Making the best out of waste has been a part of human life since the early ages. It was the human creative mind that gave birth to this extra ordinary idea of using unwanted material in a useful way.
We live in a disposable society. It is easier to throw things out than to fix them. We even give it a name – RECYCLING.

    In this context, the PRAKRUTHI CLUB organized a Poster art making competition on 5th November 2019, to bring out the creativity & artistic excellence among the students to develop an eco-friendly poster using commonly available waste materials.
This, initiative brought in a number of young talented and creative minds forming around 11 groups each having 2 participants.
The success of the event was evident from the magnificent masterpieces created by the students… Also, it delivered a great message to the world showcasing the need of RECYCLING & REUSE of waste for the betterment of mankind.

IMG-20191105-WA0034 IMG-20191105-WA0040 IMG-20191105-WA0182


Celebration of International day for Natural Disaster reduction

Prakruthi club of Civil Engineering Department organized a scavenger hunt event as a part of celebration of International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction on 30th October 2018 in front of Digital Library building. Nearly fifty Students of Civil Engineering Department actively participated in this event.  In the scavenger hunt event, the list of items used was related to floods in remembrance of recent Madikeri and Kerala floods. Through this event we created some awareness in students on causes, effects and remedial measures to control floods. At the end of the event we have distributed the prizes for the winners.

World Water Day – 2018

World water day is celebrated on March 22nd every year, to spread awareness on the scarcity of potable water and the acute water shortages facing cities around the world.

The United Nations decided that the theme for this year is Nature for Water, as we explore how we can use nature to overcome the modern day water challenges, accentuated by environmental degradation and climate change.

The Prakruthi club members opted to circulate messages through WhatsApp and other social media, using materials created by the United Nations for the purpose of world water day. It is believed that the decision to go paper-free was the environmentally responsible one.

Further, the Prakruthi club is working on initiatives with the Entrepreneurship Development Cell to encourage students to create new technologies that can conserve water and increase it’s efficiency in use.

CFC – A major threat to our SPHERE.

How the depletion of atmosphere
created a fear in troposphere and hydrosphere.
Oh dear! How we interfered
without any fear with cfc’s ; clearing our earth; being insincere.
You don’t have to be an engineer or a Shakespeare,
You just need to be a volunteer,
And see the atmosphere how it reappears.

Let us adhere here, not only in a day or so in the whole year, but as a career in our future.

Adel Jeelani

Hello world! Care for Earth as You for Yourself

Why should we save environment?


1. Global warming is a serious environmental issue. The continuous emission of carbon dioxide by thermal power generating units is the leading cause for the surge in greenhouse gases.

2. Natural resources are limited. If the natural resources such as oil, coal, etc. are used, one day the world may fall short of these resources.

3. High-level of environmental pollution is detrimental for human and animal health.

4. Forests are fast depleting. It may cause soil erosion and drought situation.

5. Excessive use of pesticides and contamination of soil have negatively affected soil output. These fruits and vegetables are not very healthy for human health.