Events: Vol 4

1. Variate

The Business and Information Technology Club had organized an event titled ‘Variate’- a fun tech event on the 18th of October and 19th of October , 2022. The event was based on showcasing your coding and designing skills. The event had two rounds which are listed below:

Round 1 – Mindsweeper

There were 80 members individually and as a group of utmost 2 people. The participants were given scrambled code in numerous programming languages like C, C++, Python, Java, HTML, etc. After receiving the flashcards the teams were expected to rearrange them in the proper order. The top 12 fastest teams to rearrange the code were shortlisted for round 2.

Round 2 – Webmin

The shortlisted teams had to design a website on given topics like Digital India, Restaurant, etc. The participants were allowed to use drag and drop web development tools like WordPress, Dreamweaver, Wix, etc along with programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Participants who designed the website only through coding got brownie points.

The winners of this competition are:

1st place: Akhilesh R Mohan (1NH21CE006) and Aaron Dennis (1NH21CS202)

2nd place: Harsh Karanwal (1NH19CS721) and Yajat Vishwakarma (1NH19CS200)

3rd place: Sudeep MK (1NH20EE116) and Keerthana (1NH20EE075)

On November 29–30, 2022, the Business and Information Technology Club hosted  an event called “BITFEST 2.0″—a fun and tech event. The focus of the event was  on showing your coding and design abilities. The event was held over two days,  with Day 1 featuring two workshops and Day 2 featuring the following three  rounds: 

Day 1 

Workshop 1 – Techonovation 

This In-Hand workshop included about 40 members who had each separately  attended. The participants had received a hands-on lesson in which they learned  how to use Python and the PyGame module to make a straightforward Tic-Tac-Toe  game. During the hands-on session, the minimax algorithm’s use in creating the  game was described. 

Workshop 2 – Monopoly 

There had been about 20 people in this workshop separately. Terms like CTC, In Hand Salary, Income Tax, Heads of Income, and how to file an ITR were briefly  explained to the participants. A concrete example of the distinction between CTC  and their In-Hand Salary was given to the group. The training also aided in their  understanding of the various sorts of taxes that exist and how they function.

Day 2 

Round 1 – Contrive 

Individually, there had been 36 individuals, and there had been a maximum group  size of 2. The participants were to use a list of terms connected to technology and  fun to construct a coherent story within the allotted time. The story was to include  every word that had been given to the participant. 

Round 2 – Paradox 

Twelve teams had been selected for Round 2 out of the 36 participants in the First  Round. The teams had to play with the provided balloons and balance them using  their heads. Then they were required to respond to the questions provided by the  club members, and they were instructed to do so in a manner that was completely  unrelated to the subject. 

Round 3 – Sus & Sell 

From the Round 2, five teams were chosen for the Round 3. When the teams  correctly identified the thing that was concealed in the box, they were given the go ahead to guess what it was. They were instructed to pitch it to the crowd and the  club members. They were deemed victors if they could persuade everyone to  purchase the product within the allotted time. 

The winners of this competition are: 

1st place: Spoorthi and Rohit 

2nd place: Aditya Purswani and Anasuya Dutta 

3rd place: Sanjivani and Swapnil Shukla