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Co-curricular activities certainly play a very important role in a child ‘s education, widening its scope and making it meaningful. Each child is provided with an opportunity to choose from and take part in an activity of his/her liking. Talents are constantly developed and children get an opportunity to display them during CCA periods, Sports day, School Annual Day and at various inter-school competitions.


Apart from the curriculum,equal emphasis is laid on social responsibilities, Community care, co-curricular activities like sports, dance, dramatics, instrumental, vocal, elocution, recitation, public speaking, Bhagvad Gita chanting, Karate and many other activities like Children’s Day, Annual Day, Graduation Day, Festive Days, etc., which are organised to keep the mind and the body fit.
New Horizon has always been a front runner when it comes to sharing its joy and contributions towards making life of others a little better. The Institution has adopted an orphanage – Child Fund Association. It supplies the children with provisions required by them at a regular basis. Our students are also encouraged to make hoardings and placards on social issues like ‘No Honking’, ‘Go Green’, ‘Child Abuse’ etc., to bring awareness in the society.
NHPS has adopted an orphanage which benefits our students too because they learn the important value of caring and sharing. By supporting the children of the Child Fund Association, the tiny tots learn a higher lesson in life- to give and share.
New Horizon Times is an in-house journal by the students, of the students and for the students. The journalistic aptitudes of the students are tapped in the monthly tabloid “New Horizon Times”. Young student reporters are solely responsible for the publishing of this highly acclaimed tabloid, which is the first of its kind brought out by school students.
Imparting and introducing practical life skills as part of Montessori training. This enables the children to work independently.
Colourful books illuminate and trigger a child’s mind as he/she learns to go through the illustrations and images. They help in initiating the curiosity and learning skills.
Scheduled periods enable the little ones to let their hair down by moving and shaking to all forms of dance.
Rhymes and songs made simple and interesting with the instrumental set up adding to the rhythm and flow.
An effective physical training session serves as a constructive tool to build physical stamina, energy and instructional based workouts.
A fun-filled day loaded with excitement as theme based races draw attention out in the sun.
Toys are a child’s precious possession. They make the most of this during playtime in the classroom by exploring and sharing.
Theme based displays are captivating enough to unlock an inquisitive mind and process subsequent learning skills.
A very personal approach to instill confidence and self esteem through regular interactions.
A special day dedicated to the children to show how precious they are. Pre Primary students are entertained with various activities within the school premises. Primary and Secondary students enjoy a day out at the Amusement Parks.
Festivals are not just joyous occasions, but they mean a lot too! A host of events showcasing traditional festivals, retaining the colour and spirit of communal harmony are celebrated by the students of Pre Primary division. Festivals like Ganesha Puja, Diwali – the festival of lights, and the likes are celebrated with a difference at NHPS. The Ganesha Homa is conducted at our School Premises during Ganesha Chaturthi and Diwali holds a very special meaning for the students as they share their joy with over a 100 under privileged children of the Child Fund Association, an orphanage adopted by the school. After the traditional puja, new clothes are presented and the guests are treated to a dazzling display of dance and music accompanied by a delicious dinner.
A very special and significant day in the lives of student, is the day they leave the safe haven of school and step into the unknown world. This day is bittersweet. NHPS endeavours to motivate and prepare the students for this transition with words of wisdom combined with simple solutions. Many eminent personalities have graced this occasion and have shared their views & guided the student of New Horizon Public School.

Field Trips

A planned visit to a few interesting places such as a fire station, post office, temple, park, etc to empower the children of Pre Primary division to gain knowledge. Secondary students visit places like the Visveswaraya Museum, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Metro Station, Parliament Session, Geological survey of India etc., These frequent field trips broadens the child’s perception of the world.

Eyes on Nature Programme

The Eyes on Nature programme is an initiative towards environmental literacy organized by the Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Science campus, Bangalore. Students from standard VIII participated in this 4 month long (June to September) programme where they studied the flora and fauna of Cubbon Park and Ulsoor Lake. The students also visited IISc where they were given intense training on carbon foot printing, calculation of dissolved oxygen in water bodies and the use of natural dyes. They presented their results on 20th October at IISc and were appreciated for their interest and the work that they had done.

Field Trip to Bannerghatta

A field trip to RK mission, Shivanahalli, Bannerghatta was organized for standard VII on 26th November, 2016.The children were taken on a nature trail inside the forested area of Bannerghatta by naturalists from IISc. The students had some amazing things to say about their little adventurous trip. Dhakshak says “We were amazed by the many species of birds, butterflies, spiders and plants that we saw and we learnt a lot of biological terms and names of the various animals that we observed”

Shakthi recalls “We never thought learning could be so much fun”

Their educational trip to the National Park taught the students that every organism, be it an ant or an elephant, is very important to maintain the delicate balance in nature”

Annual Day

Be it the adaptation of the musical “High School Musical” or the 17th century “Vikramaditya”, the students of NHPS put their mind, body and soul into their performance to captivate the audience. There are opportunities galore for the children to exhibit their artistic and creative skills in the form of a play or musical extravaganza.

Post School activities ABACUS / VEDIC Mathematics

Abacus and Vedic Mathematics classes are conducted in the school premises post school classes for the students of U.K.G. and grade I to VII.
This is a highly structured, time tested and globally accepted programme in many countries. It activates the brain, enhances calculation speed and accuracy.

ABACUS developed on “Zhusuan Methodology” originated in China & this programme improves the listening skills, speed and accuracy, memory, concentration and all round academic proficiency.

VEDIC MATH is a unique system based on simple rules and principles called sutras which enable mathematical problems to be solved easily and efficiently. Verification of calculation can be done with speed and accuracy. The aim of Vedic math is to present Mathematics as a unified body of knowledge and reduce the burden on the students. This programme improves the memory power, fast and correct calculations, higher degree of flexibility, applies to all branches of mathematics, helps in facing the competitive exams.