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[su_quote]Ban on Rs500 and 1000 note was passed by RBI[/su_quote]

Article on Demonetization of Indian currency was distributed to the students of MBA Dept

in order to create awareness about the current happenings in the nation’s economy.


Ban on Rs500 and 1000 note was passed by RBI under the guidance of PM i.e Mr.Narendra

Modi. Demonetization of currency was done to stop the flow of fake currency in the country

and also to bring the black money back to the country.It is necessary to know the purpose

and idea behind the demonetization for management students.

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The article also contained ways through which the old notes can be exchanged to new 500

and 2000Rs notes in the bank.Students for noncommerce background also got an idea on how

the currency can be used to control the flow of fake currency and stop currency.It also

reflected the problems faced by the people of the country.

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