Mobile Application Development Club


Mobile Application Development Club is to advocate for the education and creation of modern applications within the mobile space. Through the advancement of programming skills found within the subset of mobile development and the utilization of small teams to create meaningful projects, the Mobile Application Development Club seeks to enrich mobile development activity on campus for all students of NHCE. This provides students with the opportunity to see their ideas come to fruition, forming a new community built on creativity, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and learning.


The goal of the Mobile App Developers (MAD for short) is to design and build mobile applications that will benefit the students of  New Horizon College of Engineering. Members will learn all the processes of app development. Members will need no previous knowledge of app development, only a willingness to learn about this exciting field. Members will also get the opportunity to learn and network with professionals in the field.

Our events

Every semester Mobile App Development club conducts two events. The events vary from Technical Competitions, Workshops, Hackathons, Seminars and many more. Get to know about our events here Here.