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In this era of technology, rapid developments are being made everyday especially in the field of electronics, where automation of dangerous tasks is the top priority.

This is how ATL (ATAL TINKERING LAB), a version of scientific innovation from young minds, finds a mark on NHPS.

Our students rose to the occasion in translating their creative and innovative skills in science and technology.  They utilized the facilities provided by the school and came up with successful projects which would benefit mankind and our country in particular.

Recently our students were involved in making small drones on their own, in the ATL with the latest electronic gadgets (funded by the Government of India) to detect and suffice our day to day requirements such as detecting hazardous gases, saving water resources at dams and applying the ideas of SWACHH BHARATH even to the remotest spots in India.

The live demo given by our students fascinated the entire school community and it will inspire others too!

NHPS wishes them Good Luck for all their future endeavours.

ATL Monthly Challenge

We are back with the Monthly challenge for the month of June & July! For this challenge we will be focusing on the new normal that we are living in, like wearing masks, social distancing etc. For this month you will be utilizing Machine Learning to solve the problems.

Problem Statement 1: Design and Program a Mobile app using MIT App inventor that can differentiate between good mask (example- N95 mask) and bad mask (example- DIY mask). You can use Machine Learning for kids to create object detection algorithm.

Problem Statement 2: Design and program an app that can distinguish between mask and no mask.

The challenge can be done individually or in a team consisting of 2 or 3 members (one girl member is must).

Winner will get Amazon gift coupons worth Rs 2000/-, 1st runner up will get Amazon gift coupons worth Rs 1500/-, 2nd runner up will get Amazon gift coupons worth Rs 700/-.

The apps will be judged on the basis of ease of use, UI/UX of the app and the program and the algorithm. Reference links are given below:

There was an overwhelming response for the ATL Monthly Challenge for the month of June and July. We are very proud of all the participants. Two problem statements were given:

1. ‘Differentiate between Good Mask and Bad Mask’

2. ‘Distinguish between Mask and No Mask’

The participants came up with very thoughtful concepts. However, there were only three winning teams/individuals.

Congratulations! - June-July Challenge Winners

This challenge will be on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by United Nations.

Last day for the submission is 30th of September 2020. Students may participate individually or in a team of 3.


Winner: Amazon Coupon worth Rs.2000

1st Runner up: Amazon Coupon worth Rs.1500

2nd Runner Up: Amazon Coupon worth Rs.750 And participation certificate