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New Horizon Pre-University College (NHPUC), one of the premier members of New Horizon Educational Institutions, Bengaluru was inaugurated way back in the year 1982 and since then has been striving to bring in the core values of teaching, learning and disseminating knowledge in the field of Higher Education and has carved a niche for itself in the field with several spectrum of activities for the welfare of every learner.

New Horizon Pre-University College is recognized as an ‘A’ grade college on the basis of Academics, Affiliation, and Administration by the Department of Pre university Education.

We do not restrict ourselves to the syllabus prescribed by the Pre-University Department in terms of delivering knowledge but go beyond to express our concern, obligation and commitment to every student who joins our family.

As Horizontes our students imbibe ethical, moral and a simplified way of thinking to achieve big and paves way for the perfect blend of learning new vistas in theory and practical, so that every gambit of information in terms of knowledge is envisaged.

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We are dedicated to create a community that can inspire and innovate and discovery. A place where children learn, create, and  improve behavioral and academic performance. We believe in Pursuit of Excellence is rooted in commitment for Quality Education.

Campus Life in

New Horizon Pre-University College

The College Campus is set amidst halcyon surroundings, enveloped by fresh air and greenery on the outer ring road of Bangalore, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The imposing building and the lush green lawns are wonderful salubrious ingredients for meaningful learning.


The New Horizon Educational Institution has shaped my life and kickstarted my talents towards an apt career. Personally, this institution is very child friendly and has diverse fields and facilities for the students to opt on. The teachers being the backbone of our academic performance are very innovative and utilize the class hours in a very interesting manner which always keeps the students on their toes. The labs are exquisitely well maintained. Cafeteria is always a hotspot for the students. The cafeteria is very trendy and apt for teenagers yet healthy too. On the whole this Institution packs more than just academics and assessments, but also life skills and ethics which make a major part of our life and mould us into better humans.


Science 2018-2020
testimonal 7
New Horizon PU college has the best platform for students to excel in academics as well as cultural activities. The faculty is really supportive and is very encouraging. SARGAM the biggest fest in Bangalore helps students to show case their talents. Personally it taught me to prioritise work, communicate and interact with other colleges .My experience in college helped me sharpen my skills in my field of choice and I consider my time in NHPUC as my most valuable experience.

Sarah Jennifer

Commerce 2018-2020
testimonal 6
New Horzion PU college, is one of the colleges, that not just provides education but also motivates and brings out the best of abilities in every student. The college also excels in the education system and in various inter college and intra college activities. Our college has a lively vibe and encourage students to showcase their talent. I'm very happy to be a part of this esteemed institution.

Yashaswini Nazare

Commerce 2018-2020
testimonal 5
New Horizon PU college is a great platform with excellent academics, cultural and sports activities. They have the best teaching and non teaching staff and a very healthy environment. The teachers are ready to help you at any point of time with anything. To talk about my personal experience, being a part of this institution was one the best things that happened to me. I'm personally more towards the cultural side and they have an amazing exposure. This helps in personal development and lot more. Therefore, The support from the teachers and principal and their excellent teaching makes it a perfect place to study.

Sushanth Krishnan

Science 2018-2020
testimonal 4
New horizon PU college is a really good place to study and if you are looking for some really good college and make it totally worth NHPUC is the best place. A lot of cultural events and also many sports events happen. The faculty and the other staff members are the best. This is probably the best PU college in Bangalore. The students are given freedom to an appropriate extent where they can have a great time. Really a great college to go on Zaki


Commerce 2018-2020
testimonal 3
New Horizon PU college is a platform which provides the students all the necessary activities and guidance for their overall development. The faculty members are really good and knowledgeable , they help the students in understanding the concepts better and clear doubts at anytime the students require. They give equal importance to academics and extra - curricular activities which helps the students to improve and showcase their talents. Transportation is also available . The class rooms are quite big and clean. The college washrooms are really clean. Thus NHPUC is good both in academics and extra- curricular activities for both science and commerce students.


Commerce 2018-2020
testimonal 2
My name is Melvin Antho Feigo and I was a part of CEBA 1 for the academic years 2018-2020, as a student of New Horizon PU college it was a was a great experience for me as the college provides great environment to study and helps in every way possible to achieve our goals. The college and teachers are generous enough to help us with our daily curriculum and catch up on the portions whenever we miss classes. Timely revisions and tests are conducted to find out our weaknesses and to provide extra coaching is those specific areas. The college also focuses on all round development of its students by giving them opportunities in various extra- curricular activities like inter collegiate fests and inter class competitions which helps students divert their minds and relax.. Overall New Horizon PU college is a perfect environment for a student to learn and grow.

Melvin Antho feigo

Commerce 2018-2020
testimonal 1
New Horizon PU College has always been a home to me and the days spent here was blissful memory of my life. It has not only taught me the knowledge of learning but also the art of leadership. I especially thank my Principal and teachers for being supportive. This college gives equal importance to academics as well as extracurricular activities. If you’re at New Horizon PU College, You’re in the safe hands.

Vijay ( II PUC SEBA )

New Horizon PU College is one of the best platforms for making our future as per our aim. This college is one of the best college which offer meticulous and authentic guidance of the required academic parameters. The ethical understanding of the need of the student and the friendly learning environment adds to the vibe and vigour of the enhanced academic progress. Excellent classroom coaching, individual attention, well equipped infrastructure, exuberant extracurricular activities make the college a wondrous choice for pursuing higher studies.

Pragadeeshan J ( II PUC SEBA )

New Horizon Pre University is an ideal place for aspiring students We are encouraged in all aspects and prepared to give the best. New Horizon consistently balances both the academics as well as the co-curricular activities giving an opportunity to all students to excel in their own way. Teachers and other staffs are friendly and cheerful. They provide finest coaching and give individual attention to all. We have inter college sports tournaments, cheering budding sportsmen. Proud to be a NEW HORIZONITE

Sreevardhini. R

I joined this prestigious institution with a dream. A dream of achieving my goal and in the process, gaining knowledge and exploring my true potential. I must say, NHPUC has exceeded my expectations. The Staff is brilliant, giving us an enjoyable experience through their flawless teaching.


New Horizon Pre University College is one of the prestigious college. Encouragement and the motivation given by the teaching staff of this college are really exemplary. Students are given equal opportunities and freedom to express and showcase their talents. The campus has a good infrastructure and a hygienic cafeteria. I am very happy to be associated with NHPUC.

Lavanya Kishore ( I PUC CPT)