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The campus is replete with facilities, updated infrastructure and amenities.

Class Rooms

The Class rooms are spacious, well-lit and designed to be aesthetic as well as functional. The Class rooms are filled with well-designed furniture, and the latest equipment necessary for learning.

Montessori Room

In this room a number of activities are conducted which encourages independence and self-guided learning.

Art Room

This room is an ideal place for the students to express their creativity by articulating their ideas in their work.

Values Plus Room

The room is specially designed to bring tranquility and peace. It is an ideal environment to impart values which are important for every individual.

Resource Room

Keeping in mind the needs of special children, this room has been equipped with facilities to make learning easy and enjoyable.

Counsellor’s Room

The need of the hour is taking extra measure to help the children cope with the challenges they face every day.

Music Room

Equipped with various musical instruments, the music room provides a platform for the students to express their musical talents.

Dance Room

A wooden floored and mirrored walled room not only adds to the splendour of the dance room but also enables the students to practise their dance moves with elegance and panache.

Indoor Games Room

This room is used for indoor games like table tennis, chess and carrom.


The auditorium’s excellent air-conditioned acoustics and comfortable seating facility provides a perfect platform to  host a variety of co-curricular activities. This fully air conditioned hall is a venue for many Inter-house as well as inter-school activities.

Sick Room

It is a pristine, clean and  sanitized room where the children can rest when they are not well. Full time nurse take care of our students.


Wholesome meals are served here. The variety of food served is not only nutritious but also loved by the children.

Turfed Courts

This includes State of the Art Basketball and Volleyball courts.


The school runs a fleet of buses for the transportation of its students to and from various parts of Bangalore.


Science Labs

NHPS is equipped with fully functional Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories so that the students can conduct experiments in order to gain firsthand experience of the concepts learnt in the class room.

Computer Labs

Two modern Computer Laboratories with networked computers, internet access, devices to support multimedia, printers and other peripherals, a complete range of updated and upgraded software are there for the junior as well as the senior students. Each student can work on a computer individually.