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New Horizon Public School (ICSE) is among the best ICSE schools in India. We follow a unique approach to help children in the pre-primary stages. Our system of education combines the advantages of the Montessori learning style and other concepts such as experimental learning that enables children to learn at their own pace, thus helping the child adjust to the idea of school.

The pre-primary division, comprises of the Nursery, LKG and UKG. At this level, there is a strikingly innovative approach to teaching where the elements of nature are in tune with the elements of education.

The curriculum involves learning through observation, experimentation and first hand experience,thus developing sensory perceptions to trigger both creative and intellectual faculties of the child.

With the help of various activities and games, the child is guided through the intricacies of language learning which helps in developing the language skills.Subjects like Science and Mathematics are introduced through innovative and creative methods, like awareness of arithmetical expressions and also through simple science and projects on nature.

Building Child Power

Above all, the school concentrates on building the self esteem of the child through 3 interlocking factors:

  • Unconditional love
  • Positive Encouragement
  • Motivation

to achieve their goals. At the same time, a strong set of values like responsibility, self-control,respect, honesty and courage are also inculcated in the child.

A unique feature of our pre-primary classes is the teacher child ratio, which is 1:20. Since constant guidance, personal attention, loving care and concern are needed for every child at this tender age,individual schooling and training of every child can be possible only if the ratio between the teacher and the student is kept at the right level.

The school firmly believes that educational empowerment begins right from the first day at school. Thus this scientific ratio is strictly maintained.

Montessori and Play Way Method

Excellence in child education is achieved at New Horizon Public School through the implementation of the Montessori and Play Way method. We have a scientific and carefully planned environment, where the teacher is a facilitator guiding the child in the discovery of new skills of comprehension. We conduct a number of activities which encourages independence, self-guided learning and improves the personal responsibility of the child.

At New Horizon, the behavioural skills of the child are given equal importance since they create an atmosphere of respect and co-operation. Each child is treated like an individual, where the emphasis is upon the child and not the teacher. We take into account the individual learning styles of children.

Varied stages of social and cognitive development, with the help of concrete objects help the children to learn effectively and effortlessly. We also emphasise on the freedom given to the child in his/her learning process. Here, the early years of childhood are devoid of painful intellectual activity and encourage spontaneous enthusiasm and excitement in acquiring knowledge. As the stress is on exploring and experimenting, the child’s mind is trained to adopt self-corrective measures this, leads to discipline.

A fruitful fusion of discipline and freedom leads to spontaneous constructive activity, thus empowering the child’s IQ. New Horizon Public School has always been following an activity based curriculum for the tiny tots.

Exercises in the classroom based on practical methodology activate a child’s senses. With the development of sensory perceptions, the child becomes highly independent. Subconsciously, the child develops qualities that strengthen his/her mind and body, the child grows up emotionally, mentally.

Building Creative Power

  • Learning through various activities
  • Continuous evaluation
  • Language skills for effective communication
  • Enhancement of self-help resources
  • Development of inter-personal skills
  • Projects in various subjects
  • Introduction to computers

Student Friendly

The primary division of New Horizon Public School takes a step further in the process of learning. As the tiny tot of pre-primary division graduates to Class I, the approach subtly changes; at the same time, a lot of care is taken to ensure that the joys of childhood are protected and preserved. Classes I, II, III and IV offer the children varied activities. These include discussions in pairs and group discussions which are conducted to develop their language skills and inter-personal skills effortlessly. Story-telling sessions help them in unleashing their creativity. The children are encouraged to speak out, discuss, analyse and argue which helps in raising their confidence levels.

The school has library services which not only encourage the children’s reading habit, but also trigger critical and lateral thinking through reviews. An awareness of what is going on around the world is created through innovative methodology. Numerous opportunities are also offered to the students to explore and discover facts for themselves. At this level, they get exposed to the world of computers that help them in mastering the intricacies of the microchip world.

Our World Is Different

A special feature at New Horizon Public School is the one-on-one relationship between the teacher and the student. With a lot of patience, care and concern, the teacher makes the classes interesting and inspiring. The classrooms are not characterized by monotonous monologues, but by highly interactive sessions.

The primary division children are also taken regularly to different places of interest as part of their learning process. A spectrum of activities is planned in the curriculum to help the children excel in their individual capacities. Activities like art and craft help the children to develop their motor skills, while coaching them in arts like painting, music, dance, dramatics and sports help them vibrate with positive energy.

Smart Classrooms at NHPS

The year 2016 witnessed the plunge of NHPS into the field of smart classes. Every class in the primary division has been equipped with an Educomp smart board, for learning to be more interactive and fun.

Empowering Children with the Confidence to Face the Future

  • Physical and mental fitness training
  • Society related activity
  • Parental involvement
  • Etiquette grooming
  • Quality Knowledge Management
  • Training in Journalism
  • Honing of life skills
  • Academic excellence (100% Results)

Imparting Knowledge Power

As a child comes to class V there is a remarkable change in personality, in intellectual capacity and in behavioural patterns. As a child approaches adolescence and begins to tread the path of life, he/she needs constant motivation, a watchful eye, appreciation and a lot of love and care. At this crucial point of the child’s life, the energy of the child is diverted towards positive activities; aptitudes are identified,encouragement is given in all spheres and personal counselling is also provided.

The school has library services which not only encourages the children’s reading habit, but also trigger critical and lateral thinking through reviews. An awareness of what is going on around the world is created through innovative methodology. Numerous opportunities are also offered to the students to explore and discover facts for themselves. Technology makes its presence felt with each child given an opportunity to master the world of electronics.

The methodology adopted at the secondary level of education stresses on an interactive approach through group activities. The children are given specific projects to help in the development of an investigative mind. The classroom becomes alive with keen questions and convincing answers. At the secondary division, learning in the classroom is not merely confined to the text books. Extra time is given for discussion of current affairs, and in order to develop the general knowledge of the students,the latest audio-visual presentations are used. Discipline is given utmost importance at this age.

The children are groomed in etiquette in all kinds of interaction. The importance of goals and the necessity to reach them are explained. Dreams are encouraged and enthusiasm is fired. Frequent Parent-Teacher sessions are conducted which help groom a child into a sensible, intelligent, compassionate human being who soars towards new horizons in every field. With the right environment and perfect training provided at this crucial age, a New Horizonite fares exceedingly well both at the academic and non-academic field, and comes out with flying colours, armed with the power of knowledge.

The school also invites extra-mural speakers from various walks of life to deliver interactive lectures.For instance, we had eminent scientists from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore who spoke about the habitat of birds and insects, igniting interest and curiosity of the students thereby making them aware of their natural environment.