along with the Dean of Research and Development. We even met with the director of NIOT and discussed a lot about how we use modern technology to monitor the oceans and how we can improve the systems and how we can utilize the data that these systems provide. We even discussed the possibility of starting a new Marine Technology Society in our department.

The trip was most educational and helped us get a deeper understanding of the Ocean Observatory Systems. Hoping we can develop further in this field and make further advancements in this field as much as we can.



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