Events : Vol 1


  • Event Name – BitVision

Date : 18 May 2021

Round 1 : Qualifier – Logo Land
Participants will be have to undertake a Quiz featuring Logos of computer science, IT and business related companies. This round will give precedence to those who answer the fastest and most accurately.
Round 2: Finale – Puzzle Codes
Shortlisted participants will face coding questions where the jumbled source code will be provided to them, and they will have to rearrange it in a given amount of time. The fastest person, wins each level. Codes will be divided into various levels of difficulty.

Event Name – Tech Talk on Communication Collaboration and Computing

Date : 13 November 2020

An interactive session with Mr Pradeep Gopinathan who is a certified virtual trainer with 30+ years of corporate work experience having trained more than 1000 IT professionals. Students took this opportunity to ask their doubts about transitioning from Campus to Corporate.

Event Name – Bits of Biz

Date : 16 October 2020

Round 1 : Qualifier – Technical Quiz
Participants will be have to undertake a Quiz featuring technical questions ranging from Coding outputs to Pseudo code predictions.
Round 2: Finale – Business Product Presentation
Shortlisted participants will face a student jury to present their selection of products and they will have to convince the jury why their product is the best.