COSMOS “E” 2019



On OCTOBER 24th and 25th, ED CLUB conducted an intra-college event activity, cerebrate at NHCE Campus which will help the students to learn and develop the skills which are required to be a successful entrepreneur. Participants from our college took part in the activities. The activity started on inaugural by DR. Sheelan Misra, Professor and Head, Department of management and later on we started with brief introduction about the rules and regulation. We started cerebrate at 10am and went till 4pm.


Benefits of cerebrate is

  • Time management.
  • Utilizing the resources.
  • Team work.
  • Group discussion.
  • Team contribution.

1st day

  • 1st round was Back Door Genius were individual participants will take up 3 parts of quiz consist of (tagline, crossword, entrepreneur statements) which will lead for the second round.
  • 2nd round was more like a debate round called Prove Us Wrong between the board of directors, group of 2 each group will have 3 people and they will get to debate with their competitive company like for instance UBER and OLA the main objective of this was to bring an awareness about different competitive companies and how good they are able to communicate to the audience and convince them to try or consume their product.
  • 3rd round was successful magician all about individual activity were individuals has to choose a company which had suffered losses and as a Board Member what are the required measure’s you can put towards the table and how can you get the company back and overcome the losses.



2nd Day

  • 1st round was Business Runner’s team of 5 participants, they need to hunt for the clues throughout college. Further, they need to gather the clues which provides a country name in the form of letters.
  • 2nd round was Expo Battle in this round the team should come up with a PPT or Human Presentation which includes:-
  1. Food and Culture
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Technology
  4. Business




E-week started from 25th march 2019 to 30th march 2019 out of which the entrepreneurial development club organised two events namely Treasure Trove and Quest Chronicles on 27th march 2019 and 28th march 2019 respectively.


The event treasure trove had three rounds; the first round was a treasure hunt where the participants had to find clues from the allotted volunteers from seven different locations within 40 minutes, for a possible business within the physical boundaries of the college. Once the participants have collected all seen clues they need to put together a business idea or plan in front of the judge as a face -off between two teams for 5 minutes which is considered as the second round. Five high scoring teams proceed to the next where the 15 selected individual participants take a quiz and top three scorers are declared as winners.

Date of event: 27th march 2019.

Judge: Mr. Ramesh (Life Skills Department)

Winner: Tanushree (CMRCBS)

1st Runner up: Pooja

2nd Runner up: Deekshitha R And Viney Kumar



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The event was conducted in pairs and had here rounds; the first round was word search where the teams had to find the thirty listed words in 15 minutes and the first fifteen teams to submit their puzzles without any mistakes would proceed to the next round which is also known as dynamite circle. The participants had to come up with a profitable business idea which will bring a social change or impact or solve a public issue. Example: traffic, safety, child trafficking. And present it in front of each other. There teams were given 5 minutes to present and 2 minutes for cross-questioning. Here the participants are each other’s judges. Each team will give the other team a score out of 5, which indicates, 5 best, 1 not good and the once they give certain rating to 1 team, they cannot repeat it. The points that they give to the other teams will be deducted from the score they get from the other teams, if they get 20 points, and they will be given 4,3,2,1 = 10, so the final score is 10.The team with the highest score moves to the next round which is investor’s pitch where each team had to negotiate for their business with the investor (i.e., judge). The top two teams are declared as winners and runner up’s respectively.

Date of the Event: 28th march 2019.

Judge: Mr. Ramesh (Life Skills Department)

Winner: Viney Kumar and Sneha Kumari

Runner up: Gautham B and Nagabushan Singh Kumar

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Dissecting the DNA of an Entrepreneur

An Expert Talk- 19th Sept’2018


An Expert talk was organized by the Entrepreneurship Development Cell and the ED club of Department of Management studies on 19th Sept 2018 in the seminar hall, MBA Dept. NHCE. Mr. Rajesh Pandit, an Entrepreneur, Consultant and a Freelanc trainer in IIMs was the orator for the session.

The objective of the program was to refine the concept of an ideal entrepreneur in student’s minds. The students from all the departments of NHCE participated for the lecture and got benefited. It was a wonderful session and students received lot of takeaways from the program.



The Department of Management Studies Entrepreneurship Development Club Of New Horizon College of Engineering Bangalore  organised an event “IDEATION” an intercollegiate management event with a tagline ‘HAVE MANAGIRAIL SKILLSTHEN CHOOSE ANY ONE’ On 23rd March,2018 Venue MBA Department. Timing from 9:30am to 5:00pm. We had around 100 participants

 Altogether the event had three main games namely:

  • SIRENS (represents water)PHOENIX (represents fire)PEGASUS (represents air)

The three games are to test how spontaneous, how well do one can adapt to situations and how well can he\she can take decisions. Each game was related to the three elements of the earth and with a tag line for each namely:

PHOENIX (Fire)- (RAISE above all….)

SIRENS (Water)- (GET ready to adapt….)

PEGASUS (Air) – (BREATH in and BREATH out….)



This game which had 2 members in a team, it had two levels. The first level is the fake power point presentation, where the participant is a given a ppt which has fake information’s content in it and the participants has to prove that those statements are correct.

Then the second level is fake product, here the participants have go to the investors with their products to get  investment for the development of  their product , (but the participants are not allowed to touch the product and are not aware that the product brought by them is not the original product) .And when the investors want to try their product the content inside the product is different which is not expected by the owner of the product ,here the participants has to show how well they stand for their product that it is the original one and how well they convince the investors to invest on their product the one who is the best is the winner.







This game which had 3 participants in a team, it had two levels. the first level is the product launch where the participants was given 30 minutes to discuss among their team members to come up with a product. And the teams were shuffled on a random basis and should prove how much of they can prove themselves to be a team player.

The second level is find the investors, the team should search and figure out and convince the investors about their business proposal and get them to the invest. the participants were asked to wait or do a task when the investor was busy in other activity. here the participants have to show how confident, humble and courageous to try hard to get their investments.

















This game which had 3 members in each team, they had 2 levels. The first level was the quiz here the quiz was asked in a different way were one question had three sections in it namely business quiz, memorisation and jumbled words. here the participants have to choose their area of interest and answer those questions. they were not allowed to change their area of interest till the end of the first round.

The second level was a business plan, here the participants were given 30 minutes to go around the campus and find problem which would create a business opportunity .and other 30 minutes to find solutions and come up with a proper business proposal. And presented in front the judges.

The participants had great learning experience tough all these unique games which helped them to create an SWOT analysis of themselves and to know their entrepreneurial skills.


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 The Entrepreneurship Development Club of New Horizon College of Engineering from the Department of Management Studies had organised an ED Awareness programme in a form of a Street Play on 24th February, 2018. Venue for the skit was Basketball court of New Horizon College of Engineering.

This Programme was organised to make the students understand about the path less travelled, the path of entrepreneurship. The play aimed at motivating students to become entrepreneur and start their own business. An awareness was created about Entrepreneurship Development Cell with an Incubation Centre of New Horizon College of Engineering that helps students of all departments to encourage them to develop their own idea which can be started as a business with all the help that they require.

The students of the club form the management studies performed a street play with a team of 11 members to magnetize the other department students of the college to enrol themselves to the ED cell to expose their idea and to grow as a successful entrepreneur.

The main aim of this awareness programme was to forge recognition among the students and encourage them to emerge with new ideas and become the aspiring entrepreneurs who will be the job providers than job hunters.





E-WEEK 2017

New Horizon College of Engineering, Department of Management Studies, in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Cell organised “E-WEEK” from 23rd October to 28th October 2017. NH-EDC assist the students and institutes’ faculty to solve commercialization issues and aims to provide exposure to our students and the team constantly work on finding creative events and competitions to ensure all the aspiring entrepreneurs are exposed to opportunities and much more, and one such event organised by ED Cell is “E-WEEK”.

E-WEEK was 6 days entrepreneurship festival which mainly focused on creating awareness among the students and also generating ideas for start-ups.


DAY-1 & DAY-2 (23rd Oct – 24th Oct) E-JAAGURTHI (EMPOWERING YOUTH)

The programme was conducted for two days on 23rd and 24th. The aim was to spread the awareness of entrepreneurship development and reach government school students. The students were divided into groups to visit schools and colleges to spread the awareness, it was a good interacting session among , where the students made them understand about the importance of entrepreneurship through their motivational speeches and also made it more lively by doing some activities. In two days the students visited 10 different schools in areas like Kudulu gate, Bommasandra, etc



In E- talk young entrepreneurs were invited from different sectors to share their experience with the students. It was a round table discussion. Budding entrepreneur like Mr Shaswath Swaroop founder of a technology based start-up and Ashok Kumar founder of my dream garden were the speakers for the day. It was 3 hours session were the students received various inputs from the entrepreneurs.

Followed by E-Baatcheet there was live contest in New Horizon campus. The participants were hunted and were tested on their entrepreneur knowledge.


DAY-4 (26th Oct) E-DANGAL (RUBIX):

On day four, 5 different competitions were organised. These competitions were running simultaneously. The event had a good response with close to 200 participants coming from various colleges in Bangalore. The main objective of the event was to motivate the students to consider entrepreneurship as an option against jobs. The first prize was awarded with the cash of Rs2000/-. It was an exhaustive one day programme with lot of learning and encouragement


DAY-5 (27th Oct) E-UDHYOG (I EXPO):

The 5th day started with thought provoking talk by eminent entrepreneurs. Intellectual personality like Mr Pranav Jha, Nodal Manager (Karnataka) Prime Minister Yuva Yojana, Ms Harmeet Kaur Bajaj, Founder and CEO of Fermata Ventures, Mr Gourav Singh, NEN wad, Ms Pooja Bajaj, Founder and CEO of Soulblaze and Ms Syamili Syam is Alumni NHCE and Business Analyst and Agile Process Specialist for Philips Ltd. at Wipro Technologies. The session continued with the presentation of student’s live projects and start-up ideas. The idea behind E-Udhyog was to inculcate the spark in the students to start their enterprises and support the country.


DAY-6 (28th Oct)


NHCE organised a Walkathon for the social cause of women empowerment and it was inspired by PM’s initiate of “BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO”. There were 400 participants from the college. The students started walking from Mysore Bank circle to Freedom Park holding plug cards and shouting the slogan “Beti bachao, beti padhao and save the girl child”. This occasion was graced by eminent personalities like Dr. Kalpana Gopalan IAS, Department of Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR, Training and Poltical Pension), Govt. of Karnataka, Ms Rapid Rashmi, RJ Big FM, Ms Pooja Upendra, Namma Radio and Ms Vaibhavi, Member of AWAKE. Students presented a street play to show the importance of women empowerment.


Entrepreneurship awareness program30th August 2017

The ED cell Idea lounge of NHCE of the department of management studies, organized an awareness program on entrepreneurship under the guidance and support of Dr.Sheelan Mishra (HOD) and faculty coordinators. Students from all the departments of NHCE attended the program.

NHCE was proud to welcome the representatives of AWAKE (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka) Mrs. Jagadeshwari and Mrs. Vaibhavi, who were the guest speakers for the day. The event started off by signing the Memorandum of understanding between NHCE and AWAKE. The session was very interactive and imparted ample amount of knowledge on entrepreneurship. The duration of the guest lecture was one and a half hour.

The esteemed guests shared their life time incidents and experiences that led them to become a successful entrepreneur. The importance of AWAKE in their entrepreneurial endeavor was notable. Also, they inspired the students when they gave real life examples of women who took up entrepreneurship as a challenge and with the help of AWAKE have been successful in meeting up with their goals.

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Department of Management conducted a session for us on 5th November 2016.

Amit Punjabi came as a guest lecturer .MR. Punjabi is young entrepreneur, who started SANKALP ACADEMY – A TRAINING AND COACHING ORGANISATION.

The whole session was based on entrepreneurship development. In this session he informed us that, what is the first step to be taken for start your own business, how you can think in creative way to start your own business, how to iguanid yourself .HE motivated us that we have ability to create a job for others rather than do a job .We can improve our self by participating in more activities, by learning more skills. He taught us that, how many times you tried is important rather than how many times you failed. A famous quote by Winston Churchill, was the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasms.

He inspired us to push yourself every time because no one else is going to do it for you .Its only you who can change your life completely by keep trying because there is no substitute for hard work. He shared his life experience through which he suffered during the starting period of SANKALP ACADEMY, which kind of problem he faced, how he managed this entire problem, how many times he failed, how he overcame from this difficulties. He gave many examples of entrepreneurs who faced many difficulties to start their own like ROCHESTER who was the founder of Haloid Photography Company, Brian Acton and Jan Koum who are founder of Whatsapp .This entrepreneurs inspired us to believe in yourself, ideas. A famous quote by Tony Gaskin that if you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build their. This session motivated, inspired us to do your best because your life is your message to the world, make sure its inspiring and motivating.

ED-Cell Presents “E-Quiz”

On 14th November 2016 Monday, the E-Cell (Idea Lounge) hosted their first event, E-Quiz. The competition was held in the MBA seminar hall and the MBA students participated. Each team consisted of two members and were supervised by the E-Cell coordinators and by our faculty coordinator Mr. Shashi Kumar and our HOD Dr. Sheelan Mishra.

The quiz started at 4:15 pm, all the 15 teams were excited and also tensed when they were presented with the questionnaire which consisted of 25 questions to be answered within 10 minutes. Before starting the event, the teams sat in their respective seats which was assigned to them. After the 10 minutes, the coordinators collected the questionnaire and with the calculation of the scores, Round 1 came to an end. The team members were were not eliminated in the very first round (as it being the first event of ED-Cell the E-Cell team didn’t want to eliminate anybody in the first round).

For Round 2, the teams had to guess the logos which were displayed on the screen and if a team could not guess it right,the question was passed onto the next team, and it continued until a team got it right, if none of the teams got it right, it was revealed after everybody gave it a shot. The round had great level of enthusiasm from all the teams as they were on the edge of their seats to grab an opportunity to answer the questions. There was elimination at the end of this round, for the elimination, both Round 1 and Round 2 scores were considered.

The last round had a combination of 2 things, it involved identification of the CEOs of different companies and taglines to be identified, and also had a combination of questions where “Connecting Questions” were asked, using 2-3 different pictures, and the teams had to connect the pictures to guess the name of the company, this round was received with even greater enthusiasm as teams were really excited during the connecting round, as it was something new and everybody were again on the edge of their seats to answer the questions and the questions that were passed on to them.

To encourage audience participation, these questions were also asked to the audience, and to everybody’s surprise, there was even greater enthusiasm from the audience as they answered most of the questions, and chocolates were distributed as token of appreciation.

After tallying the scores, the winners of the event were announced by Mr. Shashi Kumar the faculty coordinator for the ED-Cell, and the 1st place went to Harshith and Kishore from the Bharathiyar University, 2nd place went to Himanth and Shwetha, and 3rd place went to Nishanth and Siddhanth.

The contestants and the winners applauded each other and the event was concluded at 5:30 pm. ED-Cell can take pride in this event for it being well coordinated and well received by the young aspiring entrepreneurs. ED-Cell has taken a lot of improvements that can be implemented in their upcoming events and competitions, and make the further events much grander than their first event.

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