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Department of MBA, marketing club “MANTRAM” conducted an event “Product Selfie” on 15th of November 2016 in Falconry seminar hall. The judges for the event were Ms. Smitha and Mr. Tejas, from department of MBA.


In this event.

Mr. Ajal, president of marketing club hosted the event along with Ashish Govind, the Committee member.

There were 3 rounds.

  • First round consists of creativity of the product and also the selfie with the product.
  • Second round consists of confidence, attitude and communication skills were the participants have to speak about their product and come up with their own tagline.
  • Third round consists of questions and answer round where the participants had to answer to the questions asked by the judges.

The event received good response from the judges and the students from the department of MBA. It was an exciting event where the participants had to showcase their skill in marketing.

Faculty coordinator: Ms. Kerena Anand

Student coordinators: Ajal, Sai Harsha, Prajwal, Nishanth, Swathi, Pruthvi, Sagasra, Ashish, Anees and Nidhin.

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