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16Years Of Excellence
5000Students Enrolled
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To achieve total quality in education and excellent knowledge management through specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound goals and continuous improvement methods.



To mould our students into a holistic personality accomplished in emotional, moral, intellectual, social and mental capabilities besides inculcating a capacity for critical and lateral thinking.

New Horizon college of Engineering is an Autonomous college affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University(VTU), approved by All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE). It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Institution. New Horizon Engineering college is located in the heart of the IT capital of India, Bangalore. The college campus is situated in the IT corridor of Bangalore surrounded by MNCs and IT giants such as Intel, Accenture, Cape Gemini, ARM, Symphony, Wipro, Nokia, JP Morgan and Cisco to name a few.

NHCE has a scenic and serene campus that provides an environment that is conducive for personal and intellectual growth. The infrastructure acts as a facilitator for the effective delivery of the curriculum. NHCE boasts of state-of-the-art facilities for its students. They are given utmost encouragement in their areas of interest by providing hi-tech facilities backed by faculty support. The institute places the highest priority on innovative programs of instructions that include both traditional class room theory and professional skills training. There is a strong impetus on overall personality development of the students with emphasis on soft skills. Students are supported through mentoring and counseling systems. The management offers scholarships for meritorious students. At NHCE, we understand and respect our role as educators and from the moment student walk into the campus, they are well guided to know their strengths and choose their area of functional specialization. This enables them to concentrate their efforts and energies to gain the competitive edge.NHCE inspires a passion for creative learning through a progressive approach to education that values intellectual pursuit, creativity, diversity and community involvement.


  • Accrediated by NAAC with 'A' Grade
  • Autonomous institute
  • 100% Placements opportunities are provided to B.E, M.Tech, MBA and MCA students
  • Placements provided with reputed companies
  • Ranked No. 1 in Karnataka and Ranked No. 15th in India among ‘The Best Private T-Schools’ by Dataquest T-School Survey, June’ 2016
  • Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagaum and AICTE approved
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified institution
  • Accredited with TCS and Wipro for their academic interface program
  • MoU’s with industries for campus connect, internships, recruitments, etc.
  • Faculty-student ratio as per AICTE norms.
  • Membership with professional societies like ISTE, IIPE, IEEE, SAE, CSI, NGKC, RAI, etc.
  • Follows choice based credit system
  • Provides value added courses
  • Conducts national and international industrial visits, conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars and guest lectures
  • General and Sindhi Community scholarships provided in merit and sports category
Academic Freedom

The Autonomous Status accords an institution with the freedom to frame the syllabus and customize it as per the needs of the Industry. Students are taught the latest and relevant technologies to make them competent in the market. Experts from various industries and experienced academicians from reputed institutes are consulted in the process of framing the syllabus. Dedicated efforts are made to ensure that the syllabus framed is “Employment Centric” and potentially lucrative.

Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS)

New Horizon College of Engineering follows the ‘Choice Based Credit System’. CBCS has numerous advantages over the conventional system. Rather than evaluating student-performance using marks and percentages, which many a time can be very inconsistent and unfair, CBCS uses Grades and Grade Point Averages(GPA) to evaluate student-performance. Using Grades and GPAs instead of marks and percentages provides a more holistic metric to measure student-performance.

Better Subject Choice and Electives

The earmarking feature of CBCS is that students in addition to studying the core subjects from their branch can also choose from a wide range of elective subjects from other branches as well. i.e students from non circuit branches (Mechanical, Automobile, Biotechnology and Civil) can opt for electives offered by the circuit branches (Computer Science, Information Science, Electronics & Communication and Electrical & Electronics) and vice versa. This way the CBCS seamlessly incorporates and encourages an interdisciplinary approach towards higher education which is adopted by top Universities across the world.

Employability Becomes Easier

In today’s competitive marketplace, there is a huge demand for proficient technical and management professionals. Practical training and a curriculum meticulously framed to meet the requirements of the job market are imparted to the students to make them readily employable. The overall syllabus is framed in such a way that students get to study more than 2 labs per semester, which in turn helps them gain more practical knowledge. In addition to this, hands-on project which is an important part of the curriculum plays a vital role in making students ‘employment ready’.


Equal weightage is accorded to both internal and final exams. Both the Internal and the final exams are conducted by the college.

Make-up Examination

Students who fail to attend the final examination due to justifiable reasons, have a provision to take ‘The Make-Up Examination’ immediately after the semester results are declared. This feature of autonomy is extremely beneficial to students since they can clear their back-logs immediately rather than carry it forward to the next year.

Fast Track Semester & Examination

This facility is provided to assist slow-learners and students who have failed in one or more subjects to help them avoid losing a whole academic year. Fast Track classes are conducted and Examination is held at the end of each academic year.


Students are provided with multiple opportunities to intern at various Industries and MNC R&D Laboratories, during their vacation time to groom them for the Industry.


Students graduating from New Horizon College of Engineering (Autonomous) are awarded ‘degree’ from Visvesvaraya Technological University(VTU), Karnataka.

Guest Lectures
Founders Day Celebration 2016
ISKON Bangalore conducted a hands on workshop 'FOCUS' for New Horizon students
NHCE organized a INTERNATIONAL YOGA session on 21st June 2016
NHCE organized a TECHORIZON on 21st May 2016
PG Graduation day on 14th may 2016
Farewell Dinner for Hostelites on 14th may 2016
New Horizon Cup-2016 (21-4-2016)
Republic Day Celebration-2016
Diwali Celebration - 2015
MBA Fresher's Day - 2015
Shri Ganapathi Homa - 2015
PG Induction Programme
UG Induction Programme
MCA Freshers Day - 2015
Crew of Badalapur Movie at New Horizon College of Engineering
Rain Water harvesting

Rain water harvesting is of utmost priority to the institution. The rain water that gets collected at every block is fed into a rain water harvesting tank to preserve the underground water. There are two wells at different locations in the campus to raise the levels in the water table.

Efforts for Carbon neutrality

The institution has taken up certain preventive measures to check the emission of carbon-dioxide. The parking facility is provided for the students’ vehicles in the open ground which helps in preventing the pollution caused by vehicles to a maximum extent. Paper wastage is disposed off and the dry dead leaves wastage is buried in the soil to protect the campus from getting polluted.

Hazardous waste management

The institute is having facility to treat and dispose the hazardous waste. Waste like hazardous chemicals and potent carcinogens Ethidium Bromide (EtBr), bacterial waste, flammable chemicals etc are treated as per the standards before disposing. Proper safety measures are taken to provide a safe work environment.

E-Waste Management

The different types of e-waste generated in the Institute like damaged C.D.s, C.P.U.s. , Hard Disk Drives, Monitors, Keyboards, Cables, Cartridges, etc. are collected together and handed over to an external e-waste recycling agency.

Mentoring and Counseling Facilities

Purpose of mentoring and counseling facility is to make a student to perform better in the academics through timely counseling. In busy academic schedule, end of the day students’ are stressed mentally. To keep them focused for achievement of better marks during their internal as well as external examinations – Mentoring and counseling facilities are active in the campus.

The Institute is having dedicated counselors, with a qualification of Masters in physcology. Class teachers identify the students who needs counseling, such students’ are brought to the notice of counselors. Counselors in tern carry out necessary mentoring procedure to bring the disturbed students’ back to the academics.

R&D Cell has been headed by Dean (R&D). The various facilities, proactive initiatives to promote research (both sponsored & academic research) and consultancy are unparallel at NHCE. The vibrant R&D culture fosters innovative sprit and kindle the young minds at the campus under able guidance and mentorship of motivated faculty members at all the departments have carved the niche place in India for NHCE. The support provided by our Chairman, Principal, Deans, Heads of Departments, Professors and Senior Faculty Members in the process of promotion of research, is greatly acknowledged.

R&D Facilities at NHCE
  • Nine University Approved Research Centres
  • R&D Cell organizes various Research Activities
  • Each Department has a Research Coordinators
  • High Bandwidth (200mbps) Internet Connectivity & Wi-Fi Facility
  • 10% of Institution’s Budget is allocated towards Supporting Research Activities
  • Nokia Mobile Innovation Lab
  • Senior Faculty Members act as Research Mentors of Junior Faculty Members
  • Centre for Intelligent Imaging Solutions
  • Centre of Excellence for Motion Capture
  • Centre of Excellence for Edufotainment on Wheels
  • Design Studio and Product Development Centre
  • Technology Business Incubation Centre
  • Centre for Innovations, Creativity and IPR
  • ERP Centre of Excellence
  • Centre of Excellence of Digital Learning Resources
  • Society for the Promotion of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (SPICE Club)

Academic Research: Admission to Ph.D and M.Sc (Engineering) By Research Programme of VTU at NHCE Research Centres.

Sponsored Research Grants & Consultancy Grants for Last 4 Years
Nature of Grant 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 Amount in Rs.
Research Projects 66,79,000.00 11,41,000.00 42,05,876.00 29,31,000.00 1,49,56,876.00
Consultancy Projects 34,35,000.00 28,88,980.00 25,18,400.00 88,42,380.00
Total 1,01,14,000.00 40,29,980.00 67,24,276.00 29,31,000.00 2,37,99,256.00
Compendium of R&D Projects

Many sponsored research projects and consultancy projects executed by NHCE have been received over whelming appreciation from various sections for its innovative way of execution and cost effectiveness and have also been received many awards/honors. Hence it became imperative to collate all such important research results and consultancy projects of NHCE in the form of Compendium as a record for future reference. Hence, an attempt has been made to showcase the salient features of important sponsored research and consultancy projects executed at NHCE. The Compendium of R&D Projects delineates the innovative components and contributions of R&D team at NHCE and also highlights the importance and significance of various projects for the development/betterment of our country. In the era of knowledge economy, NHCE strives hard to bring in frugal innovation and file highest number of patents to galvanize the culture of creativity and innovation at every campus in India.

Handbook on Opportunities of R&D Funding

The various facilities, proactive initiatives to promote research (both sponsored & academic research) and consultancy are unparallel at NHCE. The vibrant R&D culture fosters innovative sprit and kindle the young minds at the campus under able guidance and mentorship of motivated faculty members at all the departments have carved the niche place in India for NHCE. Hence, an attempt has been made to showcase the various opportunities available for sponsored research funding (grants) at national and international level agencies’ and also the compilation of funding formats, thrust areas etc to sensitize/strengthen the R&D activities at engineering colleges are highlighted in this hand book. Adequate emphasis were given to academic research (PhD/MS-By Research), Procedures, Regulations, Guidelines, Calendar for PhD Scholars, Manual for Preparation of Thesis, Post Doctoral Degree (DSc/DLitt) Procedures, Publication Tips, Similarity Index, Dispel the Myths and Realities of Impact Factor, Over View of Plagiarism Detecting Software, IPR and Patents’ Filling Formats etc in the hand book. The hand book also contains the DVD which provides the soft copy of the hand book along with appropriate hyper links for the direct access to the funding agencies’ websites for ready reference/usages. In the era of knowledge economy, NHCE strives hard to bring in frugal innovation and encourages the young researchers/students to innovate and file highest number of patents to galvanize the culture of creativity and innovation at every campus in India.

Major Milestones in R&D at NHCE

Patents Granted : 10
Patents Filled : 20+
Patents: In Progress : 150+
Research Publications : 749 (International / National Journals and Conferences)
Books Published : 51

Innovative Projects Executed / Proposed and Patens Granted / Filled at NHCE

  • Multipurpose Expandable Auditorium On Wheels
  • Motion Simulator (6DoF)-Hydraulic System
  • Motion Simulator (3DoF)-Pneumatic System
  • Inflatable Auditorium On Wheels
  • 7D+ Simulator with Largest 3D Screen (16’) On Wheels
  • Low Bed Trailer Multipurpose Auditorium with Wings Opening On Wheels
  • Unisex Convertible Bicycle Frames
  • Conservation of Fresh Water through Garland of Inter-Connected Tanks Along the Coast of India: Alternative to Inter-Linking of Rivers
  • Design Modification of 3Tier Compartment of Railways to Increase the Berths from 72 to 90 with Improved Comfort and 2 Walkways
  • Design and Development of Bio-Reactor
  • Design of Glass Cleaning Robot for High-rise Buildings
  • Development of Mobile Apps
  • Motion Capture System
  • Intelligent Imaging System
  • Conservation System for Cutting Fluids and Better Reuse
  • Design and Development of Dental Clinic On Wheels
  • Design and Development of Kitchen On Wheels

Promotion of Research and Resource Mobilization for Research

  • Nine Departments are Recognized as R&D Centres under VTU for PhD/MSc (By Research)
  • R&D Cell headed by Dean – Research & Development
  • Faculty Members are Encouraged to Take-Up Research Work and Publish Papers
  • Best Research Project Scheme
  • Industry Institute Interaction to help the identification of research areas
  • Incentives for Patent Filing/Paper Publication and/or Presentation
  • Higher Studies Leave Benefits
  • College has Received Grants from Various Research Agencies Towards Sponsored research and/or Consultancy Projects
  • Increments in Salary when Faculty Upgrades Their Qualifications
  • Felicitation on Completion of PhD
  • Reduction in Workload for Faculty Members Pursuing PhD
  • Library Facility with resources like e-journals, print journal, magazines and periodicals, mobile app to use e-facilities
  • 10% of Institution’s Budget is Allocated Towards Supporting Research Activities
  • Seed Funding for Research Projects
  • Incentives for Publications in National/International Journals
  • Equipment and Research Facilities at the Departments are Utilized by Both Faculty Members and Students
  • Faculty development program / training programs every semester

Indian entrepreneur, bureaucrat , politician and former Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), visited NEW HORIZON COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING on 1st August 2016 and addressed the students and the gathering during the induction program for the 1st year B.E students. He emphasized on the usage of technology to innovate solutions which will support India to grow faster.

“Great visit. Very impressed with the college facilities. All the best.”


CEO & MD of Karnataka Hybrid Micro Devices Ltd,visited NEW HORIZON COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING on 1st August 2016 and addressed the students and the gathering during the induction program for the 1st year B.E students.He provided insightful information on how freedom is misused and good ways to use our knowledge.

"Very happy to see the upcoming college. Specially the program for placement & training is very good. The idea of New Horizon Scholars program is a great idea. I wish the college great success in your endeavour to prepare high quality engineers."


Hon'ble Governor of Karnataka,visited NEW HORIZON COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING on 3rd May 2015 and inaugurated the Chhatrapati Shivaji Block. He mentioned in his speech that in every competition it is implied that winning and losing are part of it. But we should try and climb the ladder of success without bending towards losing.


Hon'ble Governor of Karnataka graced the PG Graduation day program on 12th April, 2014 and conferred degrees and medals of honour and merit certificates to the students who graduated to shoulder various responsibilities. In his inspiring address, he motivated the students and stressed the role that each graduating student have to play in building a strong and safe society .

“I am very happy to participate in the 9th graduation celebration of New Horizon College of Engineering. The college has outstanding faculties and has produced very good professionals. I wish success to the college.”

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